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Le blog de ringard willycat

Le blog de ringard willycat

IfItWereMyHome Nerdy Hip Hop Songs (That Are Actually Pretty Good!) (Nerdcore hip hop illustration by Chris Whetzel) Some of the nerdiest hip hop songs are actually some of the best hip hop, period. “What?!” Au contraire, comrade. Nerdcore Take MC Frontalot, for example. Big Words Or how about Saul Williams, the poet that came out of the spoken word movement of the 1990s and 2000s. Science! Blackalicious of Sacramento, California is a lyricist to end all lyricists. Philosophy! A favorite rapper of mine is Eyedea, of Minneapolis hip hop collective Rhymesayers. These are just a few examples of nerdy hip hop that is actually good. The Internerds Bonus: A song of my own, which I wrote and recorded on a cheap mic in 2007, under my old MC name, Musclemouth. Musclemouth – Love in the 21st Century What are your favorite nerdy (or just “alternative”) hip hop songs? by Will Conley Like this: Like Loading...

Black Cab Sessions 8 months ago / 0 notes 1 year ago / 3 notes JOHN C REILLY LIVE IN LONDON 7th FEB, 2013 » John C Reilly called us up. Wanted us to promote a show. Check it out. Tickets here! 1 year ago / 0 notes 1 year ago / 1 notes 1 year ago / 2 notes 1 year ago / 3 notes next page page 1 of 7 Black Cab Sessions Presenting the best bands in the most iconic vehicle in the world! xxx theme © roboweed Se Coucher Moins Bête A la recherche des sons perdus - Blog Music Blog, Music Videos, Mp3s Dark Stories The Antville Music Video Awards... brigs, December 20, 2011 3:46:27 AM CETThe Antville Music Video Awards 2011 The Winners! After much debating, nominating, voting, stuffing, etc. here are the true magnificient winners of The Antville Music Video Awards 2011: Most Fun Duck Sauce "Big Bad Wolf" - Dir. Best Animated DYE "Fantasy" - Dir. Best Performance Tyler the Creator "Yonkers" - Dir. Best Narrative Lykke Li "Sadness is a Blessing" - Dir. Best Hip Hop Best Choreography Radiohead "Lotus Flower" - Chor. Best Art Direction Woodkid "Iron" - Art Dept. Best Editing Metronomy "The Bay" - Ed. Best Cinematography Woodkid "Iron" - DoP. Best Visual Effects Memory Tapes "Yes I Know" - Post. Best Commissioning Artist Metronomy Best New Director Eric Epstein Best Director Daniels Video Of The Year Is Tropical "The Greeks" - Dir. Congratulations to all nominees and winners. 'ville! doubled up winners (woodkid, tyler, najork) are kindofa missed opportunity - p'haps avoidable next time. (this leaves progosk out, bien évidemment) -Keith.

Onda Rock Musicologist Install Theme © All Themes Tumblr Spotlight themusiCologist frontline soldier in the war against, (musical and cultural), banality. urbanmusicologist..Selector since 1985. beat maker, tShirt designer and producer for London's #1 tributetee and underground label bloodsweatandtees Ask bLoodSweatandteeS wordpress feed bLoodsweatandteeS Tweets Reblog post ♥ 3 - 1 week ago ♥ 2 - 1 month ago Reblog post ♥ 6 - 1 month ago musicology #0659 musicology 0659 Earl 16 - Changing World #Reggae #AugustusPablo #Rockers #bloodsweatandtees #bigtune Earl Sixteen – Changing World Jumping back into themusicologist saddle with this Top ranking, Augustus Pablo produced Late 70′s piece of social critique, courtesy of the Majestic Earl ’16′ Daley. View On WordPress ♥ 3 - 1 month ago ♥ 2 - 1 month ago 3 months ago ♥ 2 - 3 months ago Reblog post ♥ 6 - 3 months ago Reblog post ♥ 3 - 4 months ago Reblog post ♥ 2 - 4 months ago Ask bLoodSweatandteeS wordpress feed bLoodsweatandteeS Back to top

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