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Longwood Smartboard Lessons

Longwood Smartboard Lessons

Teaching with Smartboard SMARTBoard Lessons Podcast » Media Lessons SMARTBoard Lessons 147: Student Interaction Sunday, October 12th, 2008 [audio: In Episode 147: Links You Can Use: Please take this survey. It is short and will help Joan and I understand who is listening to the podcast and how we can meet your needs. Thanks for supporting us, Ben. SMARTBoard Lessons 143: Creating A Lesson ‘Live’ About Recount Using Anchor Charts and Mentor Texts Sunday, September 14th, 2008 [audio: SMARTBoard Lessons 139: Best of ‘Higher Order Questions’ Sunday, August 17th, 2008 [audio: SMARTBoard Lessons 135: Best of ‘Point of View’ Sunday, July 20th, 2008 [audio: SMARTBoard Lessons 134: Best of ‘Recorder & Voicethread’ Sunday, July 13th, 2008 [audio: Sunday, June 29th, 2008 Sunday, June 8th, 2008

Constitution and Watergate Background When Richard Nixon resigned in 1974 in the wake of the Watergate scandal, it was only the second time in our history that impeachment of a President had been considered. Nearly every action taken with regard to the case had some constitutional significance. The document shown here deals with a specific question: Should the Watergate Special Prosecutor seek an indictment of the former President? It is two pages of a three-page memorandum written for the Watergate Special Prosecutor in August 1974, after Richard Nixon resigned the Presidency and before President Ford pardoned him. The Office of the Special Prosecutor was created by Executive Order in May 1973 and twice faced the question of whether to seek an indictment of Richard Nixon. President Nixon was named an "unindicted coconspirator" at that time because Watergate Special Prosecutor Leon Jaworski advised the grand jury that in his opinion a sitting President could not be indicted. The Document Larger Version Page 1 Page 2

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Interactive Learning Sites for Education - Home Welcome to the Math League Crickweb SmartBoardSmarty - Download a Notebook File Enjoy a SMART Notebook file! Didn't find exactly what you needed, try this custom search for other SMART Notebook files! Search only the SMART Exchange website! 7 Activities for Pi Day Download the SMART Notebook file: Download the file as a .pdf: check out other info on Pi Day 2013! Passport to Pi Day booklet (student handouts) to accompany this SMART notebook file. For even more resources for Pi Day: 2012 - Pi Day SMART Notebook! Download a file of ready-made manipulatives to use in math Download a file of how-to's when it comes to learning how to use the math tools on the SMART board and in SMART Notebook.