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3 Awesome Grammar Visuals to Use ...

3 Awesome Grammar Visuals to Use ...
June 21, 2014 There is a heated discussion around the teaching of grammar between two main camps. On the one hand, proponents of the "back to basics" movement argue that grammar is the backbone of language teaching and as such it should be given priority in terms of teaching grammatical structures explicitly through language activities and exercises that are designed purposefully to target these structures in a mechanical way. On the other hand, progressivists have a different take on this. They view grammar teaching and and literacy teaching in general as part and parcel of a natural process of learning that resembles kids learning of their mother tongues. They claim that through engaging learners in meaningfully authentic activities, kids get to learn more effectively than is the case through mechanical drilling advocated by the traditionalists. I personally do not see the effectiveness of any one approach per se in the teaching of grammar. 1- 15 Grammar Goofs 2- The Write Way Related:  Grammar

loose vs lose 7 Great Grammar Sites for Teachers and Students June , 2014 Today I am sharing with you a list of some useful websites you can use with your students to help them better improve their grammar knowledge and polish their writing skill. From grammar lessons and teaching materials to free downloadable worksheets and presentations, this collection of websites will provide you with the content you need for teaching grammar. 1- Grammar Bytes Grammar Bytes is a great website that is packed full of teaching materials teachers can use to teach grammar.Grammar Bytes provides a glossary of common terms, fun interactive activities and exercises for students to test their grammar knowledge,instructional presentations and tons of tips on teaching grammar. 2- Road to Grammar Road to Grammar is a free website that provides a wide vareity of resources for teaching grammar. 3- Grammar Gold Grammar Gold provides grammar practice for grades 1 to 5.You can click on any of the grades to access the grammar lessons it features. 4- Grammar Snack

10 Words You Need to Stop Misspelling How to Make Multiple-choice Quizzes with PowerPoint via VBA | Training & E-Learning Zone for Quizzes PowerPoint is a multimedia courseware to create multimedia courses to enhance the classroom experience. Also, it is a great assessment tool to create quizzes. The VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) feature in PowerPoint gives educators an accessible way to easily create interactive multimedia quizzes. Here I will teach you how to create multiple-choice quizzes with VBA in PowerPoint with step-by-step illustrations. Supposing you want to create a quiz with 10 multiple-choice questions and only one correct answer for each question. Step 1 – New a blank presentation Step 2 – Customize feedback to each question with macro You may be confused with the first step because the first step in all of the related quiz tutorials online is creating questions and answers. d. 2. 3. Sub Wrong() MsgBox ("Sorry, that's not right. Customize feedback to right answers:Sub Right() MsgBox ("That's right! 4. Step 3 – Create questions and answers 1. 2. 3. 4. Step 4 – Save the quiz presentation

» 3 Punctuation Mistakes That Can Make You Look Like A Cannibal 1. Eat your dinner. vs Eat. You’re dinner. Normal: Eat your dinner.Cannibalistic: Eat. You’re dinner. That apostrophe (‘) is important! 2. The comma here is critical. 3. Similar to number two, the commas here keep the nouns “dogs” and “family” from becoming unintentional objects of the verb “cooking.” Whether you have fat fingers or just aren’t sure how to use these rules, you can easily avoid embarrassing typos and writing errors online with the free Grammarly app.

Skolbanken » Rhetorical Devices for Dummies: Making Comparisons 1. Comparing SunshineSimile: Your smile is like sunshine on a rainy day.Metaphor: You are the sunshine of my life. In general, similes are more poetic statements and metaphors are more hyperbolic ones. If you want to flatter someone you can choose either a simile or metaphor, depending on how extreme your feelings are. 2. Comparing LifeSimile: Life is like a box of chocolates.Metaphor: Life is a highway, and I want to ride it all night long. The words “like” and “as” usually distinguish similes from metaphors. 3. When it comes to similes and metaphors, a few small words can change the meaning of a sentence drastically. Whether you’re a student of similes or a metaphor master, you can easily avoid typos and improve your writing online with the free Grammarly app.

phrasalverbs 10649599 851134758238849 4336738374258026284 n Eight ways to pronounce ough Prepositions Made Easy: In, On, and At (with Video!) EmailShare 9431EmailShare Are prepositions really so difficult? What if I told you that IN JUST 5 MINUTES I could help you solve some of your most confusing preposition problems? English learners everywhere are confused about prepositions, and English learners every always say it’s one of their biggest difficulties. But with the right strategies, prepositions DO NOT need to be so complicated. FREE e-book: 101 Words You Won’t Learn in School Today, we’re going to explore how the prepositions AT, ON, and IN are used with TIME and PLACE, and use a formula that works in around 90% of cases. Given the fact that most people are visual learners, and most prepositions are best taught in a visual way, we’ll also use graphic organizers and a video lesson to teach this. The Inverted Pyramid Before we explain a bit more, let’s take a good look at the picture one more time below. Prepositions of Time IN- The pyramid’s TOP (wider), which is BIGGER and more GENERAL: Prepositions of Location