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jScrollPane - cross browser styleable scrollbars with jQuery and CSS

jScrollPane - cross browser styleable scrollbars with jQuery and CSS

Mouse wheel programming in JavaScript Quick links: source · test page · long test page (with scrollbars) · compatibility Though many people still find this page useful, there have been some changes in the browsers since last update of this page, and I generally consider some information here to be outdated. However, I suggest using MooTools or other general Javascript frameworks that provide portable and maintainable basis for writing Javascript code. Web applications are becoming more and more like “normal” desktop applications. Of course, they are more and more functional, but smooth user interface acts the primary role. This page, however, is not about AJAX (or any other buzzword). Annotated code Below is annotated javascript code, which should explain the magic behind mouse wheel generated events. /** This is high-level function. * It must react to delta being more/less than zero. Handler function In the code above, there is “handle” function which is, of course, meant to be written by you. Compatability Usability

How JavaScript & HTML5 Are Remaking the Web The Future Web Series is supported by Elsevier's SciVerse Application Marketplace and Developer Network. The SciVerse applications platform enables developers to build apps based on trusted scientific content. Learn more. HTML5 is no longer just a buzz word. With browsers implementing more HTML5 features across platforms and devices, developers are starting to integrate many of the new features and frameworks into their web apps, websites and web designs. Although HTML5 is its own standard, the power of HTML5 is really only best realized with the use of CSS 3 and JavaScript. Graphics libraries like WebGL can extend JavaScript, allowing for the creation of interactive 3D graphics within the browser all while utilizing the plugin-free nature of the HTML canvas element. WebGL Brain Surface and Tractography Viewer Using JavaScript, jQuery and WebGL, developers at Children's Hospital Boston created the Brain Surface and Tractography Viewer. Google Body Browser MathBoard Lost World's Fairs

Gestion des métadonnées vidéos : FLVTool2, flvtool++, yamdi, MediaInfo - Documentation technique : Debian Lors de l’utilisation de vidéos sur Internet, il est important que les métadonnées contenues dans ces fichiers soient correctes. Pour les fichiers de types FLV, on utilisera des logiciels du type FLVtool2 ou FLVtool++ pour les réordonner. FLVTool2 : Compilation et installation flvtool2 permet d’injecter de métadatas dans les fichiers flv. Préparation Pour compiler flvtool2, certaines dépendances sont à pourvoir : subversion (pour récupérer le code source à jour); Ruby (language dans lequel le logiciel est codé); On lance donc la commande suivante : La compilation On récupère d’abord les sources par svn... Les sources seront copiées dans le répertoire de l’utilisateur en cours dans un sous répertoire flvtool2/ Puis on procède à l’installation proprement dite par : #On se déplace dans le bon répertoirecd ~/flvtool2# Puis on lance la compilationsudo ruby setup.rb Download - Copy to clipboard Cela installera automatiquement flvtool2 dans : Son utilisation Dorénavant nous pouvons utiliser cela :

How to Display Wordpress Sidebar on Other (Non WP) Sites While working on my latest project, DevGrow Discussions, I came across the need to embed my entire WordPress sidebar on a non-WordPress site – specifically a bbPress forum. Since I make use of various widgets to display popular posts and other dynamic content, simply copying and pasting the HTML would not suffice. In the end, there are really only two ways of going about this: Include your wp-load.php file in your application and in effect load the entirety of WordPress to get access to the plugin functionsUse simple caching to store the sidebar in HTML format and include it in any other application, then rebuild it as necessary when new content is published If it’s not obvious enough, the first option is very costly in terms of database queries and can significantly slow your site down. Caching Your WordPress Sidebar Before we can write our function, we need to understand exactly what we’re trying to do. Creating the Functions Configuring Your Sidebar Using Your Cache Conclusion

Gérer ses métadonnées - ici & ailleurs 30 mars 2010 Note: Ceci est la remise en ligne d'un article datant de 2007. Il sera peut-être mis à jour ultérieurement. Les métadonnées sont un des aspects vraiment très agréables de la photographie numérique mais il n'est pas inutile de savoir comment les exploiter pleinement et s'en méfier quand on publie des photographies. Aujourd'hui, quand je retrouve une photo faite il y a une dizaine d'années, j'ai un mal fou à savoir de quand elle date. Je suis obligé de solliciter ma mémoire et jouer les associations du style : "c'était cette année-là car..., un dimanche de février et vu la lumière il devait être 16h". Dans dix ans, quand je voudrai connaître la date d'une photographie, j'irai simplement lire le champ EXIF "DateTimeOriginal" de celle-ci et j'aurai mon information. EXIF, IPTC et XMP sont dans un bateau Qui veut jouer avec les métadonnées sera un jour confronté à ces trois acronymes. Enfin, XMP est le format de métadonnées le plus récent. Gérer ses métadonnées #! if [ ! if [ ! if [ !

Adobe Flash Tutorials – Best of - Smashing Magazine Although usability evangelists often consider Flash to be a usability nightmare, used properly, Flash can provide users with a rich and interactive interface which would be impossible otherwise. Today Flash is the de-facto standard for interactive elements on the Web as most users install Flash plug-in by default. And in fact, there are many paths creative designers can take to create a more interactive and user-friendly interface. Searching for ‘flash tutorials’ via Google & Co. won’t provide you with the results you expect. This article provides hand-picked professional Flash tutorials which can enrich your design skills and improve the quality of your works. Animation and Effects Link Flash Tutorial Create Water Wave Effect Animation Using Masking Tween1We’re going to make a flash animation water wave effect and we going to move step by step to give you a clean explanation about how to make a water wave effect in flash using masking technique. Images and Videos Link Basic elements Link

UI-First Software Development We're currently in the midst of building the new web property I alluded to in a previous post. Before I write a single line of code, I want to have a pretty clear idea of what the user interface will look like first. I'm in complete agreement with Rick Schaut here: When you're working on end-user software, and it doesn't matter if you're working on a web app, adding a feature to an existing application, or working on a plug-in for some other application, you need to design the UI first. This is hard for a couple of reasons. Of course, UI is hard, far harder than coding for developers. Remember, to the end user, the interface is the application. It's certainly true that there are limitations on how the UI can be built based on the technology you're using. It shouldn't be difficult to sit down with a few basic tools and slap together a rough mockup of how the user interface will look. So how do we prototype the UI without relying on our development tools?

Making a Custom YouTube Video Player With YouTube’s APIs Martin Angelov Video presentations are a great addition to any product page. With a presentation you can showcase your product’s features without making the visitor read through long paragraphs of text. But apart from producing the video, you still need to manually convert it and find (or code) some sort of flash player that will display it on your site. The other possible path is that you upload it to a video sharing site such as youtube, but you are going to have a rough time trying to incorporate the player into your design. Luckily for us, YouTube does provide a solution to this problem – their chromeless player (a stripped down version of the regular embeddable player), which allow you to build and style your own custom controls. The Idea Today we are going to make a jQuery plugin which uses YouTube’s chromeless player, and creates our own set of minimalistic controls, which allows for perfect integration with your designs. Using the plugin to embed videos is extremely easy: script.js

Google Calendar Integration Javascript Questions LukeAmerica2020 says: Well ... I actually came across this Question at WP Questions. To my chagrin, I discovered upon posting, that my Answer is not in the requested language. Mine is a WordPress solution. Perhaps, though, it will suffice for your needs. This ZIP file contains everything you need: A PNG screen capture is attached and in the ZIP file. Here's the info from the INFO file contained therein. ************************************************** DESCRIPTION: ************************************************** This solution is a SHORTCODE that displays a public Google Calendar rss feed using specific css styles. You can implement the shortcode in posts, pages, and text widgets. ************************************************** CONTENTS: ************************************************** Contained herein are five files: (1) wcs_gcal.php, (2) wcs_gcal.css, (3) wcs_gcal_sample.html, (4) wcs_gcal_INFO.txt, and (5) and wcs_gcal_sample.png.

20+ New Apps and Websites for Designers Sep. 2010 New apps and websites seem to appear on an almost-daily basis. Trying to find the best ones each week or month can be tough, especially considering how many come out that aren’t that great. In this post we’ve compiled some of the best apps and websites that have come out recently. Some are apps closely tied to a web designer’s daily work, while others aren’t likely to be used as often, but are still useful. As always, if we’ve missed something, please let us know in the comments. And if you know of an app you’d like included in the next roundup, please tweet it to @cameron_chapman. Muro DeviantART has long been an excellent place for artists and designers to showcase their work. Google Font Preview If you use Google’s Font API, it can be helpful to try out fonts before embedding them in your website. Periodic Table of the Elements This chart, created by Josh Duck, showcases the 104 elements currently in the HTML5 working draft and two proposed elements (marked with an asterisk). Invoice Bubble

QR Code Generator: QR Stuff Free Online QR Code Creator And Encoder For T-Shirts, Business Cards & Stickers XML Sitemap Generator, Editor + Keyword Analyzer - XML Sitemaps Online PHP - PHP : comment détecter les robots (php crawler detect) PHP: how to detect bots (php crawler detect) It is often useful to make special treatment for robots that index your site (which can represent 50% or more of your traffic). In php there is natively browscap (See google "php browscap") which is very effective but requires an update of its signature database. Simply to detect 99% of visits robots can use a small regular expression in php to check if the signature of your visitor contains the words Bot (For Googlebot, MSNbot, Dotnetbot, TwicelerBot, Ask Jeeves, VoilaBot etc ...) Here are the two lines of PHP that go: $ Crawler = 0; if (preg_match ('/ (bot | spider | yahoo) / i', $ _SERVER ["HTTP_USER_AGENT"])) $ crawler = 1; That's it! / / If it is a crawler, I slowed down to 1 sec if ($ crawler) sleep (1); And here after a few hours of tracing the "crawlers" marked on my site, the number of left and right once recognized as a crawler with the test signature:

Introduces SML™ (Social Markup Language) Menu Oracle Social Spotlight Subscribe to email updates Social Cloud In the Mix: Social Chatter for Live Events If you frequent business events, you've probably noticed an increase of digitally displayed social media chatter. Read more Share Oracle Social Life Oracle Social Cloud Gives Thanks Thanksgiving is a day for family, football and food comas. Read more Best Practices 3 Must-Haves for a Successful Digital Transformation Last week, I flew to Chicago for CMS Wire's DX Summit, but my digital experience immersion training began before the event even kicked off. Read more Collaboration: An 'Outside' Job From guest author and Product Strategy Manager Sandy Yu: developing a rapport across virtual teams requires thinking outside the cube. Read more Product News It's Time to Connect Meaningfully with Your Social Audience We are thrilled to announce that as of November 9th, every Oracle Social Cloud customer with access to Engage will be able to leverage a brand new engagement... Read more Read more Contact