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Cascade: fighting Alzheimer's disease through gameplay When building Cascade, once we decided how to represent the brain, we then had to work out how to navigate it. We had been back and forth over this issue. Ideally we wanted a fully navigable 3d Space, but had almost resolved to make a planar environment that had a limited number of Cells to explore. National Initiative for Cybersecurity Careers and Studies (NICCS) In addition to traditional classroom work, learners can use a variety of online tools and games. Educators can utilize multiple education platforms, and students learn both within and outside the classroom. Cybersecurity Games: While completing formal coursework can be a great way to learn to program, playing online games can also allow users to learn programming skills. This is an interactive, fun way for students to learn the foundational skills necesaary for a career in cybersecurity. Click on any of the games below to start learning today.

How to make a Flappy Bird in HTML5 - Part 1 Flappy Bird is a nice little game with easy to understand mechanics, and I thought it would be a perfect fit for an HTML5 game tutorial. So we are going to make a simplified version of Flappy Bird, in only 65 lines of Javascript with the Phaser framework. Click here to test the game we are going to build. Note: this tutorial was originally for Phaser 1.1, but was recently updated for Phaser 2.0. Set Up You should download this empty template that I made for this tutorial.

The Top 10 Reasons to Switch to Serious Games Infographic - e-Learning Infographics Gamification Infographics The Top 10 Reasons to Switch to Serious Games Infographic The Top 10 Reasons to Switch to Serious Games If you are in Learning and Development and considering using serious games, this infographic will give you all the arguments you need to get buy-in from stakeholders. They are Engaging A Serious Games designer will tap into the motivation of the user and make them central to the story utilizing interesting characters and reward loops to keep you pushing forward. Users will become emotionally invested in seeing it through.They are a Safe Environment Do most learners have a place they can go and practice their skills in a realistic environment?

Live Cyber Attack Threat Map ATTACKS TODAY (since 12AM PST) 5,599,997 USA India Philippines Turkey Ecuador Mexico Brazil Taiwan Israel South Africa France USA Sweden Netherlands Germany China Vietnam Russia United Kingdom Switzerland Attackers Targets

Glitchspace Glitchspace is a first person programming game that's centred around a visual programming mechanic. Set in a cyberspace world, you are trying to find a place known as Glitchspace - a by-product of cyberspace and its various glitches. A world that would allow for infinite possibilities, and access across all systems in cyberspace through exploitation. Through problem solving, it's up to you how you approach the in-game challenges; find glitches in the cyberspace world, and exploit them in various different ways, allowing for a emergent play experience. Glitchspace is available on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, and was developed with the Oculus Rift in mind. (Although the Rift is not necessary to play).

Scalable Game Design wiki Frogger is a good first game design activity for students with no programming background. Journey is designed to present several computational thinking patterns in an incremental fashion. Sokoban is a good second game design activity for students who have already completed the Frogger tutorials. PacMan is a good first game design activity for high school students with no programming background.

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