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Online Marketing Guide - Dealing with Negative Feedback on Social Media

Online Marketing Guide - Dealing with Negative Feedback on Social Media
The old adage “You can’t please everyone” holds true even in the world of social media marketing and lead generation. Negative feedback is part of any online culture, and it’s something that’s almost inevitable, especially for a business. Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are pretty much an open channel for voicing out sentiments and grievances, and there’s practically no way to stop them. The only way to handle these criticisms is to deal with them fair and square, with a delicate balance of addressing your audience’s concerns while at the same time protecting of your business’s reputation. Consider these pointers on how to effectively counter negative feedback: Be nimble and quick. Inform, not lecture. But take control. Never antagonize. Act and follow-up. Related:  Lead GenerationContent Marketing and Social Media Marketing

Callbox Delivers Intelligent Solutions to Speed Up Market Access The Client The Client is a private company of internet marketers, web designers and developers, and web technology experts providing a wide range of internet solutions to various internet-based companies. Its online business solutions include web design and applications development, internet marketing, project consulting, e-commerce, and interactive development. The Challenge Over the years, the Client was performing well with its own sales team dialing for prospects and closing sales. Though their services were known to be superior in the industry, and repeat business was substantial, they found that they had to devote too much of their limited time to prospecting for leads. The Client had the following specific objectives: To speed up market penetrationTo ensure an ongoing flow of leads into their pipelineTo increase their lead-to-sale conversion ratio The Callbox Solution The first campaign was launched in April 2010. The Results

How Lead Generation Blogs can help you Market your BusinessB2B Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, Telemarketing Blogs that are intended for business do not exist solely for the purpose of posting relevant information for customers. They also help in making other people within and outside the industry that such a business like yours exists. In short, lead generation. There are two basic ways to achieve that: one is by making your blog ‘searchable’ through search engines, thus potentially introducing your site to a new audience; and two, by making your blog content viral and shareable so that more people would be made aware of your blog and ultimately, your brand. But aside from those things, B2B lead generation blogs can offer other incentives for online marketers, and even for those whose business are entirely offline, as enumerated in a post at A blog can position you even more as an expert. As you can see, there are numerous ways a blog can be beneficial to a business. This is where your telemarketing and appointment setting activities would come in.

Client Profiling Services - CallboxB2B Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, Telemarketing Selling to people you don’t know is like shooting in the dark. While a few pitches actually hit the target, most are not even near-misses. Client profiling can quickly solve this problem. Unlike your typical company profiling technique, we don’t simply split business leads by differences in income, status, or age bracket. Could your lead generation campaign be more targeted if your client profile had the following additional information? Employment HistoryInterests and hobbiesProduct or service preferencesPurchase historyAverage spendingCredit worthiness, etc. Put more life into your customer prospecting campaign. Dial 03.2772.7370 to speak with a Callbox representative or fill out that form on the left.

Healthcare Sales numbers looking a little pale? You could probably use a shot of Callbox. Callbox designs and implements a solid healthcare lead generation platform to produce warm sales leads for healthcare products and services. We deploy professional telemarketers with extensive experience in appointment setting and lead generation for the healthcare industry to segment profitable markets, generate warm healthcare leads, and set appointments with qualified targets. We market to the healthcare industry targeting managers, directors, and other decision makers in various healthcare institutions such as doctors’ offices, health clinics, dental clinics, nursing homes, veterinary clinics, hospitals, and medical centers. We customize and fine tune our lead generation and appointment setting strategies to match your goals, campaign preferences, and concurrent market trends. Dial 888.810.7464 to speak with a Callbox representative.

Content Marketing: Targeting 5 Types of B2B BuyersB2B Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, Telemarketing As it turns out, B2B content marketing is not a one-size-fits-all platform. The substance of the content piece, as well as the manner by which it is delivered, can be a crucial factor in the depth of influence among its readers, especially for B2B buyers. And besides, lead generation has always been about catering to the needs of the prospects to persuade them to perform an action that would lead to a sales opportunity. To do that, marketers need to have a deep understanding of B2B buyers and how to customize each content piece to attract them. Rachel Foster, an award-winning B2B copywriter who helps technology marketers create content that drives action, posted at the 5 types of B2B buyers that should be targeted for content: 1. Researchers are typically junior employees whose boss has asked them to research a specific product or service. 2. Your end users want to know that your solution works and will make their lives easier. 3. 4. 5.

B2B Lead Generation Services, Telemarketing | Callbox The Power Of Lead Generation For Financial Services Providers If there is one industry in Australia that can be said to be a bright spot in the market, it has got to be the financial services. In today’s consumer and business market, a little support in terms of financial payments and security is a big deal. This need can then be taken as a source of financial leads for the intrepid entrepreneur. Of course, the last statement above might raise a few eyebrows, since telemarketing has been perceived to be a rather old-fashioned marketing medium. All that remains is for you to take the necessary steps. Be a successful B2B Blogger: 7 Principles to digestB2B Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, Telemarketing Building a blog is easy. Being successful at it is not. But what makes a blog successful? In the world of B2B lead generation, successful blogging means generating traffic – not just any traffic, but ones that eventually turn into sales opportunities. In short, a blog should be able to attract the right kind of people, with the right intentions. Consider this excerpt from a post by Eric Siu, CEO of a San Fransisco-based digital marketing firm. 1. Building a blog is not easy, and requires a huge amount of effort to reach a tipping point. 2. The blogs that grew the fastest leveraged this phenomenon and used it to become more effective. 3. Timing plays a key role in the equation of success, and it’s evident when we look at the most successful blogs of today. 4. When analyzing the highest traffic and most-linked to pages on successful blogs, it became clear that very rarely were the most successful articles viral hits. 5. 6. What this is really referring to is the power of compounding. 7.

Search Marketing 2014: Comment Marketing rocks! Every New Year there will always be trends to watch for. Women will crave for a new haircut and men go loco for newly-released gadgets. Everyone loves fad, trendy, novelty but no matter how many adjectives you add into this sentence it just says one thing, we always love what’s new and we usually go along with where the crowd is. Even when it’s about Miley Cyrus ‘twerking’ dance move or her music video in her latest song ‘wrecking ball’, no matter how awkward they were, they’re still in. Same thing with the Search Marketing; some had applied trendy strategies that would make them look cool and best to fit the top of the SERP rankings and some had not followed and made their own track. With the consecutive release of Google algorithm updates, search engines were flooded with blogs telling tips and how to’s that would help recover the loss from the tragic changes that have marked an end of some website’s PR. Here are some tips on blog commenting that never lose the spotlight:

B2B Telemarketing Goals to Garner Trumping all other channels, telemarketing is the most reliable. B2B marketers can hardly generate revenue or keep the company afloat without initiating a cold calling campaign as B2B lead generation telemarketing professes urgency that all other channels seem to lack. In the outset, however, not all telemarketing campaigns prosper. We can think of several factors, one being the absence of an automated system that manages contact information in the most efficient ways. But marketers should also understand that goal-setting also plays a part in the success or failure of a B2B lead generation and appointment setting program. Creating goals is needed in order to develop an efficient telemarketing system that delivers sales ready leads. Stuck in planning limbo? Quality leads. ROI. Quality CRM. Conversions. Reaching these goals is another story though. #b2b telemarketing#Telemarketing Tips

Content Marketing Tip: How to make fascinating Case Studies Traditional marketing has always involved the production of case studies to highlight the benefits (or counter-benefits) of a product, a concept, or a practice to a target market. But for a while, especially during the birth of the public world wide web, the use of case studies have slightly declined, mainly due to the preference over blogs and ‘personalized’ articles. Recently, though, many have seen the resurgence of case studies – now in PDF form instead of glossy papers – in the online marketing sphere. They’ve rediscovered the potential of compelling case studies in positioning a product or a brand in the awareness of the desired audiences. Now that it’s become popular again, you need to make sure your case study has the ability to stand out. Research and Planning Tactic #1. What are your goals and priorities? Tactic #2: Identify customer stories. Not just any stories, but those that support your strategic goals. Tactic #3: Invite clients to participate in case study. 4.)

9 Ways to make your Business Website more Lead - Friendly Creating a website is like designing a book cover; you need to capture attention by imagery and thought-provoking titles, but it should not stop there – it should also be attractive enough to make them buy the book and read its contents. It’s a balance between aesthetic and substance satisfaction. These are the essential elements in making your site an effective lead generation tool: Your website reflects your business and you as well so to attract prospects just like how HP novels dominated the bookshelves all over the world, we have to make sure that it’s story and elements will make your website stand out from the others.