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A Tiny French Woodland Home

A Tiny French Woodland Home
The home rests on timber piers standing on stones on the steep slope of the woodland floor. This provides a south facing balcony designed like the bow of a ship. The timbers are all hand hewn with axes retaining much of the natural curves of the wood. The frame [see picture No.1] is filled with a rough wattle and filled with cob, a mixture of clay, sand and straw [No.2] mixed by foot stomping in an old bath tub [No.3]. The insulation below the floor is sheep's wool [No.4] and the window are reclaimed [No.5]. The roof of the house is built curved to provide additional roof space which gives Menthé enough space for a sleeping loft [No.6]. A beautifully dressed porch with a green roof [No.7] provides the all important invitation the home. "Ornaments are not just optional additions which may, or may not be added to a building... a building needs them, just as much as it needs doors and windows", Christopher Alexander.

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Archive Reclaimed Space Guest Post by Tracen Gardner I came up with the idea for Reclaimed Space when I needed a living space on my ranch outside Shiner, Texas. There was no electricity or running water on the site, which is located 15 minutes from the nearest hardware store. I did not want to use all that energy driving back and forth and was concerned with not only with time constraints but also the confusion involved in meeting sub contractors in a remote area. Sublime 134 sq. ft. tiny home is a Japanese "Tea House" Having influenced great architects like Frank Lloyd Wright and Mies van der Rohe, modernism owes much to traditional Japanese design and architecture, famous for its sublime simplicity and pure, minimalist spaces. Now, while there is a bit of a "quaint" stereotype going on for tiny homes, this kind of back-to-basics house does well too with a Japanese aesthetic. Built for a client who grew up in Japan, Oregon Cottage Company's architect Todd Miller designed this peaceful, 134-square-foot dwelling based around the traditional Japanese tea room. © Oregon Cottage Company Doing away with the usual sitting benches that one typically sees in tiny homes, Miller's client wanted a space that was defined by the tatami mat, both a practical furnishing and a spatial unit with the aspect ratio of 2 to 1.

Tiny House Plans - hOMe Architectural Plans Tiny House Plans – hOMe SketchUp Model Welcome hOMe hOMe, a modern tiny house on wheels, offers tiny house living without compromise. With everything from a full sized kitchen with conventionally sized appliances, a comfortable set of stairs to the master bedroom, copious amounts of storage throughout, space for a home office for two, storage that works double duty as furniture, and ample head room in the lofts, to a functional bathroom with room for a conventionally sized sink, shower and toilet, hOMe is a comfortable residence suited for full time living. These tiny house plans provide you with the information to build your own hOMe.

Romantic tiny forest home built in 6 weeks for $4,000 Moments of eye-opening insight can come into our lives unexpectedly like a clap of thunder, and when they do, we are usually not the same person, enabling us to go forth on new paths. Carpenter Dave Herrle of Westbrook, Connecticut is one of these people; suddenly emboldened by a walk down an unfamiliar path in the woods: For the longest time I had a hard time not being "normal." I graduated from a small liberal arts college, got a desk job, and hated every minute of it. In 2007 my life changed dramatically after hiking the entirity of the Appalachian Trail. Simple, Japanese Inspired Tiny House.. Zen Cabin in the Woods on January 18, 2012 This simple, Japanese-inspired tiny house can also be described as a zen cabin in the woods. I’ve always wanted to use that word in the description of one of the featured homes, shacks, cabins, or retreats here.

Invisible Studio's New Studio / Invisible Studio Architects Location Bath, Bath and North East Somerset, UK Area 55.0 sqm Project Year 2014 Photographs Project Team Piers Taylor, Alan Matthews, Bernard Twist, Simon Schofield, Alfie Dring, Cuffer Matthews, Luke Desborough Budget £15,000 From the architect. Tiny Houses - Forge Ahead FEATURED IN TINY HOMES: SIMPLE SHELTER by lloyd kahn The first two "tiny houses" (mobile homes) I built were included with a compilation of many interesting small structures in this book about "Scaling Back in the 21st Century".If you would like to see the blog I kept while building, click here. After traveling by bicycle for three years, I was ready to have a place to put some heavy books, a sewing machine, and stored foods.In September of 2009 I began building myself a tiny house on a flatbed trailer using salvaged materials.

Potomac Cabin A tiny cabin measuring 8′ x 12′ with 5′ loft made from reclaimed materials. Built by Charles Finn.