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Vinyl Engine - The Home of the Turntable

Vinyl Engine - The Home of the Turntable

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Audiokarma Home Audio Stereo Discussion Forums The Cartridge Mount Each potential microscope user could have one of several different cartridge examination possibilities. In the photographs that follow this article, I have shown a very simple case. It is a bare cartridge sitting on the stage. This is one possibility but does not represent the average case.

Speaker Placement There could be undreamed of performance lurking within your system, just waiting to be tapped! What's that you say, better sound than I have now? Most likely, yes. While some of you have been fastidious in your approach to speaker placement, the plain truth is that most of us do not know how (or do not take the time) to properly position our loudspeakers. Fixing Unstable Turntable Speed The thrift store can be a good place to buy turntables as well as records. You might have to be patient and keep checking, but it's not unusual to find a nice, vintage workhorse capable of outperforming many of the new turntables available today, and for a fraction of the cost. I once found a beautifully kept Technics SL-D2 that barely needed so much as a light dusting. But most of the time there has been at least one or two things wrong with the thrift store turntables I have encountered. This Technics SL-1300, which I recently picked up, was missing the headshell/cartridge/stylus assembly, and while the sticker on the dust cover states that it has been tested and the "turntable spins," I could see by the wildly fluctuating strobe pattern, when I tried it out in the store, that the sound was going to be wobbly, to say the least. But for the low, low price of only $3.00, it didn't take long for me to decide to grab it.

Micrographia: Applications: The microscopy of vinyl records. Page 3. The Elliptical Diamond Stylus. Pictured on the right is an elliptical stylus from an Ortofon FF10XE magnetic cartridge (once common on consumer-level record decks) showing the way the stylus is mounted in the cantilever arm. The diamond part of assembly is only the conical tip. This is bonded to a metal shank which is glued into a hole made in the cantilever. The cantilever itself is a tiny thin-walled aluminium tube which has been pressed flat at the very end (out of focus in this picture) to accommodate the stylus. The resin used to glue the stylus can be seen at the top of the picture.

Products_sphinx.htm Dynamic, transparent, and profoundly musical, the Rogue Sphinx sets a new standard in affordable integrated amplifiers. Utilizing sophisticated circuitry borrowed from our most advanced designs, the Sphinx is able to outperform separates costing far more than this single box design. And with 100 watts of hybrid power, this integrated is capable of realistic volume levels that will rival the clarity and presence of the original performance. The Sphinx contains a discrete headphone amplifier and an excellent phono section compatable with high output MM and MC cartridges.

Both Sides Now Album Discographies Main Page Album DiscographiesBy Mike Callahan, David Edwards, Patrice Eyries, Randy Watts and Tim Neely Last update: May 13, 2014 The discographies presented here represent a lot of original research, some of which we did some time ago, well before the internet was a possibility, along with a lot of more recent research. I started on album discographies because of my interest in stereo (which was mostly on albums, of course), and because there just weren't any good album discographies out there that had the kinds of information I needed.

Advanced Stylus Shapes: Pics, discussion, patents. Now, on to the comparisons! One of the benefits of the advanced shapes is to increase the contact radius. In theory the worst shape (the spherical) contacts the vinyl wall at an infinitesimal dot. So the contact area is (in theory), ZERO. But, of course, vinyl deformates, so a practical contact area will be established, and it will have to be estimated for the spherical. Seems Namiki did an estimation of the contact areas. Rogue Audio Sphinx integrated amplifier Once, on a cold, dank, soundless day deep in the Eastern bloc, I watched a man spend over a million dollars on an audio system: a turntable, a fancy horn tweeter, a few wires, and some amplification for his modified Klipschorns. I asked him what he did for a living, and he told me he was a notary public. Everyone there smirked and watched as he excitedly put the tonearm down on the first record, AC/DC's Back in Black. He laughed, he danced, he didn't sit down. He just skipped around the room, grinning and bouncing like a caffeinated child. I thought, Does this man really need all this expensive gear to get that bouncy?

High Fidelity Tom's Diner by Suzanne Vega, an American singer born in 1959, was a real hit. The track that featured on the disc accompanying “Fast Folk Musical Magazine” in 1984, is still played on the radio (it was later included on Vega’s 1987 album Solitude Standing). But it does have a dark side, at least to audiophiles. It was used by Karlheinz Brandenburg in his research on digital audio coding that contributed to the creation of the MP3 (Moving Picture [Expert Group Level] 3 [Compression]) lossy audio format by the famous German Fraunhofer Institute. The format itself has become (in)famous for its destructive effect on sound.

The Best Turntables Under $500 « We are often asked the question, “I’m just getting into vinyl, what turntable should I get?” The good news is that there are a multitude of companies today turning out excellent beginner, audiophile-quality turntables that won’t break the bank. Of course you can pick up a lot of great vintage turntables as well, but there’s a certain piece of mind that comes with buying new, thus the list below. Below are 5 turntables that we recommend for the vinyl enthusiast, any of which would be a very solid foundation to one’s hi-fi system. Each of them feature high-quality materials, solid tonearms & cartridges and the majority offer a wide range of upgrades should you want to pimp your ride. NOTE: Something to consider is that none of these have built-in phono preamps so you will need to buy one separately.