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12 Great Free Keyboarding Games to Teach Kids Typing

12 Great Free Keyboarding Games to Teach Kids Typing
June 5, 2014 Over the last few weeks I received a couple of emails asking for web games to help kids learn touch typing. I went through my archive and did some extra researching and came up with the list below. Touch typing is typing without using the sense of sight to find the keys. 1- Big Brown Bear This game provides several exercises designed to improve kids touch-typing skills. 2- Find The Letter Find The Letter is a game that helps learners type fast. 3- Key Seeker This is a great tool that helps young learners recognize the letters on a keyboard and use the correct hand to stoke the key. 4- Type A Letter This web tool helps kids learn to type fast using prompts from the screen. 5- Dance Mat Typing Dance Mat Typing is a wonderful typing game from BBC. 6- Keyboard Climber Keyboard Climber is a typing game in which kids help the monkey gets to the top fast by typing the letters that appear on the screen. 7- Free Tying Game This is a game that provides good typing practice to learners. Related:  sydneyja

how to save a prezi I keep discovering new things about the presentation software Prezi. Asking around, it seems lots of other users didn’t know about some or all of these either, so with that in mind I thought I’d draw your attention to 6 useful things. Got any more? Leave them in a comment… 1. All you need to do is go to Upgrade on the Prezi site, and stick in your university email address (.edu or etc). Free, useful, but many don’t find it 2. This is completely brilliant. By pressing shift before drawing a frame, it keeps a perfect 4:3 aspect ratio as you draw it – moving the mouse simply increases or decreases the size, but the shape stays the same. All of the frames you see here are drawn using this technique – click the pic to go to the actual Prezi and see how it works for the viewer 3. I realise most of you will know this one, but I wrongly assumed it was an ‘upgraded licence only’ option for ages, so thought I’d flag it up here. It’s not ‘Save a copy’ as you might expect; it’s ‘Download’ 4.

Top Reasons Why Business Intelligence is Crucial for Education Business intelligence, to most people, is a tool that serves a purpose only in the context of typical businesses. For example, it would fit right in an IT company. Alternatively, perhaps help a retailer streamline their business. However, what if we told you that business intelligence could prove to be equally potent in the education sector as well? Considering that the stakes are much higher in this industry, it is imperative to have a tool that can enable institutes to leverage the wealth of data they possess. Discover in-depth insights: With business intelligence in their arsenal, educational companies are able to understand better not only the students they serve but also the market.

Typing Games Sense-lang Free Typing Games Sense-lang offers multiple free typing games and English games. Each typing game was exclusively developed by our programmers for the website. There are 3 types of learn type games: Games which practice letters separately. Games which practice words separately. It is highly recommended to begin with the keyboard tutorials prior to the free type games as this is the core for learning touch typing correctly while the type games are the place to implement it. There is logic behind playing each of the typing game type. Remember, from time to time, to take a typing test and compare it to your previous result. Toni Plourde Microsoft Badges and Certifications: For Educators and Students Digital badges are earned by completing and showing competency of additional online coursework on a specific topic. Badges are a way to distinguish competency of skills and to distinguish educators or students who have gone above and beyond. Once earned the badge and/or certification is often placed after signatures on emails. For students, badges and/or certifications are included on college applications and resumes. Microsoft has a wide variety of badges covering all kinds of specialized tech-related topics. Microsoft Badges for Educators Educator badges fall under four categories; each category has numerous options. One course, Training Teachers to Author Accessible Content, is especially beneficial for teachers who work with students with visual impairments - both mainstream educators and Teachers of the Visually Impaired. Microsoft Certifications Certifications require more extensive training than badges and certifications require passing an exam. Reasons to get certified - Play Free Typing Games and Boost Your Speed Mrs. Muñoz's Class Blog — Using Web 2.0 Tools to Instruct and Engage Financial Planning: A Comprehensive Guide to Personal Finance Keyboarding Games - Help Kids Learn Typing Keyboarding Games Keyboarding Games Kids love typing games for kids! In fact, these are our most popular learning games on site. Learning Games for Kids presents Typing Adventure. This amazing online learning game for kids is perfect for getting the skills needed to master keyboarding. Each game supports correct finger positioning and encourages reach and keyboard memorization. Though our keyboarding games are used by school districts all over the U.S., many children are using online learning at home as a their main method of education.

Media Literacy Fundamentals What is Media Literacy? Media are powerful forces in the lives of youth. Music, TV, video games, magazines and other media all have a strong influence on how we see the world, an influence that often begins in infancy. To be engaged and critical media consumers, kids need to develop skills and habits of media literacy. These skills include being able to access media on a basic level, to analyze it in a critical way based on certain key concepts, to evaluate it based on that analysis and, finally, to produce media oneself. The importance of media education in Canada can be seen through the inclusion of media literacy outcomes in provincial and territorial curricula. This section has been created to clarify what media literacy is all about, and to offer practical suggestions to help you make media education happen What is Media Education? Media education acknowledges and builds on the positive, creative and pleasurable dimensions of popular culture. For example: Why Teach Media Literacy? 1.

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Keyman - Game - Keyman is a maze-based puzzle game that has you guiding the world's greatest scuba diver through three levels of courses. Somewhere in these aquatic mazes is a treasure chest containing more riches than you could ever imagine. Opening it, though, will require you to collect the various keys strewn about each course by manipulating the direction of various letter markers placed all about. As our hero approaches these markers, you will need to press the letter indicated in order to chance the arrow's direction to the way you want him to go. Each time that you pass by a marker the requested letter changes, meaning that you'll need to think as quick as you type in order to ensure to that Keyman picks up every key along the way and opens the level's great treasure. Watch out, though, as the difficulty escalates with each higher level. Although having a fast set of fingers certainly helps, success in Keyman requires players to do more than just showcase their keyboard wizardry.

GetEdFunding - Free grant finding resources for educators and educational institutions - GetEdFunding Teenage Money Management (Personal Finance Tips for Teens) - Mint Teenage money management isn’t always a fun topic to broach with your 13-going-on-30 year old who thinks they already know it all. But cultivating positive habits and good personal finance for teens is a quality they’ll use and appreciate their entire lives—and a skill you’ll be grateful for, too, once your young adult establishes their own financial independence. Talking about money doesn’t need to be like pulling teeth. Personal Finance for Teens Only four states (Virginia, Tennessee, Missouri, and Utah) require high school students to complete a stand-alone course in personal finances to graduate high school, but every teen should enter adulthood with basic financial literacy. Sadly, few teens understand basic financial terms (such as “interest rate”, “debit card”, and “financial institution”), or are saving for long term goals, like college or buying a home. Teenage Money Management Lessons Here are some of the most important personal finance basics for high school students.