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Tour | Callr - No more dialing into conference calls - Callr calls you! Following steps describe how you can set up your Callr account in no time. Create a new account Make sure you enter a valid email address along with a password that combines capital and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols. Add your phone number You can use your mobile or office number – up to you! Connecting with Google Calendar If you choose to integrate Callr with your Google calendar, just give Callr permission to connect and it will automatically sync up with your calendar. If you have multiple Google calendars, Callr will ask you to choose one. Connecting with Microsoft Outlook Once you open Outlook, it will automatically sync with our system. Test it out Callr will dial your number to make sure we can connect you to future calls. Your dashboard View upcoming calls and choose to edit, snooze, or skip the calls, all from your dashboard!

Dad 2.0 Summit GoodTask - Built-in iOS Reminders to a Powerful Task Manager 12 Most Spectacular Tools for Bootstrapped Freelancers Freelancers love effective and affordable tools. For you, time really is money. Most freelancers get paid by the job, not hourly — so you love any tool that helps get the job done faster and cheaper. And just because you’re a bootstrapper doesn’t mean you want to look like a bootstrapper! The good news is there are plenty of affordable or free tools that make you look like a million bucks. 1. WEEK Plan’s motto is “Put First Things First.” Google Calendar is a great tool for scheduling, but Week Plan allows you to mark tasks as important and/or urgent. 2. This tool is perfect for anyone who struggles with grammar. We all run into tricky grammar situations — maybe it’s an email to a potential client, or a blog post. 3. BoxBilling is a great billing and client management system. As a freelancer, you don’t get paid for the hours it takes to do billing. 4. The average person spends over 15 hours on Facebook every month! 5. As freelancers, we all have a product or service to sell. 6. 7. 8.

The Productivity Blueprint - Your Roadmap to Modern day Productivity. Adventures in Asian Efficiency The next morning, Aaron and I sat down and started work on Asian Efficiency. We went through all the ideas we had written down, and formulated the beginnings of a mission. It was to help the people we had passionately talked about the night before. Over time, that mission has become to make the world a more productive place, one person at a time. It all began as a blog - and using the same systems, processes and habits that you'll discover in the Productivity Blueprint, through sheer effort and execution we made it wildly successful. The original Asian Efficiency website mockup But that wasn't enough for us. We continued writing, talking to readers and clients and gathering data and information. Eventually, we came up with the beginnings of the Productivity Blueprint. At the time we had no idea what shape or form it would take, but we got started. The first version was horrible. The response was overwhelming. Then we invited some of them for an interview.

UserTalk | Pricing What features does the trial version offer? Everything, the free trial version is there to help you experience the full strength of UserTalk. All features that UserTalk currently support across all the subscription packages are enabled during the free trial period. How long is the free trial? The free trial is 14 days long, this gives you and your business more than enough time to experience the full power of UserTalk. Is starting with a free trial a mandatory? Yes, your new account is automatically put on a free trial. What happens after the free trial ends? If you haven't entered any billing details during the trial period, your account will be automatically subscribed to the free package once the trial period ends. Do I have to sign any contracts? No, there are no long term commitements or contracts to sign. What forms of payments do you accept? We currently accept Visa and Mastercard.

learnscrivenerfast Parker Planners Never Run out of Ideas for Blog Topics! 5 Simple Tips that Work Developing new and exciting article topics, titles and inspiring headlines can be challenging for content marketers due to the overwhelming amount of existing online content. To help content producers and bloggers create lists of article topics and create great headlines when they face writer’s block, I’ve listed five topic creation techniques you can use to make sure you never run out ideas for blog topics. 1. The Blog Topic Generator is a HubSpot tool which generates a list of article topics based on the keywords you input. For example, if you fill in the fields using keywords SEO, content marketing, and social media, Blog Topic Generator will generate potential topics such as 10 Signs You Should Invest in SEO, What Will Content Marketing Be Like in 100 Years? Using Blog Topic Generator to develop a list of article topics saves you a tremendous amount of time because you’re getting a tool to do the preliminary brainstorming work. 2. Here’s how the ad strategy game works: 3. 4. 5.

OmniFocus Premium Posts - Learn to Use OmniFocus Easily and Effectively How you can save yourself $1,473.24 and hundreds of hours Let me share how we got the idea to create our OmniFocus training course. It started with becoming more serious about becoming organized (as you are probably thinking right now). What's one of the first things you need? Now, take any of the hundreds of to-do list programs that are out there today. We started using and experimenting with a lot of simple to-do list apps. We also tried different programs on different platforms. The journey to find the perfect task manager is time-intensive and not easy. So you buy the app, try it out for a while only to discover that it wasn't fulfilling your needs or there was one darn feature missing. Throughout the whole process you waste a lot of time (and money) just to find the perfect program. After trial and error, we finally found something that fitted our needs - OmniFocus. "Why would you want to spend so much time or that much money learning a to-do list app? Kurt von M, Switzerland

ivee | ivee 2015 - THE NOW YEAR from Mike Vardy It’s time to start mapping out your new year now. You have the time. You have the space. You have the energy. And now you have a product to help you get started. The new year is just around the corner. The NOW Year Calendar is based on the planning method touted by Mike Vardy, best-selling author, productivity specialist, and founder of Productivityist. Each month leaves a space on the first day to enter your Monthly Theme, and you can also theme your weeks as well if you wish. With The NOW Year Calendar you’ll be able to stop doing productive and start being productive. Here's why: It's BIG.25" x 36" - It shows you the whole year at once. NO GAPS. It's BEAUTIFUL.It combines functional features with brilliant aesthetics. As the saying goes "if you fail to plan, you plan to fail." - Calendar spans 12 months: January - December 2015 (no surprise here)- Paper surface, works with pencil, pens & markers. - Larger boxes than most calendars, more space for writing (thus more time! - 25" x 36"