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The Next Black - A film about the Future of Clothing

The Next Black - A film about the Future of Clothing

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It's the Second Dirtiest Thing in the World—And You’re Wearing It Photo Credit: Aleph Studio/ “The clothing industry is the second largest polluter in the world...second only to oil,” the recipient of an environmental award told a stunned Manhattan audience earlier this year. “It’s a really nasty’s a mess.” While you’d never hear an oil tycoon malign his bonanza in such a way, the woman who stood at the podium, Eileen Fisher, is a clothing industry magnate. On a warm spring night at a Chelsea Piers ballroom on the Hudson River, Fisher was honored by Riverkeeper for her commitment to environmental causes. She was self-deprecating and even apologetic when speaking about the ecological impact of clothing, including garments tagged with her own name. can fashion help save the world? Forget what Netflix’s says; green might just be the new black. With a growing number of young individuals and brands in the fashion industry behind the sustainable cause, could the end of fast fashion really be on the horizon? Or is it just a load of hot air… After the devastating Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh last April the issue of sustainable fashion has risen again. Human lives were literally crushed under the weight of fast fashion, but a new frontier of global awareness about the provenance of our clothing has emerged in the 17 months since. Quite simply, we can no longer justify ignorance about disposable fashion – an ignorance which made us obliquely complicit in Rana Plaza’s 1129 deaths.

Surface Design + Inspiration Interiors | Pillow Talk It seems like these days the throw pillow craze has reached new heights. No longer are we looking for our couch decorations just to blend in and stay still, we have begun to ask our couch art to positively pulse with creativity. Dunne & Raby One day, in the future, robots will do everything for us. It's a dream that refuses to go away. Over the coming years, robots are destined to play a significant part in our daily lives -- not as super smart, functional machines, nor as pseudo life forms, but as technological cohabitants. But how will we interact with them? What new interdependencies and relationships might emerge in relation to different levels of robot intelligence and capability? These objects are meant to spark a discussion about how we'd like our robots to relate to us: subservient, intimate, dependent, equal?

Technology is Key to Driving Sustainability in Fashion - Eco Warrior Princess Are you aware of the tremendous negative environmental impact of the fashion industry? “The clothing industry is the second largest polluter in the world … second only to oil. It is a really nasty business,” Eileen Fisher, clothing industry magnate and environmental award recipient declared. Indeed, the glamorous world of fashion is a major contributor to environmental degradation. This comes off as a grim surprise to a lot of people who often picture the dirty world of coal power plants, mining and sewage as the major causes of climate change. This is because consumers haven’t really looked beyond how clothes come into being.

18 Green Artists Who Are Making Climate Change And Conservation A Priority “The quality of place, the reaction to immediate contact with earth and growing things that have a fugal relationship with mountains and sky, is essential to the integrity of our existence on this planet,” the famous American photographer Ansel Adams wrote in his autobiography. From the romantic painters of the late 18th century to Adams to contemporary figures like Pedro Reyes and Agnes Denes, artists have long had a fascination — and deep respect — for the planet on which we exist. With the words “global warming” and “climate change” never far from the headlines, artists like Adams and co. are more relevant than ever.

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