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Expose Political Corruption

Expose Political Corruption

— Stop Imperialism - Geopolitical Analysis Welcome to Adhocracy-3! — Adhocracy 0.0.1 documentation Adhocracy 3 is a software for online participation. It is an effort to rewrite Adhocracy 2 from scratch. It aims to be a flexible framework and an easy customizable web application. Status Adhocracy-3 is in a very early stage: The software architecture design (the big picture) is mostly done. The code currently implements just some very basic database backend functionality with a test suite. The current, stable and functional version is adhocracy-2: How to get involved We appreciate any form of cooperation: feedback, software design (review), API design, coding, community work, UI design, etc.. the github repothe issue tracker on githubthe adhocracy-dev mailing listthe #liqdem IRC channel (Use an IRC client or visit the chat through your browser.) Documentation adhocracy-3 source code documentation and software architecture If you want to work on the documentation: It is written using reStructuredText inside the normal github repo. build instructions Install virtualenvt: Install buildout: . . .

Foreign Policy In Focus - A think tank without walls Liquid Democracy: The App That Turns Everyone into a Politician Photo by GrüneFraktionBayern under a Creative Commons license from Liquid Democracy is one of the boldest contemporary innovations in democratic decision-making. The idea uses web technology that allows users to interact in new ways. Its primary innovators are located in Berlin, and Germany has been the first to adopt and apply Liquid Democracy systems in the context of political parties, parliamentary processes, and some organizations. Liquid Democracy has a number of key features. In the Liquid Democracy system, a party member can assign a proxy vote to any other member, thereby assigning a personal delegate, instead of voting for a representative. In one of the software systems, any member can also propose an idea. There are a number of critical issues within Liquid Democracy applications. The idea for Liquid Democracy is not new. Innovators and adopters Two organizations eventually created Liquid Democracy technology. Liquid Feedback Adopters Adhocracy adopters

The Vineyard of the Saker LiquidFeedback - more than Liquid Democracy State of Nature WebRTC - the films and journalism of John Pilger DemocracyOS - Change the Tool The Baseline Scenario | What happened to the global economy and what we can do about it Statistika i zanimljivosti | Otvoreni parlament Put Zakona Aktuelni saziv Nautilus Institute for Security and Sustainability