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Soundplant: computer keyboard sample triggering for Windows & Mac

Soundplant: computer keyboard sample triggering for Windows & Mac

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Makey Makey Interactive Room Challenge Lesson Plan By Teacher Librarian Colleen Graves Appropriate for grade levels ES-HS Lesson Objectives Digitally Interfaced Book: Paper, Graphite, Makey Makey, Scratch, and Imagination As a professional artist, deepening the ways in which seemingly disparate objects and processes are interconnected through locating, and mapping their intersections has been one of the main elements of my studio practice. The Fab Lab tools and working processes create an environment that is well suited to investigating those types of intersections. In an effort to integrate Fab Lab tools centered on craft, and studio-based processes into the classroom, I have been working to implement a Mobile MakerCart at a project-based K-8 charter school. In addition to introducing craft-based physical computing projects to the children, a guiding principle behind the MakerCart is to give teachers the opportunity to develop familiarity with the MakerCart’s tools and processes in order to be able to envision the ways in which they might be able to develop their own curriculum for use in the classroom. Fig. 1

Makey Makey Classic How To Ever played Mario on Play-Doh or Piano on Bananas? Alligator clip the Internet to Your World. "four-year-old daughter has managed to connect the kit" ~BBC "Rejoice!" Distance Rate and Time for Math/Science/Physics By Teacher Librarian Colleen Graves and Aaron Graves. Appropriate for grade levels 8th to HS Lesson Objectives Define distance (inches, feet, miles), rate (centimeters/inches per second,mph), and time (milliseconds,seconds) Measure velocity with a given distance Using distance formula, students will calculate the speed of travel (rate) Experiment with potential and kinetic energy by weighing an object and calculating rate with different weights Measure slope and the effect it has on acceleration/rate.

Massive Veg Attack: Makey Makey + Fruits, Vegetables = Music Call it a massive attack of fruits and veg. Simple circuits have long been able to make use of sensors in real-world stuff like apples or JELL-O. But Make Makey deserves special credit for making interfacing those circuits with a computer silly-simple. (The project grew out of research at MIT Media Lab’s Lifelong Kindergarten; to get a small sense of how much is involved in getting an idea like this off the ground successfully, check out the incredible list of men and women who contributed on the about page.) The original dream behind many computers was extending the interface between your mind and the world.

sans titre You've probably witnessed this tragic scenario before – a heavy crowd gathered around someone's smartphone, all of them vying for space, desperately trying to take in the latest Youtube spectacle. #firstworldproblems With the Cardboard Smartphone Projector at your disposal; these everyday videos of cats doing crazy stuff and babies falling over are now majestically transformed into glorious cinematic events, for everyone to enjoy. Makey Makey ELA Candid Camera Lesson Plan By Teacher Librarian Colleen Graves Appropriate for grade levels ES to HS Lesson Objectives Learn to build a switch Review or analyze literature concepts, vocab, or sentence structures Use kinesthetics to reinforce sentence structures, vocabulary, or plot of a book/short story Write a GIF as a dramatic tableau (visual still dramatizations of the ideas in a text) Practice script writing from visual clues Story writing and the elements of a plot Discuss privacy issues and digital citizenship Lesson Materials

Makey Makey Will Make You Love The "Internet Of Things" Ever wanted to wake up in a Disney cartoon where everything around you is animated and interactive? Now you can...Turn a bunch of bananas into a piano. Turn your friends into a synthesizer. Simple Circuits Challenge By Teacher Librarian Colleen Graves Appropriate for grade levels 4th to 8th Lesson Objectives Introduce the TMI Design process from Invent to Learn - Think Make Improve Complete Circuit Challenges Create simple circuits with LEDs and Makey Makey Create switches with playdoh, paper clips, pennies, and other conductive resources Engage students in simple electronics Entice students to create with technology rather than just consume it Lesson Materials

MaKey MaKey Quickstart Guide (Part 2) Introduction Previously on Getting Started with the MaKey MaKey we discussed how to make your standard banana space bar. But what if you want to make a full-on banana piano, and the default MaKey MaKey key presses don’t fit your needs? Among its many magical characteristics, the MaKey MaKey is easily reprogrammable, so you can customize the key-mapping to fit your project. In this tutorial we’ll show you how to use Arduino – the most popular embedded development environment out there – to reprogram the MaKey MaKey and modify which inputs press which keyboard or mouse control. We’ll also talk a bit about that mysterious output header, which you can use to turn the MaKey MaKey into more than just an input device.