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Sinosplice: Try to Understand China. Learn Chinese.

Sinosplice: Try to Understand China. Learn Chinese.
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Langue chinoise | tout sur le chinois. 慢速中文 Slow Chinese Mandarin Impossible China Hearsay | China law, business and economics commentary Why can you not get sunburned behind a glass? Question Why can you not get sunburned behind a glass? Asked by: Jennifer Answer Jennifer, to completely answer your question, we need to know a little about the sun & a little about glass properties. Let start with the sun. Now we have to also note that, along with red, yellow & blue, the sun emits radiation that is not visible & part of it is called ultraviolet (UV). Now about the glass. The glass simply filters out the UV radiation that is responsible for the sunburns & protect your skins from these energetic & somewhat harmful radiation. Answered by: Gilles Lalancette, M.S., Physicist, Dorval, Québec, Canada You can, actually; it depends on the glass. We know that electrons in any molecule can only absorb radiation at certain frequencies. The upshot, though, is that glass should shield you from most of the harmful UV radiation running around out there. Answered by: Rebekah Cowdrey, Physics Undergrad Student, U.

Sinoiseries | La langue chinoise comme elle ne vous a jamais été enseignée Let's help the world understand Chinese music! Most common words in English The Reading Teachers Book of Lists claims that the first 25 words make up about one-third of all printed material in English, and that the first 100 make up about one-half of all written material.[4] Source: [1] Parts of speech Nouns timepersonyearwaydaythingmanworldlifehandpartchildeyewomanplaceworkweekcasepointgovernmentcompanynumbergroupproblemfact Verbs behavedosaygetmakegoknowtakeseecomethinklookwantgiveusefindtellaskworkseemfeeltryleavecall Adjectives goodnewfirstlastlonggreatlittleownotheroldrightbighighdifferentsmalllargenextearlyyoungimportantfewpublicbadsameable Prepositions toofinforonwithatbyfromupaboutintooverafterbeneathunderabove Others theandathatIitnotheasyouthisbuthistheyhersheoranwillmyoneallwouldtheretheir Source: [1] See also References


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