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Other Industries
Logistics Callbox supports logistics and supply chain solutions providers by developing and implementing strategic b2b lead generation and appointment setting initiatives based on emerging trends, strategies, marketing tools, and industry best practices. We help logistics salespeople maximize their sales time, and focus on selling instead of filling the sales funnel. We generate logistics sales leads through professional telemarketing, targeting their potential customers which might include logistics managers, freight forwarders, customs brokers, and project cargo service providers. Insurance We use non-scripted style telemarketing to market various types of insurance policies including Mortgage Guaranty, Life Insurance, Home Insurance, Healthcare Insurance, Auto Insurance, Loan Protection Insurance, Commercial Coverage, and Education Insurance. Research and Consulting Travel and Tourism Real Estate Management Related:  Database Cleanup

Sales Lead Generation Services Review 2014 - TopTenREVIEWS Market Research Survey Telemarketing Don’t let vague hunches, fads, and phony success stories shape your marketing strategy. Do it right every time with just the facts. Our market research telemarketing services include: We replace half-truths with hard facts, and guesswork with rational evidence-based marketing. As a market research firm, we help you: Know who your customers are and where to find themReduce business risksSpot current and potential future problemsIdentify sales leads and other business opportunitiesIdentify competitors and find out what they’re doing Cut to the chase with fresh market insights backed with full qualitative and quantitative analysis. Dial 888.810.7464 to speak with a Callbox representative or fill out that form on the left.

Database Cleanup Success in any marketing campaign largely depends on the right combination of many factors. One of these is the quality of business data. A good business list often results in highly targeted and more efficient campaigns. Regular database clean-up is important in ensuring the productivity of your organization. Database cleansing includes: Data Scrubbing - removing old, damaged, or irrelevant filesData Consolidation - organizing or grouping list entries according to certain parameters (e.g. by business type, by industry, etc.)Data Deduplication or Deduping - removing duplicate entriesData Integration - combining data from different databases to provide separate organizations a unified view of these. These tasks can be difficult and time consuming if performed manually. Use Callbox’s Data Cleaning Services and get the following benefits: Contact Us today and speak to one of our data specialists to learn more about our Database Cleanup Services.

Giant Software Company Finds Callbox at the End of Quest for Sustainable Marketing Solution The Client The Client is a well-known software manufacturer with 60 offices in 23 countries and a worldwide customer base of more than 100,000. Since its founding in 1987, it has developed, manufactured, and supported software products used by IT professionals for application management, database management, virtualization, cloud automation, and back-up and recovery solutions. In 2011, The Client was recognized as a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring. The Challenge The Client has an impressive line of software products and a proficient in-house team whose expertise is making sales presentations. The Client partnered with Callbox to set up an outbound telemarketing campaign with the following goals: To call potential customers from the Client’s database and invite prospects to sign-up for the Client’s seminars.To set and deliver B2B appointments with qualified sales leads to the Client for follow-up and close. The Callbox Solution The Results

B2B Lead Generation Services, Telemarketing | Callbox Internet Marketing and Lead Generation Software | SEO | SEM - Spectrum, Inc. Spectrum’s software platform gives you the freedom and flexibility to create, grow and adjust your website’s content, appearance, and just about anything else with incredible ease. Cold Calling With online marketing becoming one of the highly preferred methods for generating sales leads, B2B marketers ask: Is cold calling still an effective B2B lead generation strategy? Most business people hate telemarketing. You can’t blame them. However, many sales lead generation companies still use the telephone in generating new business — and for good reasons. The Good News Despite growing interest in online marketing, B2B marketers have not totally abandoned their telephones. Contact Us and find out how cold calling can pump more life into your lead generation and B2B appointment setting campaign.

10 Social Media Blunders Your Small Business Must Avoid. The power of social media should not be underestimated, but with so many people free to say and share whatever they want, it is important that social media is used effectively and with caution. Worried? Here are 10 Social Media Blunders Your Small Business Must Avoid. The power of social media should not be underestimated. But with so many people free to say and share whatever they want, it is important that social media is used effectively and with caution. Yes, the virtual world can be a pretty scary place at times but don’t worry, we have collated a list of the top 10 social media blunders that your business must avoid. There’s nothing more annoying than ignorance. About the Author Written by Rob Truslove - the Content Manager at Hello SEO Copywriting, a social media management and SEO copywriting agency specilising in blog writing & managment services. Image Source Social Media Engagement via Kris Olin

Why are Marketing Infographics cool? Of course by ‘cool’ we mean ‘intellectually enlightening’ and ‘visually fascinating’ at the same time. A few years ago, people would rely on infographics to gain insight on the most important information out there, not only in the realm of business but also in everyday life. Now, not only do people crave for information from infographics, they also seem to have become more enthusiastic about creating them. Naturally, for lead generation marketers, it’s a matter of building thought leadership status and generating traffic. But what exactly makes infographics so effective? Majority of people are visual learners It’s also the reason why Facebook posts with images are more likely to generate likes and responses. Infographics highlight the bottom line You don’t see a lot of text on infographics. People just love sharing infographics We rarely see lousy infographics. Your brand has infographics = your brand must be wise Face it: you also learn a lot by creating infographics

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