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2014 West Africa Ebola outbreak

2014 West Africa Ebola outbreak
An ongoing epidemic of the Ebola virus has spread throughout Guinea and beyond the nation's borders in West Africa. At least 500 infections and 337 deaths have been reported.[2] Various organizations, including the US Centers for Disease Control, European Commission, and Economic Community of West African States have donated funds and personnel to help counter the outbreak. This ebola outbreak is the worst ever: the first to affect more than one country and the most severe both in the number of cases and dead. Initial outbreak in Guinea[edit] In February 2014, the first Ebola virus outbreak registered in the region occurred in Guinea. By 23 April, the total number of suspected and confirmed cases in the Ebola Haemorrhagic Fever (EHF) outbreak had increased to 242, including 142 deaths at a case fatality rate of 58.7%.[3] Originally, the suspected cases were reported in Conakry (four cases), Gu├ęck├ędougou (four), Macenta (one) and Dabola (one) prefectures. Conakry, Guinea[edit]

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