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The Heavy Metal Bible

The Heavy Metal Bible

Metal Mania How to rock Facebook but maintain some respectability (Originally posted on 1/30/2009 – updated for the latest Facebook settings) So you’ve given in to the peer pressure and signed up with Facebook. You’ve hunted down your old high school pals. You suddenly have a strong option on the Pirates v. Ninjas debate. You play Scrabulous Lexulous.It’s great. But then, you realize… EVERYONE is on the Fizzy Bizzy. 1) Delete your Facebook account and never use the Internets again. 2) Strip all interesting content from your Facebook. 3) Implement Custom Security Privacy Awesomeness. The obvious choice is Option 3…CSPA. Instructions, after the jump! Dividing up your Friends The first step is to determine how you will “break down” your Friends on Facebook. For me, I have broken down my Friends to the following groups: “All Access” - These are the people I trust. Setting up your lists To create these groups, click on the “Friends” link in the left menu of Facebook. This will prompt you to name your new list. You now have your new “All Access” list. Notes

Eddie Trunk - Celebrating all things Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Since 1983! A bit of Everything Once you get this you must post 5 facts about yourself and send this to your 10 favorite followers Here we go: 1: I have a Long Hair 2: My favorite subject is chemistry 3: My favorites bands are: Venom, Sodom and Slayer 4: I’m a quiet person 5: I have lived more than 11 years in Spain Cheers :)

Love styles Love styles are modi operandi of how people love, originally developed by John Lee (1973,[1] 1988[2]). He identified six basic love styles—also known as "colours" of love—that people use in their interpersonal relationships: Clyde Hendrick and Susan Hendrick of Texas Tech University expanded on this theory in the mid-1980s with their extensive research on what they called "love styles". Styles[edit] Eros[edit] Akin to limerence, eros is literally the love of Beauty. Erotic lovers view marriage as an extended honeymoon, and sex as the ultimate aesthetic experience. The advantage of erotic love is the sentimentality of it. In a genetic study of 350 lovers, the Eros style was found to be present more often in those bearing the TaqI A1 allele of the DRD2 3' UTR sequence and the overlapping ANKK1 exon 8. Ludus[edit] Ludic lovers are players. Ludic lovers tend to view marriage as a trap and are the most likely of the love styles to commit infidelity. Storgic[edit] Pragma[edit] Manic[edit]

The Daily Beast FUCKIN' METAL! How to Hotwire a Car Edit Article Hot-Wiring the Steering ColumnDrilling the Lock PinsPowering the Dash Edited by OhioMike, VC, BR, Maluniu and 83 others While most newer model cars have done much to hide the wiring and otherwise outfit the steering column with safety measures to prevent hot-wiring, older models up to the mid-90s are typically good candidates for hot-wiring. Ad Steps Method 1 of 3: Hot-Wiring the Steering Column 1Enter the car. 8Rev the engine. Method 2 of 3: Drilling the Lock Pins 1Position the drill on the keyhole about 2/3 of the way up. Method 3 of 3: Powering the Dash 1Open the hood and locate the red coil wire. 5Connect the solenoid to the positive battery terminal. Tips You risk causing significant damage to your vehicle if you hotwire it.Never leave the ignition wires twisted together when you finish running the engine. Warnings

Ultimate Classic Rock

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