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Free Homeschool Curriculum Are you looking for a free homeschool curriculum? Here are some free homeschooling curriculum programs that you can use to teach a variety of subjects. Art Curriculum Garden of Praise - Free art appreciation lessons for elementary aged students, includes a biography, study sheet, print, online games, printables and links for further study. Foreign Language Curriculum French Assistant - Free online homeschooling lessons in French grammar, vocabulary, and language skills. The Standards Building on the best of existing state standards, the Common Core State Standards provide clear and consistent learning goals to help prepare students for college, career, and life. The standards clearly demonstrate what students are expected to learn at each grade level, so that every parent and teacher can understand and support their learning. The standards are:

Text Complexity Grade Bands and Lexile® Bands "It isn't often that a society gets a chance to start afresh, and I think that moment is here." —Chester E. Finn, Jr Online "… so we repaired to a publick-house, took a friendly glass, and thus parted." — Peter Drake, Amiable Renegade: The Memoirs of Captain Peter Drake, 1671–1753, 1960 "… Warren repaired to the dining alcove off the kitchen … and ate dinner with Nina and the children, discussing their schoolwork and events of the day." — Kevin Starr, Embattled Dreams, 2002 We are all familiar with the verb repair used as a synonym of fix. But today's word, while it is a homograph and a homophone of the more familiar repair, is a slightly older and unrelated verb. Repair, the synonym of fix, comes via Anglo-French from the Latin reparare, a combination of the re- prefix and parare ("prepare"). Repair, the synonym of go (which in English also once meant "to return"), has Anglo-French and Latin roots too, but makes its way back to the Late Latin repatriare (which means "to go home again" and is a source of the English repatriate).

Free Homeschooling Resources Are you looking for free homeschooling resources? Here is an extensive collection of free homeschool resources for free online homeschooling. You can use these websites to design a free homeschool curriculum or supplement an existing program. Art Artist Workshop - Free drawing lessons kids will love. They can also e-mail the artist to ask questions that will be answered on the website. Read it, Write it, Tell it How to Use the Teacher Resources Guide All eight Read It, Write It, Tell It units are arranged in the same way. Each unit begins with the purpose of the lesson and a list of the Literary Text indicators for grades 3-4. Next, is a list of the kinds of questions that have been asked on past Ohio academic proficiency and achievement tests about the literary text element profiled in the unit.

Dictionary skills By Tim Bowen A new series of worksheets by Tim Bowen. These worksheets are aimed at training learners in dictionary use and developing their vocabulary. These worksheets are designed for use with the Macmillan English Dictionary for Advanced Learners (subsequently referred to as the MED2). Pauline's Guide to Portfolios More Portfolio Stuff This page deals with the portfolio as a whole. See my other pages for details on the Log, Standardized Testing, (Including lists of test suppliers), and Evaluations (including my list of evaluators). You might also enjoy my page of Handy-Dandy Forms, many of which make putting together a portfolio easier. It includes several attendance calendars, various log forms, and ready-to-print portfolio cover and spine label inserts for EZVue binders. What The Law Says About Portfolios