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Cómo dar una clase al revés o flipped classroom en 5 sencillos pasos

Cómo dar una clase al revés o flipped classroom en 5 sencillos pasos

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IPad = Flipped Classroom Made Easy Yes, the Flipped Classroom (Video lessons watched before class time) is a fashionable topic but whilst there’s still chalk-and-talk together with standardised testing I feel I must continue to push it. And no, it’s not just chalk-and-talk in disguise. It creates a whole new learning environment for the student. I haven’t taught a whole class for 6 months! Pàgina de App Inventor del MIT Get Started Follow these simple directions to build your first app! Tutorials Step-by-step guides show you how to create even more apps. Teach Find out about curriculum and resources for teachers. How to flip the classroom Flipping is easy – and with a little thought and planning, teachers can use the flipped model to create engaging learning experiences for their students. This section covers the nuts and bolts of flipping – from creating videos, to introducing the flipped concept, to practical ideas for using class time differently. What are teachers saying? As an English teacher, I have several teaching concepts going at once, so flipping works well for me.

FETCH! . Games . Lunch Rush One of the most important jobs on a movie crew is making sure that there is enough food for everyone on the set. The challenge is keeping track of how many pieces of sushi everyone wants for lunch (this is Hollywood, after all). You need to think fast and move quickly, because as Ruff always says, "this business keeps you on your toes, especially if you only have ten of them."

Scaling Flipped Learning Part 1: Technology Strategy – Flipped Learning Simplified A 2014 study indicates that 46% of U.S. principals expect that new teachers to the profession should already know how to flip a class upon graduation from a teacher training program. There is also a growing body of research which demonstrates that flipped learning is showing significant growth in student achievement, satisfaction, and teacher satisfaction. As schools begin to implement the model, what kinds and type of support should school leaders provide? This past year I worked with a group of teachers from a variety of schools which was implementing flipped learning into their classes. 25 Simple Examples Of Mobile Teaching 25 Simple Examples Of Mobile Teaching by TeachThought Staff This is part 2 of a 3-part series on Mobile Teaching.

Scaling Flipped Learning Part 2: Shifting Pedagogy – Flipped Learning Simplified Individual teachers across the world who are flipping their classes, are often working in isolation and small pockets. However, as the movement has grown, there is an increasing need to think systemically about how to scale flipped learning. I believe three systems need to change for flipped learning to flourish on a large scale in a school or district: technological systems, pedagogical systems, and evaluation methodologies. In part one of this series, I discussed how technological systems need to be integrated, workflows need to be simplified, and technology infrastructure needs to support flipped learning. The focus of this post will be to examine how pedagogical systems need to adapt for flipped learning to thrive on a large scale.

Scaling Flipped Learning Part 3: Teacher Evaluation – Flipped Learning Simplified As more and more schools adopt flipped learning on a larger scale, there is a need to think systemically about evaluation systems. This is the third in a series on how to scale flipped learning. In the first post I discussed technological systems, in the second I discussed pedagogical systems, and in this post, I will explore how evaluation systems need to change when flipped learning is scaled. During my twenty-four years as a classroom teacher, I was evaluated many times by administrators. Scaling Flipped Learning Part 4: Learning Spaces – Flipped Learning Simplified “We don’t just want to flip classes; we want to flip schools.” Ignacio Romero, MT Groupo, Spain This sentiment expressed by Ignacio resounds with me. One of the greatest strengths of flipped learning has been its grassroots nature.