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International ESL Jobs - Bratislava, Slovakia -- EduPoint Language School -- 10 April 2014 We have openings for June 2014 We offer you: - Starting Salary 465 €/month (net salary after all taxes paid) plus performance bonuses (overtime). After probation period – salary from 500 Eur (fix ... Native English Teachers Needed -- AYC THAILAND -- 10 April 2014 We are looking for native English Speakers holding a bachelor degree for our limited positions starting immediately. You can secure your job right now with the most reliable teacher placement ... Macau, China -- Ferreira's Academy -- 10 April 2014 Ferreira's Academy, a private English school for children, is expanding in Macau, China. Pattaya, Thailand -- Srisuvit School English Programme -- 8 April 2014 Currently we are looking for 2 homeroom teachers to join our Kindergarten department and one for our P1 class. Goa, India: Russian Language teacher. Come and work in the tropical paradise of Goa! PRIVATE SCHOOL OPENINGS (Taiwan) -- Dewey International -- 7 April 2014

EduFind Jobs: TEFL, TESOL,TESL Jobs, Resources and Training Courses Online and Around the World Writing a good CV for TEFL What sort of CV (resume, if your prefer) is going to impress a DoS (Director of Studies) in a language school? Who better to ask than DoS at IH Barcelona, Evelyn Byrne... "What am I looking for? "Personally, I'm looking for Young Learner skills - ideally a qualification and experience, because that's what is the demand is for. A professional looking CV And as for the CV itself? "I want an e-mail address , too," says Evelyn. "Oh, and don't include a lot of irrelevant professional experience," Evelyn says. Meanwhile, along at Human Resources... Along the corridor in the Human Resources Department, head of department Olga Luna agreed with that. Olga also likes to see a good quality photograph too (no excuse for that nowadays, either!). It's not necessary to be wearing a tie in the photograph, or look like you've just had your hair done for a school prom; what you want is to look like someone the DoS wouldn't mind sitting in a classroom to be taught by. And up in Company Training...

Highest Paid ESL Jobs Around the World | Teaching Kimchi Hi all… Whoever said about welfare in Canada being around $1000 so why leave? You’re crazy. As for Lisa, traveling with children does face its own set of challenges and considerations that few understand. Whatever job you take that is legit will pay well overseas – far better than most at home esp when considering COL indexes – but the schools your children will go to are far more important. I lived in Japan for 3 years over 2 stretches. Hope this helps…

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