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A Question for B2B Lead Generation Marketers: Are you Competitive?

A Question for B2B Lead Generation Marketers: Are you Competitive?
There’s always room for competition in any business undertaking – even in industries monopolized by a business giant, there should be at least one sole competitor. But there’s a difference between being competitive and aggressively assaulting your competition. As lead generation marketers, how competitive are you? There have been a lot of stories that tell us how being too competitive could backfire in the long run. You wouldn’t want your campaigns to rely on dirty tactics and just focus on getting ahead rather than improving your own offers. There has to be a delicate balance between monitoring rivals and minding your own business – no pun intended. So when is being overly competitive justified? When your competitor is famous.

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SEO Training Courses Many businesses depend on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to reach out to their customers online. If you have the time or the personnel available you might try to carry out SEO or Link Building in-house having first attended an SEO training course. You may carry out SEO training for your employees, to help them understand the various techniques required covering on-page and off-page aspects. It is likely that you will need to attend a training course to be able to pass the knowledge to your team. Management over Remote, Outsourced Employees: A Lead Generation PointB2B Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, Telemarketing A decade ago, only big businesses had the financial resources to outsource their marketing operations to a lead generation services company. Now, however, even small businesses have gathered enough guts and have felt that need to delegate some of their tasks to experts, sometimes even to overseas firms. Outsourcing has become a major part of company growth for those who want to focus on the more important functions of running a business.

Ethical Link Building Services - Metalfrog Studios As part of a robust SEO strategy, link building services are an important and valuable component. Link building is also the most challenging element of SEO, but is the one that is most crucial to your success. Search engines look for high value link ‘juice’ to and from your site in order to judge the authority of your pages, which in turn boosts your ranking on the search results pages (SERPS). In a nutshell, SEO services will not work well for you without including link building in your strategy. In the early days of SEO at the end of the 90’s, we used to be able to submit a link to a webmaster (without paying for that link) and get acceptance within a week or so, and the link would be live on the site within a couple of weeks. Now, this is a lot longer, as credible sites which offered valuable link juice have become few and far between.

Retargeting: 5 Tactics from Drip Email to Lead GenerationB2B Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, Telemarketing Before anything else, let us define drip email: According to, drip marketing is a strategy employed by many direct marketers where a constant flow of marketing material is sent to customers over a period of time. David Kirkpatrick, Senior Reporter at provides these 5 tactics for retargeting in multiple marketing channels including email, online advertising and paid search: Tactic #1. Lead nurturing and drip email campaigns are retargeting Lead nurturing campaigns combining content marketing with email, or drip email campaigns based on specific trigger events, may not be discussed in these terms all the time, but both are retargeting tactics. One way retargeting emails can help is with lead generation forms.

Digital Agency Offering Commercial Strategies for Success Here at Metalfrog, part of what we do is act as a ‘digital agency’ for our clients. You might have heard the term ‘digital agency’, but as it’s a fairly new model of business, we thought we would offer an explanation of what exactly this means and how it can benefit your business. A definition A digital agency can be defined as a company that takes care of the technical and creative development of web based products and services. In plain English, this means we are a group of people who are able to look after every aspect of your online presence and marketing in an effective, professional manner.

Behavioral Targeting for Lead Generation: Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?B2B Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, Telemarketing One of the basic requirements for a marketing message to be accepted by the online public is relevance. Everyday, people encounter thousands of ads wherever website they go, and it’s almost impossible to capture the real interest of those who are really in the market for a purchase or service. That’s where behavioral targeting comes in. Wikipedia defines ‘behavioral targeting’ as “a range of technologies and techniques used by online website publishers and advertisers aimed at increasing the effectiveness of advertising using user web-browsing behavior information.” We usually see these in website ads and also social network sites which are tailored based on a user’s search history.

A Series of SEO Training Courses WIth Results SEO is a specialist subject that needs professional and bespoke training, if that training course is to be useful and cost effective. Initially there are some basics that can be applied to the training, but as every market place and business are different, that on its own will not be enough to ensure your website rises in the rankings as it should do with good SEO. Refined SEO courses. Your priorities.

Understanding the B2B Buyer: 4 Rationales of a Purchase DecisionB2B Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, Telemarketing In order to predict a behavior, one must determine the cause. In a business setup, the purchase process of buyers can be traced back to their inherent or emerging needs to maintain their operations. It’s so basic a principle that marketers actually tend to forget to look into. We can’t blame them.