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Robot Virtual Worlds

Robot Virtual Worlds

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機器人教學 Robot Tutorials @ Just Robot 2014 Just Robot 攻略即將公開 準備國際機器人比賽 Posted by justrobot at 痞客邦 PIXNET 留言(0) 引用(0) 人氣(152) 3D虛擬實境日新月異 不再受到場地的限制,直接在PC上調整修改程式參數 Posted by justrobot at 痞客邦 PIXNET 留言(0) 引用(0) 人氣(149) 這不是WRO2014的新規則 ScratchDuino ScratchDuino is a highly customizable, simple and interactive open source robot construction kit with magnetic-mount sensors. WHAT IS THE ScratchDuino ScratchDuiono is a comprehensive and easy-to-use robot kit in all aspects: Modular and customizableEasy assembly using magnetic-mount partsScratchDuino collects information on multiple channels simultaneously allowing to build complex solutions for various tasksReliable / troubleproofOpen Source (Scratch+Arduino)ScratchDuino is ready out of the box to collect data and process it according to a piece of code you design with Scratch. ScratchDuino is an educational open source robot-designing kit.

EV3 Build Environment and Compilation - CyPhy Lab - Confluence Instructions on how to install the EV3 build environment and how to compile and upload the EV3 source code. The majority of these instructions are taken from the ~/projects/lms2012/lms2012/doc/PracticalStuff file in the EV3 source code. Setup Must be done under Linux, these instructions are confirmed to work for Ubuntu 13.04 on 64-bit. Required files

Scratch 2.0 Programming Scratch is a tile-based visual programming language, which is an excellent first language for children to learn. We are providing a helper app that allows you to use Scratch 2.0 with Finch and Hummingbird. This is beta software, there are known bugs you should read about before using Scratch. Please test it and let us know if there are others bugs or if you'd like us to make changes to anything. Rideable Segway Clone - Low Cost and Easy Build This Instructable will show you how to build a ride-able Segway clone. Here are its features: Easy to build with no welding, no complicated steering linkage and minimal soldering. Uses a readily available $3 digital MPU6050 accelerometer/gyro IMU board. Total parts cost is under $400 (including shipping). A real Segway is $5000!

Learning Scratch mBlock is based on the Scratch2.0 editor, customized to work on robotic projects and electronic projects with Makeblock platform.By adding all kinds of electronic script blocks, teachers can write scripts to control robots or interact with sensors and actuators, inspiring students’ interests to learn by playing. And kids also would love to build their own robots or explore various sensors and actuators, doing it by themselves or with their parents.mBlock downloadWindows: DownloadMac OSX: DownloadArduino drivers downloadWindows: Windows installer, Windows ZIP fileMac OSX: Me Baseboard / Makeblock Orion / Arduino Uno Click install file, it will prompt you to install Adobe AIR for the first time.(Scratch 2.0 offline editor base on Adobe AIR) When the installation is completed, click the “mBlock” icon to continue. You should update the firmware ( view source ) of the Arduino board firstly through usb cable.

LEGO WeDo and Scratch "Motor" redirects here. For the block category with that name, see Motor Blocks. A LEGO WeDo robot being used with Scratch. The LEGO® WeDo™ Construction Kit is a simple robotics tool designed for ages 7–11. 12 Toys that Teach Kids Programming Have your kids started learning computer programming? Computer coding or programming is basically the language we use to talk to computers. Since computers will be an essential part of the future world our kids going to be in, it is important for today’s children to have fundamental knowledge of how to communicate with computers. For some very basic concepts, they can learn coding through cool activities without using a computer. After they learned fundamental concepts, it is best to get hands on with actual coding. These interactive toys we are introducing today will be ideal next steps for kids to further their journey of computer programming.

Hacking the Lego NXT - Part 1 Before we start with this slightly tangential series of posts, let me give a word of advice to those who saw the word “hacking” in the title and immediately thought, “HE IS GOING TO HACK INTO SECRET FILES!”. Firstly, any democracy should not have secret files, but that’s for another post, and secondly, “hacking” is what I define as a skillset: the ability to alter the main function of something, be it hardware or software, to suit what you want to do with it. Henry Dyer (@Direthoughts) did a nice piece of hacking, for example, on those Apple Store iPads. It has been the media convincing people that hacking is bad, when in fact, only a small proportion hack with malicious intent. Taking open-source code and altering it is software hacking; building a buggy out of sheet aluminium and plastic is a form of hardware hacking, and what I am going to describe here is a mere alternate manifestation of that.

Ultimate Raspberry Pi Configuration Guide The Raspberry Pi is a great thing: it is real computer, it is cheap ($40), it can interface with electronics, talk to the web and has full HDMI support. However it runs on Linux, which I have a love-hate relationship with. I love the idea of Linux, but when I start messing around the command line and downloading packages and installing things, I often get lost. I've assembled bits and pieces from various online posts and guides into this Instructable, which is what I call the "Ultimate Raspberry Pi Configuration Guide". Introduction ← BrickPi LEGO® Mindstorm is a cool robot kit designed by LEGO, but there hasn’t been a good way to connect it to the internet — until now! The BrickPi helps you use LEGO® Mindstorm sensors, motors, and parts to build a robot that can connect to the web to send or receive information, for remote control, or even be networked together. Swap out the Mindstorm NXT or EV3 Brick for the BrickPi-Raspberry Pi duo to get internet connectivity and at half the cost. Buy BrickPi

SORT3R, an EV3 brick sorter SORT3R, an EV3 brick sorter As I have a long record of building color sorters... for RCX, NXT and now for EV3! SORT3R can be built with a single 31313 EV3 set. Well, almost!