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Transformando papel em arte

Transformando papel em arte

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robert lang - origami Background In 1989, I wrote an article for the magazine Engineering & Science about the state of technical folding, which, even then, seemed to be progressing by leaps and bounds due to an infusion of scientific and mathematical principles. In recounting some of the connections between origami, math, and technology, I wrote: Computing succumbed to the appeal of folded paper when, in 1971, Arthur Appel programmed an IBM System 360 computer to print out simple geometric configurations at the rate of more than one hundred a minute. Ninety percent were considered unsuccessful, but it raises an interesting question: could a computer someday design a model deemed superior to that designed by man?

Origami Diagrams Diagrams on Folds - valley fold, mountain fold, petal fold, rabbit ear, squash fold, reverse fold, crimp, sink Bases - preliminary base, bird base, waterbomb base, fish base C3PO by Robin Glynn (for intermediates - a very nice 3-D model by Robin Glynn! Also check out Robin's other diagrams, including miss piggy, a monkey, big bird, cookie monster, oscar the grouch, teddy bear, gift boxes, treasure chest, and a clock that actually ticks!) Other Diagrams on the Web Phillip Curl Thought i'd update my gallery for the first time in a few months.Designed by me:8 point star (22.5 degree) crease pattern: diagramManta ray (22.5 degree) crease pattern: Praying Mantis (circle packing)

Origami Pieces Here is a brief sampling of my work. The most challenging was the carambola flower since it requires a perfect pentagon and absolutely no room for even a millimeter of error. The most fun and time consuming is the modular origami but I think gives the most impressive results. Roses are fun for me to do. If I want to do origami and I'm just wanting to fiddle with paper, I'll fold a rose or an Alexander Swallowtail butterfly. Many pieces I know from memory but it's always good to look at the diagrams.

origami - Software This software is a design software that allows users to interact with origami forms while altering the crease pattern of the model. The software can keep: Developability (foldable from a piece of paper) Flat-foldability (foldable into a flat shape) Planarity of facets (paper do not twist in 3D form) Point coordinate coincidence Paper size Binary for (ver 0.2.5) For questions and discussions, please use this place History 2014/1/23 ver 0.2.5 Alpha Added global developability and flat-foldability for a mesh with hole (it may be still buggy). Fixed bugs in the crease pattern editing. 2013/11/20 ver 0.2.4 Alpha fixed bugs in the Add Ref Pts.

Origami Diagrams Origami Help For Beginners (no specific diagrams, but a great place to learn symbols and basic techniques - a beginner's must!) Links to Diagrams Online (a huge list of models from many different Web sites, thanks to Joseph Wu and Julius Kusserow) The Origami Model Archives (hundreds of origami models, listed by category!) JGSDF Komatsu LAV Saturday, 05 June 2010 06:50 Julius Perdana Military It was a commercial paper model from my old site, and now I share it for free. This light armored vehicle was my first design of wheeled vehicle. Paper Bow Tutorial Good Morning, If you are new to this post, welcome, I am glad you are here. If you are a return visitors, I am glad you are back again. Please respect my time and my willing to share. If you made the origami bow using this tutorial and you have either one of these facebook, yahoo group, blog, twitter and others please share the link to this tutorial.

origami - nick robinson I also design websites and provide illustration skills for commercial projects. Please read my commercial origami FAQ, then get in touch if you have any requests for information or to discuss possible work. Below are just a few of the more notable companies I have worked with. Hello

FREE EASY ORIGAMI FLOWERS « EMBROIDERY & ORIGAMI Origami Money Flowers: Origami Money Flowers | Simple Design Learn how to make free simple origami money flowers from US dollar bill or any other currency that you have. Currently providing step by step origami Easy Origami Folding Instructions : How to Make an Origami Flower Easy paper folding instructions on how to make an origami flower in this free how-to video clip lesson. Australian Origami : Diagrams - ABC Sunday Arts This page contains the diagrams as taught by Matthew Gardiner on the ABC Sunday Arts program. A big thanks to My Trinh Ha, for all her great design work laying out these diagrams. Banger The Traditional Japanese Origami noise maker is popular for children. Its a sane alternative to party whistles, and its good exercise.

Mike's Origami - Free origami diagrams Hi! My name is Mike Bright and I'm 49 years young (as of 2012). Origami is just a phase in my life - which has lasted since age 12. KCP International The seaside has always had an allure for people with its rolling waves, sandy beaches, and countless interesting creatures. Many origami creators have been inspired to make designs that are reminiscent of the sea and its inhabitants. Here are three sea-inspired origami designs that are cute and easy to make:

Some Simple Models Floribunda Page 1. Floribunda Page 2. Floribunda Page 3. Floribunda Page 4.

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