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Right Wing Liars: Michael Charles Master, James David Manning, GiniCorp, and ATLAH World Ministries Aug-02-2010 01:01 Ersun Warnke Business/Economy Reporter These people are hypocrites, liars and con artists, pure and simple. (EUGENE, Ore.) - ATLAH World Ministries is a bizarre “Christian” ministry operated in Harlem by an ex-felon named James David Manning. In a notorious Fox News interview, Manning stated of Obama: “His African in heat father went a-whoring after a trashy white woman. Thus, it can be observed that Manning is a low rent shill who serves the function of repeating stock racist bigotry, which would be more fitting for a KKK rally, on National Television. Manning keeps an interesting set of friends for a guy who advocates the racial cleansing of Harlem, and throwing out the “doctors,” “lawyers,” and “rich whites.” Michael Charles Master, who Manning calls a “close personal friend” in a video testimonial for Master’s book “Save American Now,” is a former employee of IBM and executive at Amdahl[2]. Michael Master’s portfolio of published work is thin. [4] D.C.

Whistle-Blowers’ Lawyers Donate to Obama Campaign Lawyers in the tight circle who specialize in filing fraud claims with the federal government on behalf of clients with evidence of wrongdoing have raised more than $3 million so far for . The government, meanwhile, has paid out $1.6 billion to whistle-blowers during his tenure, with law firms taking a cut in some cases of up to 40 percent of the proceeds. The lawyers have contributed directly to Mr. Obama’s campaign, served as “bundlers” who solicit contributions from others, donated to the Democratic National Committee and written large checks to Priorities USA, the “” supporting Mr. Their support comes as Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential nominee, has called for repeal of the Dodd-Frank Act, which imposed new oversight of the financial services industry and expanded the government’s whistle-blower program to the , which has set aside $430 million for payouts. The U.S. Some of the lawyers in the field, including several from Mr. Mr. Mr. Office of Personnel Management - Hiring Reform The Student Educational Employment Program provides Federal employment opportunities to students who are enrolled or accepted for enrollment as degree seeking students taking at least a half-time academic, technical, or vocational course load in an accredited high school, technical, vocational, 2 or 4 year college or university, graduate or professional school. The Student Educational Employment Program established December 16, 1994, is a streamlined program which replaces the old Federal Student Employment Program by consolidating four programs: Cooperative Education ProgramFederal Junior Fellowship ProgramStay-In-School ProgramHarry S. Truman Scholarship Program This new, streamlined program is comprised of two components: the Student Temporary Employment Program (STEP), and the Student Career Experience Program (SCEP). The Student Educational Employment Program benefits both agencies and students.

PublicChristian The Right Wing and Their Media Empire - Fact Checkers Need Not Apply I’ve complained many, many times on BC about how the Right Wing seems to give no consideration whatsoever to the importance of accuracy and factuality of the information they publish, but I can’t help but wonder just how big their lies have to be before Joe Everyman starts seeing the Far Right for what they really are. It’s not as if the Left is always completely truthful, but as I’ve pointed out so often before, it’s a matter of degree. The Right will see ONE fault by the Left and raise hell about it, and never seem to notice that their own faults are much more severe (see “Iraq War”, for one), and many times more numerous. Just today we’ve been informed that a Mexican drug cartel has invaded Texas near Laredo and took over two ranches. The fact that it never happened doesn’t appear to matter that much. But the above is only the latest example. So where does this all mean? (FYI, there is NO comparable list of ‘inaccuracies’ by what the Right calls the ‘liberal-controlled media’.

The 4 Percent Solution - By James Jay Carafano Even though the first U.S. presidential debate was not about national security, the military made a brief but striking appearance, with candidate Mitt Romney lamenting what he charged were President Barack Obama's "dramatic cuts to our military." He said: "I do not believe in cutting our military. I believe in maintaining the strength of America's military." Obama, for his part, countered that Romney wanted "$2 trillion in additional military spending that the military hasn't asked for." The stark contrast raises the question: Is the United States investing adequately for its future defense? Obama's long-term plans place defense last among the major priorities of federal government spending. In contrast, Romney has repeatedly stated that he thinks annual defense spending should rise to about 4 percent of GDP -- or about $720 billion a year. The answer to that question is -- like everything pertaining to the Pentagon's budget -- complicated. But even the QDR lowballed real defense needs.

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