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An Exoskeleton That Boosts Biceps Wins James Dyson's $45,000 Prize The winner of this year's James Dyson award is the Titan Arm, a battery-powered upper-body exoskeleton. Image: Dyson It was created by a group of students at University of Pennsylvania--the first American team to win the award in its nine year run. Image: Dyson The Titan Arm isn't the first exoskeleton, but it may be the first of its kind. Image: Dyson With a powered elbow, it adds about 40 pounds of strength to the wearer. The 2013 March Madness Tournament Of Cat GIFs Ladies and gentlemen, meet your new champion of the 2013 Tournament of Cat GIFs! posted 04/08/2013 Congratulations to Roomba Smack, our 2013 Tournament of Cat GIFs champion!

Things Real People Don't Say About Advertising Feb 3 Submitted by @melissas_cloud. Jan 31 Submitted by brandy gill. Computer that can decode your thoughts and put them into words Technology could offer lifeline for stroke victims and people hit by degenerative diseasesIn the study, a computer analyzed brain activity and reproduced words that people were hearing By Tamara Cohen Updated: 05:49 GMT, 1 February 2012 It sounds like the stuff of science fiction dreams - or nightmares. Scientists believe they have found a way to read our minds, using a computer program that can decode brain activity in our brains and put it into words. They say it could offer a lifeline to those whose speech has been affected by stroke or degenerative disease, but many will be concerned about the implications of a technique that can eavesdrop on thoughts and reproduce them. Scroll down for video

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