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Google Shared Spaces

Google Shared Spaces

Pure Reader — Do your Google Reader experience a favour We’ve already seen a bunch of prettifiers for Safari, but here’s a new one that… that… you just have to look at it. Pixel specialist Na Wong (artist profile) has hand crafted the most beautiful Google Reader restyling of modern times. Pure Reader. Personally I never quite got into the whole “Helveti” trend, so I just ended up avoiding Google Reader on the web altogether. But this new extension… it… it recrafts Google Reader into an application, but at the same time not mimicking desktop UI. It’s free, it’s awesome, it’s here.

Practical Writing – An Online Interactive Writing Experience December 2010 – Volume 14, Number 3 * On the Internet * Ronaldo Lima, Jr. Casa Thomas Jefferson Binational Center, Brazil <ronaldoj Five reasons why Google's Web apps store makes sense Yesterday, Google announced that, later this year, it will release the Chrome Web Store. The idea isn't complex and philosophically compliments the app store for Google Docs and even Android Marketplace: Provide a marketplace for third-party apps. The strategy is sensible for Google, given its heavy orientation around the browser and cloud services. Early last month I explained how Apple and Google are battling for the future of the mobile Web.

Introducing Google Social Search: I finally found my friend's Ne Your friends and contacts are a key part of your life online. Most people on the web today make social connections and publish web content in many different ways, including blogs, status updates and tweets. This translates to a public social web of content that has special relevance to each person. Unfortunately, that information isn't always very easy to find in one simple place. That's why today we're rolling out a new experiment on Google Labs called Google Social Search that helps you find more relevant public content from your broader social circle.

Early Access Release Channels Chrome supports a number of different release channels. We use these channels to slowly roll out updates to users, starting with our close to daily Canary channel builds, all the way up to our Stable channel releases that happen every 6 weeks roughly. Channels Windows A day in the life of materials writers « Oxford University Press – English Language Teaching – Global Blog In this first of a series of posts, English File authors Clive Oxenden and Christina Latham-Koenig give us an insight into their daily lives, the writing process, and reaching out to the community of English File teachers around the world. Over the years we have met a lot of teachers around the world when we have travelled to give talks or teacher training sessions and one of the things we’ve most enjoyed about travelling has been meeting teachers. We won’t be able to travel much in 2011 because of our writing commitments, so writing this blog will be our way of keeping in touch with English File teachers around the world. And of course teachers themselves will also be able to share their experiences and ideas with each other.

Admin templates for Google Chrome make it more enterprise-friendly System admins generally aren't fond of rolling out new software to their users if they don't have a measure of control over what those users can and can't do with the app in question. Google knows that, and they've been working for a while now to add enterprise-friendly policy support to Chrome. Now, Google has made policy templates available for download which provide a measure of lockdown functionality. As you can see, after importing the .ADM files into the Windows Group Policy Editor you'll be able to manage a handful of Chrome settings via a local machine policy. A default home page and proxy settings can be configured and Chrome Sync can be blocked, but the bulk of the options are related to background communications with Google (alternate error pages, DNS prefetch, crash reporting, suggestions, etc.).

The Best Websites To Teach & Learn Life Skills Here’s the latest in my “The Best…” series, which now numbers over sixty lists. This particular one, The Best Websites To Teach & Learn Life Skills, particularly goes along with two of my previous lists, The Best Websites For Students Exploring Jobs & Careers and The Best Sites For Learning Economics & Practical Money Skills. It probably also makes sense to use this list, too, in conjunction with The Best Health Sites For English Language Learners. I haven’t really been able to find that many sites that cover a lot of different life skills, and that are accessible to English Language Learners.

6 Free Chrome Apps and Extensions for Small Businesses This post originally appeared on the American Express OPEN Forum, where Mashable regularly contributes articles about leveraging social media and technology in small business. Google recently launched its Chrome Webstore for dedicated applications and extensions. Although the store is still in its early stages, there is already a wealth of choice for any small business owner. Getting Video Tasks Online I've been aware of 280Slides for some time now, but haven't really tried to use it much as I'm a very keen user of Keynote on my MAC, but this week I was looking around for ways to get video type lessons online and discovered what an incredibly easy and useful tool 280Slides is for this. Basically 280Slides is an online tool for creating presentations. It works in a very simple way and has a very intuitive interface which is very quick to understand. It has a few basic themes and layouts and you can do all the usual things like adding text, shapes and images to your presentations. The two key areas though that I like about 280Slides are:

Microsoft Tags: A Compelling Alternative To QR Code Hyperlinks Search marketers are interested in print-based hyperlinks: traffic to my QR Codes: Are You Ready For Paper-Based Hyperlinks? post remains strong. So here’s an in-depth look at Microsoft’s entry into the 2D code wars, called Microsoft Tags. Microsoft Tags is based on a homegrown technology known as high-capacity color barcode (HCCB).

Turn Off Google Buzz - Unbuzz After yesterday’s revelation of Google Buzz, one of the big questions that people are asking this morning is “how do I turn off Google Buzz, exactly?” Or, in cutesier language, “how do I unBuzz?” Even though Google is roping the 176 million+ Gmail accounts into their great social experiment, they’re not evil (that’s their motto, after all), and while the off switch isn’t staring you in the face, it’s fairly painless to turn Google Buzz off: In any Gmail window, whether it’s your regular inbox, your Buzz inbox, or an individual message, scroll down to the bottom of the screen.In the footer, you’ll see a text link that says “turn off buzz.” Click that link.

The Best Tools To Make Online Flashcards There are an incredible number of free sites where you can create and study flashcards online. In reviewing many of them, I looked at this criteria: * Is it available free-of-charge? * Is it easy to use?

Uses Wave widget technology to create small collaborative spaces. by luisjoliva Dec 22

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