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The Home of the Turntable

The Home of the Turntable
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Vinyl Records | Vinyl Record Albums | Vinyl LP Records - SoundStage Direct Sparky's Fabulous DIY Stylus Microscope | Audiokarma Home Audio Stereo Discussion Forums The Cartridge Mount Each potential microscope user could have one of several different cartridge examination possibilities. In the photographs that follow this article, I have shown a very simple case. It is a bare cartridge sitting on the stage. Vinyl diggers : les aventuriers du vinyle perdu “Il m’est arrivé de faire trois cents kilomètres dans la brousse pour trouver un disque.” Cela fait neuf ans maintenant que Florent Mazzoleni sillonne sans relâche le continent africain, s’invitant chez l’habitant ou explorant des entrepôts infestés de cafards à la recherche de vinyles rares. Entre deux disques rongés par l’humidité ou sous une pile de vieux albums de Michel Sardou, il déniche parfois une pépite. Mazzoleni est un “vinyl digger”, un de ces orpailleurs mélomanes pour qui “un boléro de Franco (musicien congolais – ndlr) de 1962 a autant de valeur qu’un Picasso !” Aujourd’hui, quelques producteurs continuent malgré tout de sampler de vieux morceaux, souvent dénichés en amont par des diggers spécialisés dans la revente de disques à des collectionneurs, professionnels ou amateurs. Il a ainsi vendu la BO du film I… comme Icare d’Henri Verneuil, composée par Ennio Morricone, au producteur américain The Alchemist. Les diggers seraient-ils des pilleurs de trésors ?

DIY Record Cleaning Solution and Brush? <a href=" ><img src=" border="0"></A> ; Site Map / Direct Links <a href=" ><img src=" border="0"></A> ; aywwts4 comments on My attempt at creating a guide to Vinyl to answer common questions. Où acheter des disques vinyles à Paris [part. 2] : Bimbo Tower, Vinyl Office, Born Bad et le Silence de la rue Zone 2 : Bastille Résumé du Chapitre 1 : après avoir passé la matinée vers Châtelet pour trouver des disques, on décide de passer l’après-midi dans le quartier le plus hype de la capitale où, nous dit-on, se trouvent les "meilleurs disquaires de Paris". Les meilleurs ? OK, allons vérifier ça. Pour commencer, nous sommes ravis de trouver des disquaires ouverts, car si notre matinée à Châtelet s’est avérée fructueuse, il faut avouer qu’attendre 11h du matin (au plus tôt) pour qu’un disquaire ouvre ses portes à de quoi décourager les matinaux. Bimbo Tower Dans un petit passage de l’avenue Ledru Rollin, coincé entre un hammam et le célèbre bar branché Le Motel, se trouve Bimbo Tower. Vinyl Office Toujours dans le quartier Ledru Rollin, Vinyl Office est un nouveau-né parmi tous disquaires parisiens. Vinyl Office 9, rue trousseau 75011 Paris Métro Ledru Rollin Ouvert du mercredi au samedi de 14 h à 20 h Born Bad On débarque rue Keller et on change d’ambiance. Le Silence de la rue

Micrographia: Applications: The microscopy of vinyl records. Page 3. The Elliptical Diamond Stylus. Pictured on the right is an elliptical stylus from an Ortofon FF10XE magnetic cartridge (once common on consumer-level record decks) showing the way the stylus is mounted in the cantilever arm. The diamond part of assembly is only the conical tip. This is bonded to a metal shank which is glued into a hole made in the cantilever. The cantilever itself is a tiny thin-walled aluminium tube which has been pressed flat at the very end (out of focus in this picture) to accommodate the stylus. The stylus tip has been cleaned for this picture by careful stroking with a cotton bud moistened with saliva. The Elliptical Contour. Various refinements on the elliptical stylus principle have been developed, and are well explained and illustrated in this link to the Needle Express website FAQ page. Four views of the same elliptical stylus (Ortofon FF10XE): x80. Patterns of Stylus Wear. Left: Worn stylus showing wear surfaces from contact with groove walls. Record Wear.

AR Turntable Vinyl Nirvana Acoustic Research Merrill Thorens For Sale Speaker Placement There could be undreamed of performance lurking within your system, just waiting to be tapped! What's that you say, better sound than I have now? Most likely, yes. To preface, let me say that an article on "correct" speaker placement may be impossible to write. The home environment presents a multitude of problems/considerations in choosing a location for our speakers. To better understand the terminology and the reasoning behind the recommendations, let us first explore a few basics of acoustic theory. The Room room affects the sound of a speaker by the reflections it causes. In any listening environment, what we hear is a result of a mixture of both the direct and reflected sounds. On to specifics. Distance to the listener. Using a tape measure for this procedure can be cumbersome, so I like to use a string. Just to make things more confusing for you, I will add that there are times you may want the speakers to be at slightly different distances from the listener. Listening Height.

DGG ; 6-digits stereo catalog & record jackets (Introduction) - Youngrok Lee's Music page * DGG(Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft) - 5 & 6-digits catalogue and jackets ; Introduction Any suggestion and contribution of better images and recording data will be welcomed and mentioned in this page. Special thanks to ; John Edward's 'Deutsche Grammophon Appreciation' site. His work on web DGG catalog is monumental. Index of numbers & jackets 0. DGG is surely most notable recording company between 1970s and 1980s (though unfortunately its leading position was lost from 1990s mainly by many independent labels like Naxos, Astrée, Brilliant, etc.), but its history is long. This is a small tribute to Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft, a very good recording company. I. 1. The 5-digit LPs (16/17 *** for 10 inch, 18/19 *** for 12 inch) released by DG have several characteristics. 16/18 series ; blue-taped at left side with dark yellow background(label; normally GY1) 17/19 series ; I saw 'white-yellow-white' at a few title, but don't know it was the general first style. II. 1. 2. 3. Sources

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