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People For the American Way

People For the American Way

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Las Vegas bartender went from a male to a female job Photo by Buda Mendes/Getty Images Young, beautiful, sexy female bartenders dart around behind the mahogany bar serving drinks to anxious customers and pocketing generous tips. The bartenders are dressed in very low cut V-neck midriff tops displaying surgically enhanced breasts and low-slung, hip-hugging, skin-tight stretch pants that reveal muscled abdomens and tattoos right above the buttocks. Tao, Marquee, Pure, Lavo, Ghostbar—all nightclubs in Las Vegas casinos. Right Wing Liars: Michael Charles Master, James David Manning, GiniCorp, and ATLAH World Ministries Aug-02-2010 01:01 Ersun Warnke Business/Economy Reporter These people are hypocrites, liars and con artists, pure and simple.

13) - welcome Chiara Fumai, Shut Up. Actually, Talk (The world will not explode), 2012, Group performance on the roof of the Fridericianum featuring Zalumma Agra and the Stars of the East, words by Carla Lonzi (“Let’s Spit on Hegel,” 1970) and Rivolta Femminile (“I Say I,” 1977), costumes by Antonio Piccirilli, 60 min., Courtesy Chiara Fumai, Commissioned by dOCUMENTA (13) and produced with the support of Fiorucci Art Trust, London. Photo: Henrik Stromberg Movements for Justice Connecting Around the World | Mar 29 2014 Taking Matters into Our Own Hands When the government fails to act appropriately, then it is up to us. Profiles of Right Wing Organizations Right Wing organizations come in all shapes and sizes, from think tanks to legal groups, local and national lobbying organizations, foundations and media forums. At any given moment, the Right is at work in our public school systems, courthouses, in Congress and state assemblies. At the same time, right-wing groups are reaching huge audiences through media outlets they own or influence — promoting regressive policies that seek to drive wedges between and among Americans. These often single-issue groups have the ability to create multi-issue networks that can respond on a wide range of issues. People For the American Way Foundation's library has files on over 800 groups and almost 300 individuals documenting their activities and providing information about their efforts to reshape society.

Sallie Mae Profit Boosts College Endowments And Pension Funds As Students Pay More University endowments and teachers’ pension funds are among big investors in Sallie Mae, the private lender that has been generating enormous profits thanks to soaring student debt and the climbing cost of education, a Huffington Post review of financial documents has revealed. The previously unreported investments mean that education professionals are able to profit twice off the same student: first by hiking the cost of tuition, then through dividends and higher valuations on their holdings in Sallie Mae, the largest student lender and loan servicer in the country, which profits by charging relatively high interest rates on its loans and not refinancing high-rate loans after students graduate and get well-paying jobs. Sallie Mae is a former government-sponsored enterprise that was fully privatized in 2004 and now trades publicly as SLM Corp. Sallie Mae reported $939 million in net income last year, its highest since 2006.

The Right Wing and Their Media Empire - Fact Checkers Need Not Apply I’ve complained many, many times on BC about how the Right Wing seems to give no consideration whatsoever to the importance of accuracy and factuality of the information they publish, but I can’t help but wonder just how big their lies have to be before Joe Everyman starts seeing the Far Right for what they really are. It’s not as if the Left is always completely truthful, but as I’ve pointed out so often before, it’s a matter of degree. The Right will see ONE fault by the Left and raise hell about it, and never seem to notice that their own faults are much more severe (see “Iraq War”, for one), and many times more numerous. Just today we’ve been informed that a Mexican drug cartel has invaded Texas near Laredo and took over two ranches. The story was “confirmed” by the San Diego Examiner, and was also repeated by Michelle Malkin and (gasp!)

The Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston May 01, 2014 Thursday , 07:00 PM to 08:30 PM Tickets: $5 / $10 In his feature filmmaking debut, acclaimed visual artist Takashi Murakami creates a family-friendly monster movie using live action and CGI. Set post-Fukushima, Jellyfish Eyes follows a young boy, Masashi, forced to move to an “experimental city” where each child is paired with a remote-control monster, or “F.R.I.E.N.D.” Here's how we fix corruption in America WATCH: Congress won’t fix corruption. We will. We are protecting our communities and our country from corruption by passing city, state and federal Anti-Corruption Acts. Problem = Corruption.