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Scientists Studied What Psychedelics Do to the Brain, And It’s Not What You’ve Been Told

Scientists Studied What Psychedelics Do to the Brain, And It’s Not What You’ve Been Told
It turns out that psychedelics aren’t just good for turning into an elf and jousting a car. Psychiatrists, psychologists and specialists in addiction and recovery from traumatic experiences have been investigating the use of hallucinogens in treatment programs, and the results indicate that psychedelics actually have practical therapeutic uses. And one drug has proven particularly useful. Repeated studies have found the psychedelic compound found in magic mushrooms, psilocybin, can help people move past major life issues — like beating alcoholism and becoming more empathetic. The research: One study concluded that controlled exposure to psilocybin could have long-lasting medical and spiritual benefits. Fourteen months later, 94% said their trip on magic mushrooms was one of the five most important moments of their lives. What’s more, the researchers say that those changes in personality are highly atypical, because personalities tend to be pretty set in stone after the age of 25-30.

Dr. Oz Admits ‘Miracle’ Diet Products He Advocates Are Pseudoscience A senate panel interviewed Dr. Mehmet Oz on Tuesday regarding his claims of various ‘miracle’ weight loss cures, despite little scientific evidence for many of his claims. He has created a thriving industry of fraudulent supplements containing minimal amounts of the “active ingredient,” and including a “as seen on The Dr. Oz Show” line in their advertising. As supplements are not regulated by the FDA, there is no way to regulate that a supplement is what it claims to be or if it even works. Dr. Obesity has reached epidemic proportions in the United States, as 34.9% of American adults have gone beyond overweight and are considered obese. On his show, Dr. After mentioning on his show that GCBE was an effective weight loss supplement in the spring of 2012, countless manufacturers cashed in on the excitement, flooding the market with the pills, charging an average of $50 for a one month supply. "I can't figure this out, Dr. Later during the interview, Dr.

The Effect of Aspartame on Your Brain   Controversy always surrounds the artifical sweetner Aspartame , but do you realize it is currently found in over 6000 foods . Here we examine the far reaching effects it has on our brains. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) first approved the use of aspartame in the early 80′s and has since set what they consider to be an acceptable daily intake of no more than 50 mg per kilogram of body weight. Which means that an adult weighing 165 pounds should consume no more than 3,750 mg of aspartame daily. Considering that an average can of diet soda typically contains approximately 180 mg of aspartame that means the FDA’s alleged “safe” limit is equivalent to about 21 cans of diet soda per day! But is any level of aspartame actually safe for us? Recent research from the University of North Dakota set out to test the safe limits of aspartame taken over just a short period of time. Aspartame Impairs Cognition. So how does aspartame affect the brain? How can we avoid aspartame? Source:

worldtruth It’s probably not something you think about every day, whether or not the foods you are eating could contain carcinogens, but with almost 1.5 million people diagnosed with some type of cancer just last year, perhaps it’s time to look at what is in our foods that could be causing such a huge number of new cancer patients. Here is a list of the top 10 foods that you most likely consume every day that may contain carcinogens or be suspected of causing cancer. 1. Those little bags of popcorn are so convenient to just stick in the microwave, you wouldn’t think for a minute that they could be dangerous to your health, but they are. Now, let’s talk about the contents. Also, applied to the popcorn itself, is a chemical called diacetyl. 2. Fruits that are non-organic are contaminated with some very dangerous pesticides such as atrazine, thiodicarb, and organophosphates, as well as high nitrogen fertilizers. Atrazine is banned in European countries but still used here. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

How The Sharing Gardens Produces Literally Tons of Free Food All images: Sharing Gardens. Cross-posted from Communities magazine. A Sharing Garden differs from the usual community garden in that it is one large plot shared by all, instead of many separate ones rented by individuals. All materials and labor are donated. The food we grow is shared amongst those who have need, whether or not they have contributed time, materials, or labor. My husband Chris Burns and I started the first Sharing Garden in the small rural town of Alpine, Oregon, in April of 2009. That first year, we created and maintained the gardens mostly by ourselves. That spring, we moved from a two-bedroom house, where we paid $750 per month in rent, to a 1950s, park-model (plumbing hooked up to septic), 8 feet by 40 feet travel trailer. In year two (2010), things began to grow exponentially. This second Sharing Garden is located about five miles from Alpine in the town of Monroe. In 2010, we began to grow the volunteer program in earnest. Water more efficiently. Save pure seeds.

Hydroponic Tomatoes May One Day Be Tastier Than Ones Grown Outside hide captionHydroponic tomatoes are now just as tasty as tomatoes grown outside in perfect summer conditions, scientists say. iStockphoto Hydroponic tomatoes are now just as tasty as tomatoes grown outside in perfect summer conditions, scientists say. Peak tomato season — July through September here on the East Coast — is almost upon us, and the anticipation is palpable. We tend to fetishize summer tomatoes, especially heirloom varieties like Brandywine and Cherokee Purple, and regard them as the pinnacle of tomato flavor. But according scientists who specialize in growing food in hydroponic greenhouses, some tomatoes bred for the indoors are now just as flavorful as the ones grown outdoors in perfect summer conditions. "Heirloom tomatoes [are] full of flavor and taste and color and nutritional value," says Gene Giacomelli, who directs the Controlled Environment Agriculture Center at the University of Arizona. "When you're in the open field, you don't have consistency," says Giacomelli.

List of Herbs | Herb List with Pictures | Herbs Info Join Over 1,875,000 Fans On Facebook! Homepage Blog Individual Herbs Herbal Remedies Herbal Preparations Glossary of Herbal Terms Herbals Essential Oils Most Popular: Please Share This Page: List Of 150+ Herbs With Uses And Benefits - image to repin / shareHerbs background pic - Wikimedia Commons (public domain) On this page you will find our alphabetical list of 150+ 189 herbs! Please bookmark this page so that you can use it as a "quick lookup" when you want to learn all about a herb. Our method of organization intentionally follows the style of the old herbals, which listed the plants in alphabetical order and often compiled the writings of other herbalists from past times. The Herbs: If you enjoyed this page: Privacy Policy | About

Compound in Magic Mushrooms Could Treat Depression Psilocybin, the naturally occurring psychedelic compound in magic mushrooms, is a Schedule I illegal drug in the United States, which means it serves no legitimate medical purpose. But researchers in Switzerland believe psilocybin could help reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression. In a new study, researchers from the Psychiatric University Hospital of Zurich have shown that even small amounts of psilocybin can weaken the way our brains process negative emotions and provide a positive mood lift. Psilocybin, researchers conclude, could aid in normalizing depressive patients’ exaggerated processing of negative stimuli. Psilocybin on the Brain To test how psilocybin affects the brain, researchers recruited 25 healthy individuals and gave one group a small dose of the hallucinogen, and another a placebo. The researchers found that a part of the brain called the amygdala, which processes negative emotions like anxiety and fear, showed very different activity in the two groups.

'Magic Mushrooms’ Show Promise in Treating Addiction, Cancer Anxiety Suspended for decades after controversial results, research on the hallucinogen psilocybin is showing early promise in a new series of small studies. In research presented at the annual meeting of the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology (ACNP), scientists highlighted the latest findings on the use of psilocybin, the synthetic version of the active compound in “magic mushrooms,” as a treatment for anxiety in terminal cancer patients, in smoking cessation and as a treatment for alcoholism. Some of the studies are not complete and have not yet been reviewed by other experts, but they provide new information on psilocybin’s effects. (MORE: ‘Magic Mushrooms’ Trigger Lasting Personality Change) “[So] much of modern neurobiological chemistry results from studying psychedelics,” said Dr. (MORE: ‘An Anti-Inflammatory for the Ego’: Psychedelic Drugs Produce Lasting Positive Change) Like previous psychedelic experimenters, today’s volunteers often report profoundly mystical experiences.

Seven Worst Habits After Eating One of the most difficult thing for everyone is changing a habit. If you want to improve your health and keep your body slim try following this list that experts have made including seven things you should never do after having a meal. 1.Cigarette after having a meal Experts warn that this habit is more harmful than it seemed, because only one cigarette after a meal has the effect as if you have smoked 10 cigarettes. 2. Your body is able to digest fruit very quickly and if you consume fruit immediately after your meal the fruit remains in the stomach for a long time and causes decay, releases gases and toxins, which, except this, can encourage formation of cellulite. 3. This habit is not good, although many people are practicing this habit. 4. In this case, our grandmothers and mothers are totally right, but experts also warned that is not recommended to take a shower right after eating. 5. 6. 7. This is another old myth proved to be true. Therefore try to change these habits.

10 Scientific Studies Proving GMOs Can Be Harmful To Human Health Over the past few years, a number of countries have completely banned GMOs and the pesticides that go along with them, and they are doing so for a reason. The latest country to consider a complete ban is Russia after top government scientists recommended at least a 10 year ban. The truth is, we don’t know enough about GMOs to deem them safe for human consumption. Believe it or not the very first commercial sale of them was only twenty years ago. There is no possible way that our health authorities can test all possible combinations on a large enough population, over a long enough period of time to be able to say with absolute certainty that they are harmless. There are a multitude of credible scientific studies that clearly demonstrate why GMOs should not be consumed, and more are emerging every year. If anybody ever tells you that we know with one hundred percent certainty that GMOs are totally safe to eat, they haven’t done their research. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Sources:

Soursop – Natural Cancer Killer 10000 Times Stronger Than ChemotherapyHealthy Food House Posted By admin On Sunday, December 22, 2013 08:42 PM. Under Fruits, Health If you are a first-time visitor, please be sure to like us on Facebook and receive our exciting and innovative tutorials on health topics and natural remedies. In the last few months media was full of information about the powerful anti-cancer potential soursop (Graviola) has. Graviola originated in North and South America and today graviola can be found in Mexico, Caribbean Islands, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela. The whole herb has healing power, including its root and the fruit. People forgot about soursop until recently when the latest researches proved that soursop is an amazing anti-cancer cure.

Nutrilite Health: What About Vitamin B? | Amway Connections Vitamin C, D, and E: it seems like we always hear about these for healthy skin and nails. But what about Vitamin B? Let me tell you why this vitamin should be A-listed. The short answer is that a vitamin B complex is all B vitamins grouped together. A vitamin B complex is a grouping of all water-soluble vitamins, with the exception of vitamin C. Your body naturally depletes itself of these vitamins faster than other nutrients because when you urinate or perspire you’re also flushing them away. Get the most energy from your food. With its Nutrilock® coating to make swallowing the tablets easier, the Nutrilite® Natural B Complex provides a balanced blend of B vitamins. It can help you lose weight, reduce your risk for certain diseases, improve your memory, reduce migraine headaches and improve your hair, skin and nails.

Republication of the Seralini study: Science speaks for itself welcomes the news of the republication of the chronic toxicity study on the glyphosate-based herbicide Roundup and a commercialized genetically modified (GM) maize, Monsanto’s NK603, led by Prof Gilles-Eric Séralini. The republication restores the study to the peer-reviewed literature so that it can be consulted and built upon by other scientists. The study found severe liver and kidney damage and hormonal disturbances in rats fed the GM maize and low levels of Roundup that are below those permitted in drinking water in the EU. Toxic effects were found from the GM maize tested alone, as well as from Roundup tested alone and together with the maize. The study was first published in Food and Chemical Toxicology (FCT) in September 2012[1] but was retracted by the editor-in-chief in November 2013 after a sustained campaign of criticism and defamation by pro-GMO scientists.[2] Now the study has been republished by Environmental Sciences Europe. “The second review took months.