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7 Survival Tips That Could Save Your Life. #2 Is Awesome!

7 Survival Tips That Could Save Your Life. #2 Is Awesome!
Have you ever wondered how to filter water, keep away the mosquitos or how to make a solar microwave? These tips might save your life one day. 1. Need some light in a pinch and a candle alone won’t cut it? Grab a soda can and cut open the sides, fold them out and place the candle in. This will reflect your light and give you some decent protection from the elements. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. For a visual preview of all of the tips in this list, watch the video! Credits: HouseholdHacker

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22 Astonishing Places That Are Hard to Believe Really Exist Our world is so full of wonders that new and amazing places are discovered every day, be that by professional photographers or amateurs. Different geographical locations, climatic conditions and even seasons offer the widest variety of natural wonders: pink lakes, stunning lavender or tulip fields, breath-taking canyons and mountains, and other places you can hardly believe actually exist! Some of the pictures in this collection will be of all natural sights you can find while traveling around the world, while the others have experienced human interference – but even in these cases, the result of such collaboration is spectacular. The Japanese learned how to tame thousands of orchids and form a romantic tunnel out of them; another one was formed all the way in Ukraine by a passing train; and what eventually ends up as hot tea in our mugs, first grows in stunning tree fields in Asia. Feel free to add more places in the comments under the article. Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

Code Fred He's not out of the woods yet. Incredible phenomena are happening in your body all the time. But have you ever stopped to think about what keeps you breathing, how information travels from your senses to your brain instantly, or any of the other amazing things that constantly happen to keep you alive? Now you can jump inside the human body and participate in these physiological processes to help Fred outrun danger in the woods.

Your Subconscious Mind Can Do Anything: How to Use Its Power - Learning Mind The most important thing you need to know about the subconscious mind is that it is always “on”. That is, it is active day and night, regardless of what you are doing. The subconscious mind controls your body. 30 Outdoor Travel Hacks To Turn You Into A Backpacking Badass Whether you’re backpacking in the great outdoors or backpacking abroad, some of these might just save your life (or at the very least, make things a little easier). Here's my favorite tutorial for making one of these: Wrap a water bottle, lighter, utensil, or virtually anything else with about 5-6’ of duct tape, so you have it if you need it but conserve precious space and weight There's a host of these DIY charger plans and kits available online (including some pretty awesome solar-powered ones).

Foxhole radio - ZombieSquadWiki From ZombieSquadWiki Work in Progress The traditional foxhole radio is made out of scavenged parts by some soldiers during World War II. This page documents that radio as well as improvements to help it work better. The construction of the radio is not very difficult and most people age 6 and up should be able to make one. This is not only fun project, but one that can dramatically increase your ability to get information when you need it most.

Life Vest Challenge Lesson Focus Lesson explores the engineering behind life vests or personal flotation devices and the challenges met by these devices. Students work in teams to design and build a flotation device out of everyday materials that can keep an unopened can of soup or vegetables afloat in a bucket of water or sink for a minute. They design their life vest, build and test it, evaluate their designs and those of classmates, and share observations with their class. Age Levels: Kundalini, Energy Surges and YOU!! There is a massive surge happening across our precious planet and moving thru everyone’s body in one way or another. I am getting a surge in emails about folks experiencing kundalini right now. Take a moment and celebrate this sacred event within the body… then integrate it!!

Crossing the Atlantic – Dolphins, Drifting and Dominoes As I’ve said before, one of my favourite things is being able to meet up with friends while abroad. A few weeks ago I was randomly in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, of all places, at the same time as my friend Dasha, so I thought it would be the perfect time to publish her interview. Unfortunately I had some laptop troubles, and am only getting to publish now! 100 Items to Disappear First 100 Items to Disappear First 1. Generators (Good ones cost dearly. Gas storage, risky. of thieves; maintenance etc.) 2. Water Filters/Purifiers 3. Portable Toilets 4. Nature Blows My Mind! Macro photographs of brilliant hummingbirds Hummingbirds are one of nature's many wonders, with their freaky flying abilities and jewel-like colours. They are difficult to photograph close up, but on a recent trip to Bosque De Paz, a 3,000 acre private biological reserve in Costa Rica, photographer Chris Morgan was able to accomplish this feat of superhuman patience, snapping macro shots of a tiny Green Crowned Brilliant (Heliodoxa jacula) hummingbird. Morgan says: The hummingbirds were so tempting to photograph to the point of madness! Eventually with patience you get quite close, and I love seeing the details of these little guys.

How to Make a Fire in the Rain - Any good outdoorsman knows how to make a fire in the rain. Once you’ve mastered the skill of building fires when the weather is dry you’ll want to hone your skills for starting a fire when the weather goes bad. The infographic explains a few strategies for getting a fire going when you have nothing but a match and no fire starters. I always carry fire starters but I won’t use them unless it’s absolutely necessary, I’ll save them for an emergency or when it’s otherwise impossible to light a fire without them. The first step is finding dry wood. 9 Signs You’re An Old Soul 9 Signs You’re An Old Soul From the folks at LonerWolf… There is a special kind of person in our world who finds himself alone and isolated, almost since birth. His solitary existence isn’t from a preference or an antisocial temperament – he is simply old.

Jazibe's recipes: Tortillas de Harina / Flour tortillas Tortillas de Harina Flour Tortillas (wheat)(this are NOT to be confused with CORN tortillas. Corn tortillas are made with MASECA, this are made with plain wheat flour, or you can use whole wheat also. Flour tortillas are rolled with a rolling pin, NOT pressed with a tortilla press) These tortillas are great for quesadillas or burritos (I guess you could even do “wraps” with them, as long as you use them warm, otherwise they’re not very flexible). They are moist and buttery, and even if they don’t come out perfectly round (mine never do!), you can wow your friends and family!

A young man asks a homeless man to borrow his bucket, what happens next will burst you into tears - The Mind Awakened A German student was walking in the street and noticed a homeless man trying to get some money from the pedestrians. Unfortunately his technique was not very successful so the student asked him to borrow his bucket. At first, the homeless man was hesitant but he agreed to… it was the choice to make because what happens next will burst you into tears! via - lolwall

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