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Arthur Benjamin: The magic of Fibonacci numbers

Arthur Benjamin: The magic of Fibonacci numbers
Math is logical, functional and just ... awesome. Mathemagician Arthur Benjamin explores hidden properties of that weird and wonderful set of numbers, the Fibonacci series. (And reminds you that mathematics can be inspiring, too!) This talk was presented at an official TED conference, and was featured by our editors on the home page.

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Understanding the Fibonacci Sequence and Golden Ratio The Fibonacci Sequence The Fibonacci sequence is possibly the most simple recurrence relation occurring in nature. It is 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89, 144… each number equals the sum of the two numbers before it, and the difference of the two numbers succeeding it. It is an infinite sequence which goes on forever as it develops. The Golden Ratio/Divine Ratio or Golden Mean The quotient of any Fibonacci number and it’s predecessor approaches Phi, represented as ϕ (1.618), the Golden ratio.

Writing in Math Class Here are some resources on how I incorporate writing into my mathematics courses. I will continue to update this page as I add content, so be sure to check back! The Write Angle for Teaching Math: Why Write in Math Class? The Write Angle for Teaching Math: How to Get Students Writing in Math Class The Write Angle for Teaching Math: Keys to Success The above three articles are adapted from a piece I wrote for the Celebration of Teaching and Learning‘s Edblog.

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The Platonic Solids and Sacred Geometry Sacred geometry is a term which describes ... The geometrical laws which create everything in existence. This term has been used by mathematicians, geometricians, spiritual seekers, anthropologists, and archaeologists to encompass the religious, philosophical, and spiritual beliefs that have sprung up around geometry in all the major cultures during the course of human history.

The Course Hath No Bottom: the 20,000-Person Seminar A few years ago, Sean Michael Morris and I wrote, “Meaningful relationships are as important in a class of three as they are in a class of 10,000.” In the rest of that article, we wonder at questions of scale: how to scale up, when to scale down, and what it might mean to scale sideways. My question here: is it possible to scale up and down simultaneously — to create more and more intimate learning experiences for larger and larger groups of learners? I’m currently co-teaching Shakespeare in Community, a Massive Open Online Course from University of Wisconsin-Madison. The goal of the course is to bring thousands of learners into conversation. While I’ve taught MOOCs since 2012 on several platforms, this is the first time I’ve developed a Coursera MOOC.

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Music and Sacred Geometry In the Brahma Samhita story written in Sanskrit the first born son of the creator god is called Narada which means Music. I take this as an acknowledgement of the importance of Music as one of, if not the, primary language and metaphor that creates existence. Music spans the gulf between the impersonal patterns of number woven into frequencies of sound and the very personal emotional response to the archetypes of embodied experience. It strikes me as interesting that it is not just being suggested that vibration is the source of existence but that it is the beautiful patterns that can be perceived within the vibrations !

In Mathematics, Mistakes Aren’t What They Used To Be: Computers are changing the way proofs are done Vladimir Voevodsky had no sooner sat himself down at the sparkling table, set for a dinner party at the illustrious Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey, than he overturned his empty wine glass, flipping bowl over stem and standing the glass on its rim—a signal to waiters that he would not be imbibing. He is not always so abstemious, but Voevodsky, that fall of 2013, was in the midst of some serious work. Founded in 1930, the Institute has been called “the earthly temple of mathematical and theoretical physics,” and is a hub for all manner of rigorous intellectual inquiry. Einstein’s old house is around the corner. In the parking lot a car sports a nerdy bumper sticker reading, “Don’t Believe Everything You Think”—which might very well be aimed directly at Voevodsky.

Women Prophets in the Bible: Remembering the Oft Forgotten Within the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament), there are numerous prophetic books that are named after Israelite and Judean men who were prophets: from Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel to Amos, Hosea, Nahum, Habakkuk, and Zechariah. However, there are no prophetic books of the Hebrew Bible that are named after women. None. Spirit Into Matter — The Geometry of Life When I was a teenager, my deep concern about the global threat of nuclear annihilation set me on a life-long quest to understand the nature of energy and how we can relate to it harmoniously instead of violently. Many find it beautiful, and that is a tribute to nature and to the computer skills of Goa Lobaugh and the liquid buddha studios team as well as Robert W. Gray. But most important are the implications of what is represented. This model indicates that the Universe is an infinite sea of living energy and that there are predictable patterns by which energy is concentrated into the whirlpools that we typically know as particles, atoms, molecules, planets, galaxies and clusters. These insights point to the possibility of accessing energy through harmonic resonance with the naturally occurring toroidal fields — and I have witnessed this manifested numerous times by successful inventors.

A collection of over 1000 short stories about mathematics -> a list compiled by Alex Kasman (College of Charleston) The Mathematical Fiction Homepage is my attempt to collect information about all significant references to mathematics in fiction. You can see the entire list (sorted by author, title or publication date). You can browse through the database to find your favorite genre, topic, motif or medium. Target and Kmart sell $2 school uniforms, but at what cost? Major Australian retailers Kmart and Target have come under fire for selling $2 school uniforms while factory workers are paid below levels that can cover basic living expenses. The $2 polo shirts that are the focus of Target's national "Back to School" campaign are produced in Bangladeshi factories where wages can be as low as $97 a month. Loaded: 0%