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Font Image Generator - Create images from text

Font Image Generator - Create images from text
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Online Text Generator - Free Text Creator Maker MySpace Frosty Words Generator Create a font from your own handwriting - scripts :: animated text Flooble's Animated Text Script will allow you to have attention grabbing text in your pages that is both easy to read and not annoying. Making text bold makes it stand out a little in your page, but sometimes that's just not enough. In the early days of the web, page makers used the <BLINK> tag to draw attention to text, but pretty soon, it became apparent that this wasn't a very good idea. After all, if you want people to read your text so badly, having it disappear for brief periods of time is hardly smart. So, whenever something needed to really grab attention, designers had turned to using animated images and flash. First, let's look at a sample of the script at work: As you can see, the text is eye-catching without being distracting. Here are the simple to follow instructions to use this code on your page/site: Step 1: Get the code... Copy the following code, and paste it somewhere in yout page (preferably inside of the <HEAD> tag). Step 2: Outline the text to animate Becomes Or

Kostenlos: Ortsschild Generator, selber machen, erstellen Straßenverzeichnis DeutschlandOrtsschild erstellen Geben Sie einfach einen Ort und Landkreis (falls gewünscht) ein und erstellen Sie ein individuelles Ortsschild. Dieses steht Ihnen dann zum Download oder zur Einbindung auf der eigenen Homepage zur Verfügung, absolut kostenlos. Sie müssen natürlich keinen Ort eingeben. Probieren Sie es doch mal mit Ihrem Namen! Sollten Sie Verbesserungsvorschläge oder Ideen zur Erweiterung für diesen Ortsschild Generator haben, so freuen wir uns über jeden Hinweis. Beispiele für kreative Einsätze Ihr individuelles Straßenschild Mit dem Straßenschild Generator können Sie alternativ auch Ihr eigenes, individuelles Straßenschild erstellen. Was können wir noch verbessern? Wir sind stets bemüht, ihnen das bestmögliche Surferlebnis zu bieten.Wenn Sie einen Verbesserungsvorschlag haben, freuen wir uns von Ihnen zu hören. Feedback senden

Character Name Generator Ever get stuck for names of NPCs your player characters run into that you never expected to provide them? Here?s a fast and easy way to have many monikers on hand when Rodar the fighter wants to know the name of the brash drunk challenging him to a fight in the tavern, or the name of the shy barmaid over whom they?re fighting. Simply follow the instructions below to produce names for all sorts of characters, including PCs if you like. While eight steps appear below, you only have to complete the first three to make the generator work. Once you?

Wordle - Beautiful Word Clouds Infographic Of The Day: Why Should You Care About Typography? | Co. Design I have a confession to make. There was a time, many years ago, where I thought that typography was fashion by another name. I didn't really appreciate how different typefaces function, and how the discipline evolved over time, under pressure from aesthetics and technology. And it makes me particularly red-faced to remember that I once flaunted that ignorance, going so far as to tell a noted creative director that bit about type as fashion. If only I'd known! Created by someone who only calls themselves Noodlor, it does a pretty superb job laying out the basics of typography, such as the common types of faces, ranging from regular to condensed, and the anatomy of letterforms. From there, we get into more subtle territory: The basic principles of layout, which begins with the basics of direction, contrast, and rhythm: "Don't try to be original, just try to be good" — Spoken, originally, by a master of typographic clarity, Paul Rand.

Spell with flickr Please send me comments, suggestions or questions, I love getting emails about Spell with Flickr - and all my programming projects. It was just a few hours ago that I posted my Goals for 2008 and I'm releasing my first project of the year. It's nothing big, but it was a fun little distraction. The hide-an-image-in-text-with-css3-creator-thing If you're one of those folks who might care about how something like this might work, here's the source. read the rest at Meta | ateM Spell with flick grabs images from flickr (the One Letter and One Digit groups) and uses them to spell what you've typed in.

Comment Pictures/Images, Graphical Text Generator, HTML Generator, Picture Comments for Facebook :: My Text Graphics 60 Amazing and Inspirational Typographic Examples In typography, a font is the artistic representation or interpretation of characters and for the designers it becomes very essential to understand the concept of typography and design such fonts that it attracts the viewer straight away. Typography is basically the art, craft and techniques of type design, modifying characters, and arranging them and it is performed by compositors, typographers, graphic artists and art directors. Characters are created and modified using a variety of illustration techniques In this age of digital world, typography has opened a vast area for the designers of new generations to show their creativity and artistic skills. These inspirational typographic fonts are not those normal fonts which you use in your computer but are the result of manipulation and creativity using the adobe illustrators or other graphic designing tools. Below we have represented the 60 typographic inspirational fonts to show the creativity of the designers. 25 Valuable 3DS Max Tutorials

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