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The Ultimate Guide to Using Images in Social Media

The Ultimate Guide to Using Images in Social Media
We usually digest visual information better than text-based content. We can make use of this when optimizing our social media marketing campaigns to give ourselves an edge over competitors who push out written content via social media. When it comes to social media, there is no denying the fact that the images we use in our content can have a huge impact on how the content is perceived by the community. See #3, #7, #3, all of which emphasize the same thing. Whether you are a social media expert, or a newbie in charge of managing content, you will always have to double-check the height and width of every image you post on your favourite channels. Making sure these images look good in all possible formats is a time-consuming and frustrating process, especially since the content is accessible from a variety of devices. Interested in tips for a certain social network? Facebook Images Size Guide Cover photos on Facebook are prime real estate for showcasing your brand. Profile photos Pro Tip: 1.

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Integrating Twitter into WordPress: The Ultimate Guide Twitter is one of the most popular social media networks online and one of the biggest sources of traffic for many websites. If one of your articles goes viral on Twitter, you could receive hundreds or even thousands of visitors in a short space of time. The more you integrate social media into your website, the more likely it is that your visitors will share your content using social media. Therefore, by integrating Twitter into your website, you can tap into the huge traffic potential that it offers. I recently shared with you a collection of the best social media WordPress plugins. Rather than simply list Twitter plugins that are available to you, in today’s article I would like to show you how other blogs are integrating Twitter, and other social media networks, into their website designs.

Ready for Fast, Visual, Mobile E-Commerce? [Infographic] As the Web continues to “go mobile,” online retailers pursue the promise of m-commerce. However, it’s difficult to satisfy the needs of mobile users. Instart Logic addressed this challenge with its 2014 Q1 Ecommerce Survey, revealing three sizable gaps between what etailers know works, and what they’re actually doing. The survey found that while better pictures boost conversions, etailers are slow to upgrade their visual experience. Improving visual content ranked only fourth among their 2014 website investments. 30% use lower-resolution images for faster page loading and 42% have not yet changed the number, size or resolution of the website images they use to sell products and services. Keyword Research Tool & SEO Management Software - SECockpit Find the most profitable niches, discover the best keywords to optimize your pages for, gain the edge over your competition with cutting-edge SEO-competition data and keep track of all your marketing campaigns. Keywords are the foundation of any successful SEO campaign. Imagine that you create a new page on your site today and add some content. Very soon, you see more and more traffic to your site, all going to that new page. Your promotion of that page is a success, it shows up in the top spot for it’s main keyword in Google and it pulls in a steady stream of visitors to your site.

16 Ways to Add LinkedIn to Your WordPress Website and Win New Clients LinkedIn is by far the most professional of all the social networks. It acts as an online resume and provides you with a place to highlight your best work and experience in a place where people who’ve never been to your website can find and possibly get in touch with you. But wouldn’t it be great if you could bring some of that LinkedIn goodness to your website? My point is, why go through the process of creating a resume twice when you can just create it on LinkedIn with minimal fuss then integrate it into your site? You’ll save time and likely a few headaches.

How The Visual Web Could Achieve Its Potential This post is presented by CIBC. From today’s vantage point, it looks like nothing will slow the momentum of the Visual Web. See also: The Triumph Of The Visual Web Selfies, pins, memes, and other picture formats are now dominating our once text-based Web. Sites like Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram don’t just rule mobile; they also boast the youngest, hippest audiences coveted by marketers and startups alike. 4 Ways To Engage Your Audience With Visual Storytelling On Facebook We are living in an age of News Feed overload. In less time than it takes for you digest this sentence, the News Feed of millions of Facebook users has been updated with statuses, photos, videos, app activity… and advertisements from companies around the globe. With an unstoppable stream of content, businesses need to work harder to really stand out and capture audience attention if they want to avoid ignorance. Actually, you have no other option. While procrastinating their daily commitments ahead of them, your target audience on Facebook will take a moment to quickly scroll through their News Feed. Most likely, they don’t have the patience or time to go through lengthy content.

How to Find Great Content to Share on Twitter Social Media Examiner What content are you sharing on Twitter? Do you struggle to find interesting, relevant things to tweet about every day? In this post, I’ll show you how to curate content your followers will love so you can build a loyal community on Twitter. Why Curate? Today most marketers understand the need to create informative and relevant content. But it’s equally important to curate informative and relevant content.

How Colors Affect Conversions - Infographic Color has a powerful psychological influence on the human brain. Learn how others have harnessed it and how you can do the same. Click on the infographic below to view a larger version: View an enlarged version of this infographic » Click here to download a .pdf version of this infographic. Want to display this infographic on your site? How to Effectively Market Your Next WordPress Blog Post on Twitter and Facebook Your WordPress blog is an important vehicle for reaching your audience, getting your content out there, and even marketing your products and services. So how do you make sure your content is getting as many views as possible? Many people say Twitter and Facebook are key to getting your content’s message spread across the web. Yet most blogs don’t really know how to effectively market their content. A great set of tools can help, as long as they’re paired with the right tactics.

The Facts and Figures about the Power of Visual Content - Infographic We all know that images are compelling. The growth of visual content has been on a rapid upward trajectory over the last 12 months. Social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram have taken the social media world by storm. Instagram announced in July that it had acquired 80 million users. New professional networking site for creatives launched We all know the importance of maintaining a social media presence, right? You'll have your Twitter and Facebook, of course, and maybe a presence on Dribble or Behance, but sooner or later you'll end up having to make a LinkedIn account. And while being part of a grown-up professional network has its benefits, you can't help feeling that LinkedIn would rather you put on a nice suit and got yourself a proper job. Man, it's boring; all that 'Congratulate so-and-so on their work anniversary!'

How to Tap Into The Marketing Power of the Visual Social Web - Infographic Everyone loves holidays. An essential part of the packing for our family holidays were the cameras, both the still and video variety. As we drove off on our summer adventures the car was often stopped to snap that amazing waterfall or record that stunning sunset.