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BBC Nature - Mimicry

BBC Nature - Mimicry
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Nytt på engelska år 4-6 | film i skolan Max’s Movie – ny dramaserie riktad till 10-12-åriga elever som studerar engelska. Hitta programserien här. Elvaårige Max har en tuff vardag. Han mobbas i skolan och har en mamma som är väldigt distraherad. Del 1 av 10 sänds ikväll 19.50 i Barnkanalen Max drömmer om att bli filmregissör och arbetar med en film hemma i sitt rum. Newsreel Easy pejlar läget på nyhetsfronten i den engelskspråkiga världen. BBC Nature - Adaptations and behaviours Wonderful World of Wasps - Carly's Adventures in Wasp Land (Comic) Hi, I'm Carly and I'm a graduate student at the American Museum of Natural History. I study a group of insects called Hymenoptera, which includes ants, bees, and wasps. My specialty is parasitic wasps, which are wasps that lay their eggs on, or inside, the bodies of other insects (generally caterpillars or larval beetles). The "host" insect's body becomes food for the growing larva. I study both the physical features (known as "morphology"), as well as the DNA, of these wasps to understand how they have evolved. I also love to draw!

Weird museums | TeachingEnglish | British Council | BBC In this lesson students practise word building in preparation for part 3 of the Use of English test in the FCE exam. Through a series of activities students will become more aware of word ‘families’, enabling them to do the Use of English (part 3) more successfully. Topic: Weird museums - word building for FCE Use of English part 3 Level: B2 Aims: To remind students how to form new words from a ‘stem’ word.To familiarise students with part 3 of the Use of English test of the FCE exam.To extend students’ vocabulary by practising forming new words from stem words. Plan components Lesson plan: download Worksheets (1A, 1B, 2A+2B): downloadNote to teachers: cut worksheet 2A+2B in half in order to give the first half to students in group A and the second half to students in group B. By Katherine Bilsborough The plans and worksheets are downloadable and in pdf format - right click on the attachment and save it on your computer. Copyright - please read

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Välkommen till SvampGuiden - allt om svamp och svampar Wonderful World of Wasps - Web Comic Wasps may not be as big as lions or bears, but these insects are among the most successful predators on Earth! Different wasps species have different ways of preying on other animals. Some wasps, called parasitoids, lay their eggs in the bodies of live insects (hosts). As the larva grows, it feeds on the host from the inside out! But humans have little to fear. Wasps are uninterested in people unless their nests are threatened. With more than 100,000 species, there's a lot to learn about wasps. Social wasps build nests and live in colonies of up to thousands of individuals. BBC Learning English - Learning English Videos for Kids | Free Online Educational Videos For Kids Young children love to watch videos. If you have ever seen your child watch a favorite cartoon or kid's television show, you know how easily it can capture their attention. You may have also noticed how much of the show they actually remember, even days, weeks or months later. At, we understand how useful kid's educational videos can be for children of all ages. When information is presented in a fun manner, kids are even more eager to learn, making their education an easier process throughout their school years and beyond. Educational Videos for Kids Our educational videos for kids cover a wide range of topics. Free Online Videos for Kids The best part about the educational videos we provide for parents and teachers is they are free.

Växter Det finns drygt 300 000 kända arter av växter i världen. De minsta är bara ett par millimeter stora medan de största träden kan bli mer än 100 meter höga. Läran om växter kallas botanik. Till växter brukar man även föra grupper från andra utvecklingslinjer, till exempel svampar (inklusive lavar), brunalger och rödalger. Läran om fröväxterna kallas fanerogambotanik. Pollen Pollenprognoser och mätningar har fått en egen webbplats, - besök den gärna! Mer om växter I Den virtuella floran finns finns över 2000 svenska arter (fröväxter och kärlkryptogamer). Museet forskar Vi forskar om växter på följande enheterna: Fanerogambotanik (fröväxter)Kryptogambotanik (svampar, lavar, alger, mossor)Paleobotanik (fossila växter)

Teacher Resources: Water Science School (USGS) USGS Home Contact USGS Search USGS The USGS Water Science School Teacher Resources for Water Science, USGS The Water Cycle We have a water-cycle for schools section with a diagram and an online, interactive version aimed at three age-levels of students. Files for printing: PDF (2 Mb poster) | Image (11x17 inch) | Image (poster) Water Properties Learn about what makes water unique and vital to all life on Earth. The Story of Dryville! Story of YOU going into the desert to start a new town...and how water plays a part every step of the way. Activity Center These surveys show cumulative responses after you take the survey. Opinion Surveys Challenge Questions Accessibility FOIA Privacy Policies and Notices U.S.

Shakespeare - Hamlet | LearnEnglish Teens | British Council Hamlet, the Prince of Denmark, has come back from university to find that his father, the old king, is dead. His mother has married his father’s brother, Claudius, who is now king of Denmark. Hamlet is shocked that his mother has married so soon after his father’s death, and angry that she has married Claudius. Soon, a ghost is seen walking on the castle walls. Hamlet can’t believe that his mother would marry the man who murdered her husband. A group of travelling actors arrives in town. Hamlet’s plan works. This of course means that Hamlet has killed the father of his girlfriend Ophelia. At the end of the play, all of the royal household of Denmark are dead.