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25 Brilliant Tiny Homes That Will Inspire You To Live Small. #10 Is Genius!

25 Brilliant Tiny Homes That Will Inspire You To Live Small. #10 Is Genius!
Photographer Simon Dale spent $5,000 and 4 months to turn a plot of land in the woods into a hobbit home. It boasts a number of eco-friendly attributes, which include: scrap wood for flooring, lime plaster (instead of cement) for the walls, bales of straw on dry-stone walling, a compost toilet, solar panels for power, and a supply of water acquired through a nearby spring.

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Music City Tiny House Hello! My husband and I just finished putting the finishing touches on our tiny house, build by Tennessee Tiny Homes. I’ve been drooling over your site for years now so it’s a dream come true to be submitting my own photos! A tiny house on wheels in Nashville, Tennessee built by Tennessee Tiny Homes. Photos, owned and shared by John & Sarah Murphy. 8 Reasons Why Natural Swimming Pools Are Awesome! Love to swim but hate the chlorine? Here’s a collection of amazing natural pools that offer a chemical-free way to stay cool. Eco-friendly natural swimming pools are slowly beginning to gain buzz throughout the world. Often called swimming ponds, can be beautiful oases of greenery and sustainability, as well as safe, fun places to take a dip.

How You Can Simplify More Than Just Your Stuff I’m excited to announce the launch of The Power of Simple Living: 140 Inspiring Quotes to Simplify Your Life (And Get What You Want). I’m eager to teach what I’ve been learning and experimenting with in regards to simplicity, life and gaining our freedom back. This is part of that mission as a book that I’ve been working on that’s designed to help people like you and me who are hungry to simplify their lives in search of more personal, spiritual, and financial freedom. And I’m here to show you that, and more. Because this might sound obvious but… You Can Simplify More Than Just Your Stuff

Pre-fab Straw Bale Walls Panels & Site-built NatureBuilt Wall Systems builds Biological Structural Insulated Panels (Bio-SIPs) as a proven solution to issues raised on affordable sustainable development. Bio-SIPs are essentially prefabricated straw bale wall panels – providing a cost effective, sustainable and highly energy efficient wall system. If you are just discovering straw bale, make sure to read our FAQ on some misconceptions of straw as a wall system material. In reality, Bio-SIPs (like site-built straw bale construction) are environmentally friendly, super insulated at R-35, pest free, impressively fire retardant and earthquake resistant, and provide excellent sound-proofing.

Earthships: The Basics If you´ve heard of them but weren´t really paying attention, here´s class 101 Here at True Activist we´re big fans of Earthships, and most of you will know something about them too. If not, let´s define them like this: A passive solar home, made of natural and recycled materials, with thermal mass construction for natural temperature stabilization. Earthships use renewable energy & integrated water systems, meaning they have little (or no) utility bills. They are designed with sustainability in mind, using a combination of recycled materials, biology and architecture. Pure Salvage: 10 Eclectic Tiny Homes Built with 99% Scrap The premise of this small design-build firm is simple: almost everything you could want or need to build a new house is already in a a disused or abandoned building … so why not harvest 99% of your materials from such sources? Tiny Texas Houses builds custom homes and advises people on finding and reusing materials as well. “A generation of housing materials already harvested, sliced, diced, formed, and proven healthy, toxin free, priced for human energy is available in this country. Materials that are 100% American grown, mined, smelted, formed, and created with pride when we had such in our craftsmanship, and built to last for centuries.” The creations of Brad Kit­tel are eclectic, often rustic and peppered with various regional styles, both as a mode of creative expression and a simple byproduct of the materials found and re-purposed in the building process.

Turn Soda Cans Into Aluminum Roofing Shingles! Here's one way to take good old coke cans and turn them into non-rusting aluminum roofing shingles. It's a bit time consuming, but have you priced aluminum shingles lately? Other Great Stories From 5 Extraordinary DIY Eco Homes With the earth shifting so rapidly, we need to build housing that reflects our connections with the earth and with one another. There are so many different types of off grid, sustainable living houses that are incredibly cheap to create! Here are a few good ones: