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jQuery & CSS Sprite Animation Explained In Under 5 Minutes

Today we’re going to take a look at sprite animation. There’s been a lot of talk this year about the future of technologies like Adobe’s Flash and for good reason – with the performance of JavaScript frameworks having come so far since they were first conceived, it’s now possible to create equally as powerful animations and effects without needing to use any third party plugins.In today’s screencast I’m going to show you what a sprite is and just how easy it can be to create an entire animated scene using jQuery, CSS & Sprites. You’ll also get to see some pretty cool out-in-the-wild examples of jQuery Sprite Animation in action, so why not check it out in my screencast below! Demos and text are available for anyone that wants to read/see them in the rest of the post. View Demo Download Source Today’s animations are created using a really useful jQuery plugin called Spritely. Basic Example using Pan() How complex your animations can get really depend on what you’re trying to achieve.

35 jQuery Animation Tutorials Creative designers can do some amazing things with jQuery. A wide variety of animation effects are possible, and these 35 tutorials provide excellent learning resources for anyone who is wanting to brush up their skills in this area. You’ll find tutorials for creative animated navigation menus, as well as for other types of animation that use jQuery instead of Flash. Looking for hosting? Beautiful advanced jQuery background image slideshow A couple of weeks ago, I received an e-mail from a guy named Patrick. He just visited the website from Philadelphia and wanted to know how to create the slideshow header that's on top of the page. Since I was also impressed by the effect, I took the time to recreate this effect myself. With the use of transparent PNG's, some HTML, pretty nifty CSS and jQuery, we can make this technique work. It features changing text and playback controls. Start up your HTML/CSS/jQuery editor and let's see how you can create this effect yourself! The idea To understand what we need to make, I created a simple reference image. Now that we truly know what we need to create, we can start coding! First things first: I'm normally not a big fan of empty HTML elements which only purpuse is to be a handle for JavaScript. Having said that, this is the HTML I came up with. <div id="header"><! As you can see, we already created all the elements we expected to create when looking at the reference image. jQuery

Using jQuery Stop Goals: Animate wide on mouseEnter Animate back on mouseLeave No matter what, perform a complete wide/back cycle Not queue up animations on multiple hovers Be smooth NOT Using .stop(); The smoothness of this is perfect, but the animations queue up. Using .stop(true, false); Fairly smooth, but animations don't finish if you mouse off too quickly. Using .stop(true, true); Animations finish, but it's jerky. Don't Queue Not using stop at all, you can set the animiation to not queue, but it behaves the same as .stop(true, false) Callback Test Set a variable when animation is running, test for that variable before starting new animation, set it back during a callback event. Animated Test Filter out elements currently being animated before starting new animation Dequeue Test for presence of class (set upon hover and removed on mouseOut animate callback) before staring new animation.