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Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Software, Business P

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Software, Business P

Issuu - You Publish SOA| BPM | ESB | Integration – Improve Business Process Faster with Software AG Oracle Cloud Solutions Oracle offers a broad portfolio of software and hardware products and services that enable public, private, and hybrid clouds. Unlike competitors with narrow views of the cloud, Oracle provides the broadest, most complete, and integrated cloud offerings in the industry. For Midsize Companies Oracle offers midsize companies the power of scalable, enterprise-class technology at a price that's right for their growing business needs. With Oracle Accelerate, Oracle partners combine Oracle's software, rapid implementation tools, and services to help organizations quickly implement and adopt enterprise-class applications. Oracle Optimized Solutions Oracle Optimized Solutions are fully documented, pretested, and tuned architectures that take the guesswork out of deploying enterprise software infrastructures. Technology Solutions Oracle's technology solutions are designed to address complex application and systems integration requirements across diverse enterprise environments.

Copyright Watch | Global Transparency in Copyright Law United States Microsoft Data is everywhere You may be sitting on a goldmine of data, but unable to access and combine it into a single, reliable source of information. Tools to do this have been out of reach for most small and midsize businesses. Now, with Power Query in Excel and Office 365, quick access to data you need to discover profitable opportunities is not only a reality—it’s easy. Familiar tools for easy analysis and reporting You shouldn’t have to be a data scientist to bring data to life and put it to use for your business. For example, you can create a custom dashboard for your combined view of customer data and product profitability to track and monitor opportunities—ensuring that you are always informed and making the best decisions with complete and up-to-date information. Share insights to make informed decisions It's easier than ever to transform complex data into meaningful insights and share them with your team. Learn more

BPM - Business Process Management Software | Business Process Management Suite | ActiveVOS BPMS from Active Endpoints MicroStrategy The most comprehensive business intelligence platform in the industry. MicroStrategy is the world’s most comprehensive and trusted BI platform, designed from the ground up and proven to support the most demanding analytics applications. Our unified, organically developed, architecture is built on the core of a single foundational metadata—ensuring trust across any style of analytics and easy scalability as your business grows. Industrial-strength. We wrote the book on analytics. Download it now Build once, deploy anywhere. Business users consume data in many different ways—web portals, mobile devices, emails, and documents. High performance in-memory business intelligence. Over 2,000 organizations use MicroStrategy’s in-memory engine to achieve sub second response times for any query on massive data stores. Learn more High performance business intelligence. Today's business intelligence applications must efficiently access terabytes and even petabytes of data. 64 bit business intelligence.

BPM | Cloud Orchestration | Business Process Improvement - Cordys Overview Successful businesses need to be built-to-change. However, many organizations are hindered by IT landscapes that are built-to-last. Opentext Cordys closes this gap through a powerful, next generation Business Process Management Suite that enables organizations to adopt and embrace change and at the same time stay in control. OpenText Cordys is designed to support a continuous process improvement cycle that follows the natural flow of iterative and agile transformation: Discovery of processes based on mining techniques or simplified manual goal- and activity modeling Modeling processes according the business objectives and strategy Executing processes in exact accordance with designs Monitoring processes and business activities closely in real-time Improving processes and analyzing feedback on a continuous basis With OpenText Cordys you can leverage new process-oriented solutions and services from the cloud, while respecting existing enterprise software. Benefits: Details: