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Editor de fotos & Collage

Editor de fotos & Collage

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Herramientas multiple formatos documentos - imagenes Online Sci2ools Sci2ools is a free online document processor and image converter toolbox. Sci2ools offers the following services: The service enables you to load files from your computer or from URL. Cameroid - Use your webcam to take photos online! Food Cheese Burger Props/Addons To Your Photos, Photo Layer Add-Ons Visitor # Users: HOW TO: Click on the photograph (above) near the location for prop to appear (imagine the prop image as a rectangle, the mouse click will represent the top left corner) to fill the X & Y cooridinates for the placement of props. You can also manually change the X & Y values (larger number for X makes prop move further from left edge, larger Y number makes the prop move further down). Rotating is done with values, negative numbers rotate counter-clockwise and positive numbers go clockwise (you will have to readjust X & Y values manually as rotating offsets eveything).

Photoscape gratis downloaden Met Photoscape heb je een volledig reeks van benodigheden voor fotografisch bewerking, het omvat de omzetting onder de verschillende formaten (het ondersteunt RAW) tot de verwezenlijking van de fotomontage. Het heeft een grafisch beeldscherm en verschillende controles om de helderheid, kleurenverzadiging, contrast en meer te bepalen. Je kunt het lastige rood-oog effect verbeteren en een reeks filters, maskers en effecten toepassen om met je beelden „te experimenteren“. Een intereressant kenmerk van deze krachtige fotore editor is de capaciteit om wijzigingen toe te passen over beeldgroepen, welke bijvoorbeeld, het opnieuw benoemen of herafmeten van veelvoudige grafische bestanden zal vergemakkelijken.

Digimi – Créer votre propre avatar 3D Nous sommes heureux de vous présenter le pilote de votre futur journal vidéo, le Recap JV. Chaque semaine regarder et revivez le meilleur de l’actualité vidéoludique ! Les news, les annonces, les sorties de la semaine, les DLC… Le tout en un minimum de temps avec un contenu et accessible à tous. Editar imagenes szoter is easy to use, free, online image annotation tool. It makes expressing Your ideas and thoughts easy. It can be used to share Your ideas with friends, highlight important parts of images or even to create readable bug reports. - Anima tus retratos con ¡emociones nuevas! Image Mosaic Generator This exclusive free web application is brand new. Unforunately it is only available from December 2008 to February 2009, so make sure you tell your friends about it now! :)

Make a great photo montage! Terms of Use: Our sites have photo materials that are divided in two categories: 1. Site photos: these are photos managed by us, the site owners. These photos are either purchased under license (e.g.,, or are in the public domain, or were linked under the Creative Commons license, or the uploaders either own the photo or have written permission from the owner. 2. User provided photos. Lunapic Online Photo Editor Free Flash Animation Tool – Vectorian Giotto Features We created Giotto for designers, not coders Giotto is the free Flash animation package made for you to design, not to code. With Giotto you can relax and focus your imagination on creative concepts, integrating stunning graphics and music into masterpieces of design. The latest versions of Adobe® Flash® are moving away from designers.

8 Effects Every Photographer Should Know About Photography seems easy at first glance. You simply make your frame and press the shutter button. The reality is, everyone can take a photo but not all can master it. There’s more to photography than just simply “point and shoot.” 72 Creative And Smart Typographic Logo Inspiration If we are starting to go crazy in typography style, then let’s continue with typographic and smart logo designs, shall we? Here you’ll find 72 beautiful logos created by talented designers. This showcase just proves the point how much can one/two words, icons tell using correctly white, negative, positive spacing, colors, accents creating interesting associations. Explore and get creative as I did! 1. Killed Productions

50 essential photography tips Whether photography is a hobby or a profession, you'll get a whole lot more out of it if you understand how it works. With a firm grasp of aperture, shutter speed, sensitivity and focal length, the ratio of truly great to merely mediocre shots you download at the end of an expedition is all but guaranteed to climb. Here we present CNET UK's 50 essential shooters' tips. Don't uncap your lens without them. Aperture

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