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20 Of The World’s Best Restaurant And Bar Interior Designs

20 Of The World’s Best Restaurant And Bar Interior Designs
A good interior design can do as much for a cafe, restaurant or bar as good food and drinks can. We made this list of 20 establishments to show you some of the best bar, cafe and restaurant interior designs in the world, and most of them have even won awards for their interiors. Creating an amazing interior design is anything but simple. There are thousands of factors to juggle – What will your restaurant, bar or cafe’s style be like? How can you make the interior as beautiful and decorative as possible without disrupting the staff’s workflow? Will safety regulations even allow your grandiose designs to take form? When you think about just how much goes into the design of the perfect restaurant interior, you’ll gain a whole new appreciation for these wondrously designed interior spaces. H.R. Designed by: H.R. Truth Cafe, Cape Town, South Africa Designed by: Haldane Martin The Jane Restaurant In A Renovated Church, Antwerp, Belgium Designed by: Piet Boon Bicycle Bar, Bucharest, Romania

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Glass Rivers And Lakes Flow Across Beautiful Tables By Furniture Maker Greg Klassen Talented Washington-based artist and furniture-maker Greg Klassen’s beautiful river- and lake-like desks and tables straddle the line between furniture and art. Due to his relationship with a local sawmill, Klassen has access to pieces of raw wood, which means that he can make use of its natural forms and beautiful imperfections for his creative furniture. These organic forms lend natural power to the “rivers” and “lakes” on his tables, which are completed with custom-cut panes of glass and look much like features on a topographical map. Klassen, who has a degree in theology, writes, “I try to marry the natural beauty of the wood with the skilled craftsmanship of the maker.

This Old Town In Morocco Is Covered In Blue Paint Chefchaouen, a small town in northern Morocco, has a rich history, beautiful natural surroundings and wonderful architecture, but what it’s most famous for are the striking and vivid blue walls of many of the buildings in its “old town” sector, or medina. The maze-like medina sector, like those of most of the other towns in the area, features white-washed buildings with a fusion of Spanish and Moorish architecture. The brilliantly blue walls, however, seem to be unique to Chefchaouen. They are said to have been introduced to the town by Jewish refugees in 1930, who considered blue to symbolize the sky and heaven. The color caught on, and now many also believe that the blue walls serve to repel mosquitoes as well (mosquitoes dislike clear and moving water).

Luxurious Lifestyles of the Rich in Cayman Islands Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous never took a long look at those gorgeous homes in the Cayman Islands. This is just one of those Beautiful homes that only the super rich can afford. This is just one of those Luxurious 60 million dollar homes. 25- Lady in Green Tea Rihanna, meet Arizona. A chilling beverage that will soothe your body down in one hand, a strong-willed singer with the lungs that can blow your ears. Sure, you could take a regular walk in the woods, but why would you do that when you could walk ABOVE the trees? The Kirstenbosch Centenary Tree Canopy Walkway in Cape Town is a raised walkway that lets visitors see the forest and the trees the way a bird or a monkey might. The canopy gracefully snakes its way along the treetops in the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden in South Africa.

ntemporary Chiswick Quay property, London Contemporary Chiswick Quay property, London Overlooking the Thames, the 1970s townhouse owned by lighting designer Ben Rousseau backs onto a small marina and is located where the London boat race finishes at Chiswick Quay. It may have been a relatively modern design, but the four-storey contemporary London property still needed a lot of work and Ben easily spent about 60-70k updating the house. A new kitchen and office were put in, the bathroom on the second floor was updated, the master bathroom completely reconfigured and another bathroom added to the ground floor garage, which was impressively converted into a spacious guest suite. “Decoration wasn’t just restricted to painting,” says Ben. “We even knocked down walls to make more sense of the space; the master bedroom, for example, needed room to accommodate my bespoke walnut wardrobes and dressing table, which run the length of the room.”

22- Mix of The Two The fact that their diagonally-cropped faces can complete each other’s blank spots is as creepy as it is in funny pictures. Who’s not a girl now, Bieber? A favorite among most funny pictures. Space Saving Furniture: All-in-One Multi-Use Desk Design The designers at o4i have won awards for all kinds of cutting-edge industrial design, some conceptual and some actual. Based on a thoughtful analysis of actual work patterns this desk design idea takes into account real-life uses of spaces and furniture, arriving at a solution that is both logical and highly creative. This so-called Office Singularity is based on the idea that there are three ways in which we work, relax and interact within or office areas – social/interactive, functional/focused and casual/private. We meet, present, socialize and collaborate while standing up on one side of desk, sit and prepare, produce, work alone at another and summarize, synthesize, chat and contemplate lying back at the third.

16- Pony Hair Baby and Doll This baby has her hair done into pony tails, much like her favorite doll. That must have been the reason for that drool and that wide smile. A girl’s dream; to look like her hero. 17- Einstein & The Baby Pretty sure that’s a girl.