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Appointment Setting, Telemarketing

Appointment Setting, Telemarketing
Generating leads for software products requires a profound understanding of the software buying process. When the goal is to generate software leads, sales professionals know to choose Callbox to speed up lead generation. We set appointments with top corporate decision makers including Chief Executive Officers, IT Managers, Chief Financial Officers, and Controllers. We generate software sales leads and set appointments for companies providing mid-level and enterprise level software solutions including: Accounting and Financial SoftwareERP SoftwareBusiness Intelligence SoftwareCRM SoftwareWorkforce Management SoftwareHR and Payroll SoftwareContent and Document Management SoftwareIndustry-specific Applications Dial 888.810.7464 to speak with a Callbox representative or fill out that form on the left. Related:  Database Cleanup

Call-to-Invite Telemarketing Yet, after all the preparations, there is always a potential for disaster – poor turnout. How do you get potential customers to show up and turn your tradeshow or seminar into an excellent lead generation and appointment setting opportunity? In our experience, it’s knowing what motivates people and building their excitement through effective call-to-invite campaign. We run call to invite campaign through telemarketing, targeting participants with precision, and call to follow-up to convert leads to customers. Phone invitation is more personal.Outbound calling is flexible; it allows you to rework your approach during a conversation whereas email gives you only one shot at a copy.Event telemarketing results are easy to measure. Our event telemarketing process is quite straightforward. Then without skipping a beat, we run another follow-up campaign to thank visitors on your behalf, receive feedback, and keep potential customers anxiously engaged as they move along the sales process.

Online Marketing Lead Generation and Appointment Setting So you have a website, what now? Your site is one among hundreds of millions out there – 644,275,754 active as of March 2012 according to I think it won’t be a stretch to say that you need to put in some more work to get that site noticed. You can drop all your other business functions for the next six months at least and focus on marketing your website or you can let us do it for you. More and more people are getting wired on the Internet today whether they’re on a Mac or PC, tablets or smartphones. Dial 888.810.7464 to speak with a Callbox representative or fill out that form on the left to know more how we can help you with your online marketing campaign needs.

B2B Lead Generation: DIY or Outsource? Here’s how to Decide Nothing really compares to the fulfillment one may have in making his or her own business flourish by being hands-on with almost every operation necessary to run it. However, in a fast-growing world that involves a fusion of traditional and online marketing, more often than not business are left with no choice but to seek outside help. In B2B lead generation, for instance, there are cases when the DIY or Do It Yourself mantra no longer applies. This means that if one tends to insist on carrying all the weight of every sales and marketing task, he is actually putting the business in jeopardy. Face it – you’ve got to know up to what extend you can take care of a situation and when you need to delegate some of the responsibilities to an outsourced service provider. So where exactly does one draw a line between DIY and outsourcing? First, here are some instances when DIY is still the best strategy:

Should Small Businesses Focus On Customer Care Services? The Effective Use of Content Marketing to Generate Demand What are the Benefits of Telemarketing? | It has been established that telemarketing is one of the most effective tools in marketing. Telemarketing is the process of advertising and selling a product or a service over the telephone. What makes it mainly effective is that the sales person can communicate directly to the targeted customers and consumers hence creating a solid foundation for an effective relationship with customers and consumers. So what are the amazing benefits of telemarketing? Instant Sales The chief and important reason why telemarketing is effective because it yields immediate results. Builds a Strong Customer Relationship Telemarketing is done through direct communication, between two participants. Immediate Interest Everyone is a customer and based on observation, sales calls are rarely ignored. Round the Clock Support Customers absolutely love a service that is available 24/7.

Lead Qualification What is a Lead? In its most fundamental form, lead is defined as an individual or entity who has not yet given you permission to contact or engage with them particularly for marketing purposes. The following are common sources of business leads: Telemarketing / Email listsPhonebooksNewsletter subscriptionsOnline surveysWeb inquiries, downloads, etc.Event registrations (seminars, webinars, conferences, tradeshows, etc.)Leads must be qualified before they can be delivered to salespeople for closing. What is Lead Qualification? Lead qualification is the process of evaluating or “qualifying” business leads based on certain requirements set by the company. Lead Qualification by Callbox Callbox’s provides qualified sales leads so you won’t have to spend your time running after poor contacts. Call Us to learn more about our lead qualification process.

IT Lead Generation for IT Security Solutions Provider ITSalesLeads.Com (ITSL) offers high quality pre-qualified sales leads for IT security solution providers to ensure continuity in their sales. Our lead generation and appointment setting solutions allow you to enjoy a steady flow of leads from targeted prospects including corporate end-users, website administrators, and security solution resellers. We identify prospective customers from both public and private organizations such as government agencies, corporations, hospitals, military, financial institutions, and private businesses. We carefully qualify each prospect using your preferred qualification criteria. We collect essential contact details including company information and decision maker contact details (name, designation, contact number, etc.) so you have all the tools you need to reach the right contact when you follow up for the sale. Call or email us today to learn more. Lead GenerationAppointment Setting Read More >> Lead Nurturing Read More >> Market Lists forMarketing

Study: Which Content Marketing tasks are typica... - Sales and Marketing Strategies - Quora A team of online marketers usually have a lot on their plate, especially when campaigns are using multi-channel strategies that involve social media, blog content production, email and pure SEO. These tactics thrive on content, and because the demand for quality has been escalating in the past few years, there has also been a call for expert writers, graphic designers, and content distribution marketers that are competent enough to compete against thousands of other online marketers. However, you can’t rely on outsourcing for the entire content marketing operation, because would deprive you of managerial control and supervision. You need to do some of the things in-house to keep you in touch with the activities of the campaign. So which of the usual tasks are better off delegated to an outside firm? Here are some of the findings: B2B Content Marketing Insourcing and Outsourcing

Why are Marketing Infographics cool? Of course by ‘cool’ we mean ‘intellectually enlightening’ and ‘visually fascinating’ at the same time. A few years ago, people would rely on infographics to gain insight on the most important information out there, not only in the realm of business but also in everyday life. Now, not only do people crave for information from infographics, they also seem to have become more enthusiastic about creating them. Naturally, for lead generation marketers, it’s a matter of building thought leadership status and generating traffic. But what exactly makes infographics so effective? Majority of people are visual learners It’s also the reason why Facebook posts with images are more likely to generate likes and responses. Infographics highlight the bottom line You don’t see a lot of text on infographics. People just love sharing infographics We rarely see lousy infographics. Your brand has infographics = your brand must be wise Face it: you also learn a lot by creating infographics

Characteristics of an Effective Telemarketer Let us be honest. Professional telemarketers are the revenue-generating resources of call centers. Erase them from the telemarketing firm and you have just automatically killed the company, not literally though. No wonder why contact centers are implementing high standards in their recruitment, training and actual work of agents. But, the million dollar question is, What defines an effective telemarketer? Sufficient product knowledge. Hiring professional telemarketers is one way in getting effective results for your marketing campaign. Call us and start getting qualified and targeted business sales leads and see how your sales figures increase.

Lead Generation for Online Marketing Services Providers Online marketers are not just earning dollars with their services. They are digging gold bars, not literally though. With the rise of SEO, web design and web development, it would not come as a surprise why companies gamble on these ventures. And bet they have been sleeping on a bed of roses at the present time. But, this is not without a catch. Although there is an ocean of opportunities for them to get new clients, they have to fight the increasing number of service providers. To make things easy for them, companies can seek professional assistance from the experts in lead generation and appointment setting. Marketing through the phone is naturally high-speed and accurate. Reliable telemarketing firms have polished every area to offer solutions that meet or exceed the expectations of the clients. Callbox has been delivering quality and targeted b2b sales leads for various business industries such as the fast- paced online marketing industry.

Quantifying Lead Generation Success for World-Class Data Solutions Provider The Client The Client is a global leader in data backup, data recovery, and archiving solutions. Based in Singapore, it provides expert advice and integrated solutions for reliable and cost-effective data storage management to customers worldwide. The Challenge The Client hired a lead generation provider but needed additional support for other marketing initiatives. Cold call to invite participants to its open house events in AustraliaProfile its database and generate market feedback to improve its sales lead generation campaign After searching and comparing several service providers found on the internet, the Client was impressed by Callbox’s track record in B2B lead generation and immediately penned a deal. The Callbox Solution Callbox set up an outbound telemarketing team to initiate a call-to-invite campaign to be followed by a lead generation/client profiling campaign. The campaign kicked off in October 2011 after email invitations were sent. The Results

Shaken, Not Stirred: The World of Telemarketing According to James Bond | Laser beams, high-tech cars, bad guys with accents, and strange women. These are the things that James Bond lives for. What else has he not done? He’s battled terrorism and injustice, pledged services to the British monarchy and to his government agency (which always seems to depend on just one of their employees, perhaps due to staff shortage) while implanting a culture of fusing martial arts with good looks. But there is more to this “international man of mystery” than meets the eye. Here are some telemarketing tips in retrospect to Bond style: Know exactly what you want.

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