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ROMANTIC CIRCLES - Romantic-period literature and culture

ROMANTIC CIRCLES - Romantic-period literature and culture

THE VICTORIAN WEB Celebrating National Poetry Month Happy National Poetry Month! To celebrate, we pulled together our best stories about poetry with free links to poems from contemporary and classic American poets. “Mad Meg,” the Poet-Duchess of 17th Century England Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, shocked the establishment by publishing poems and plays under her own name. The Poet Who Wanted to Be Eaten by Vultures One day in 1971, the hard-drinking Beat poet Lew Welch walked into the woods of Nevada County and disappeared, possibly angling to be eaten by vultures. What This 19th-Century Poet Knew About the Future The Anthropocene requires a new history to explain how humans transform the planet. Ten Poems about Travel Poetry about all kinds of travel—from grand adventures to family vacations—by Elizabeth Bishop, Rita Dove, and more. The Restoration’s Filthiest Poet (and Why We Need Him) Creature of the court, royalist and fop, dandy and dilettante, John Wilmot, Second Earl of Rochester, knew how to scandalize with verse.

Sparknotes: Today's Most Popular Study Guides THE GOTHIC : Materials for Study The Gothic: Materials for Study A hypertext anthology for ENEC 981: The Novel of Sensibility Written and Compiled by: Christine Ruotolo, Ami Berger, Liz DeGaynor, Zach Munzenrider, and Amanda French Contents Introduction Individual and Social Psychologies of the GothicThe Female GothicThe Gothic and the SupernaturalGothic Drama Annotated Bibliography

TV NEWS : Search Captions. Borrow Broadcasts : TV Archive Fox News Channel (FNC), often referred to as Fox News, is a cable and satellite television news channel owned by the Fox Entertainment Group, a subsidiary of News Corporation. As of April 2009, the channel is available to 102 million households in the United States and further to viewers internationally, broadcasting primarily from its New York studios. Topics: San Francisco, United States " Cable News Network (CNN) is a U.S. cable news channel founded in 1980 by Ted Turner. MSNBC is a cable news channel based in the United States available in the US, Germany (Berlin, Local), South Africa, the Middle East and Canada. " KNTV , channel 11, is the NBC owned-and-operated television station in the Bay Area market. by City of San Francisco, California Programs from San Francisco Government Television. " KGO-TV , channel 7, based in San Francisco, California, is owned-and-operated television station of The Walt Disney Company subsidiary ABC. Content from FOX Business. Content from BBC News. eye

The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction LITERARY RESOURCES Literary Resources on the Net These pages are maintained by Jack Lynch of Rutgers — Newark. Comments and corrections are welcome. Updated 7 January 2006. Search for a (single) word: Or choose one of the following categories: General Sources These sources are too important to be buried in my miscellaneous pages, and too miscellaneous to be put anywhere else. The Voice of the Shuttle Alan Liu's superb collection of electronic resources for the humanities. Calls for Papers A current list from the mailing list. About These Pages This set of pages is a collection of links to sites on the Internet dealing especially with English and American literature, excluding most single electronic texts, and is limited to collections of information useful to academics — I've excluded most poetry journals, for instance. This page is maintained by Jack Lynch.

News, sport and opinion from the Guardian's global edition | The Guardian gender Archives - Critical Media Project Gender refers to both the cultural meaning ascribed to a person’s sex or body as well as our internal sense of self or personal experience of our own body. One’s gender identity can be consistent with or different from one’s assigned sex at birth. While masculinity and femininity are traditional terms to identify gendered characteristics, values, meanings, and cultural expectations, there are many more terms that capture a broader spectrum than this simplistic binary. The repetition of traditional gendered narratives and images in media has shaped cultural norms around what it means to be a man or a woman, masculine or feminine, often leaving little room for experimentation, play and nonconformity. See topic overview PDF for more. Topic Overview Lesson & Worksheet Playlist

OPEN CULTURE : Literature Courses Online Advertisement Get free Literature courses online from the world's leading universities. You can download these audio & video courses straight to your computer or mp3 player. For more online courses, visit our complete collection, 1,300 Free Online Courses from Top Universities. American Literature I: Beginnings to Civil War - Free Online Video & Course Info - Free iTunes Video – Free Online Video - Cyrus Patell, NYUAmerican Passages: A Literary Survey – Free Online Video - Multiple profs, Annenberg LearnerApproaching Shakespeare – Free iTunes Audio - Free Online Audio -Emma Smith, OxfordBritish and American Poetry: 1900 to the Present - Free iTunes Audio – Charles Altieri, UC BerkeleyCervantes’ Don Quixote - Free Online Video - Free iTunes Video - Free iTunes Audio - Course Materials - Roberto González Echevarría, YaleContemporary Literature – Free Online Video – Free Video Download - Aysha Iqbal Viswamohan, IIT MadrasCreative Reading – Free Online Audio - William S. Support Open Culture | Study Guides, Lesson Plans, Book Summaries and more eBooks@Adelaide ~ HAMLET – William Shakespeare / eBook “Hamlet”, is a tragedy written by William Shakespeare at an uncertain date between 1599 and 1602. Set in Denmark, the play dramatises the revenge Prince Hamlet is called to wreak upon his uncle, Claudius, by the ghost of Hamlet’s father, King Hamlet. Claudius had murdered his own brother and seized the throne, also marrying his deceased brother’s widow…. Online Reading JANE EYRE – Charlotte Brontë / eBook “Jane Eyre” is a novel by English writer Charlotte Brontë. Online Reading THE GREAT GATSBY – Francis Scott Fitzgerald / eBook “The Great Gatsby” is a 1925 novel written by American author Francis Scott Fitzgerald (1896-1940) that follows a cast of characters living in the fictional town of West Egg on prosperous Long Island in the summer of 1922. Author: F. Online Reading

Texts and contexts for the study of Byron, Keats, the Shelleys, and their
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