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Pearltrees: Curation Tool Drops Flash And User Interface For Pintrest-like Format -SVW

Pearltrees: Curation Tool Drops Flash And User Interface For Pintrest-like Format -SVW
Posted by Tom Foremski - May 23, 2014 Pearltrees (a former consulting client) this week introduced the 2.0 version of its popular web page curation tool built completely with HTML 5.0 and with a completely different user interface and metaphor. The tool now represents web pages as a series of rectangles in a "dynamic grid" allowing users to quickly organize and share their web collections. The prior interface was based on circles, or "pearls" connected in a molecular pattern to other "pearls." Sometimes new users thought it looked complicated and the user interface change simplifies people's first impressions. Patrice Lamothe, CEO and co-founder of Pearltrees (above) said the new interface in the latest version makes the tool more powerful and useful because of the drag and drop features, improved sharing, and content discovery technologies. It's quite a risk for any web based service to make such a radical change in its user interface. About Pearltrees Related:  QuestablyArticles de Presse

The Internet’s Social Libraries: Pinterest and Pearltrees - Nvate Miranda Moore Social media is something that most people use every day. Whether we’re updating our statuses on Facebook or taking pictures of our food on Instagram, social media is used to keep up with those near and far from us. A popular trend in social media is a sort of webpage described as a “social library.” What are these social libraries and how do they stack up against each other? What is Pinterest? Pinterest is basically an online pin board that relies more heavily on pictures than text, though text can also be used. Pinterest was founded by Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra, and Evan Sharp. Much like that of other social networking sites, Pinterest has its own terms for how to work the site. In addition to the website, Pinterest also has a mobile app that is available for Apple and Android devices. What is Pearltrees? Pearltrees was founded by Patrice Lamothe, Alain Cohen, Nicolas Cynober, Samuel Tissier, and Francis Rocaboy. Credit: Pearltrees Pearltrees versus Pinterest More To Read:

Free Personal RSS Reader & Aggregator For Everyone Pearltrees lands $1.6M more for social discovery on the Web | Ve Pearltrees, a social tool for discovering and organizing Web content, has announced it secured a second round of funding for €1.3 million (US$1.6 million). The funding will be used to expand globally, especially in the US. Pearltrees is a free online social network that allows users to tag (or “pearl,” in the site’s parlance) content on the Web and share it with others who have similar interests. Several other companies could be considered competitors, including recent DEMO company Pinyadda, whose offering gathers and organizes Web content relating to a user’s specified interests. The recent round of funding was led by European entrepreneurs and angel investors based in France, Switzerland, Germany and England. The Paris-based company launched at French technology and startup conference LeWeb in December 2009.

What problem does Pearltrees solve? Pearltrees Radically Redesigns Its Online Curation Service To Reach A Wider Audience Pearltrees, the Paris-based online curation service that launched in late 2009, was always known for its rather quirky Flash-based interface that allowed you to organize web bookmarks, photos, text snippets and documents into a mindmap-like structure. For users who got that metaphor, it was a very powerful service, but its interface also presented a barrier to entry for new users. Today, the company is launching a radical redesign that does away with most of the old baggage of Pearltrees 1.0. Gone are the Flash dependency, the tree diagrams, the little round pearls that represented your content and most everything else from the old interface. Here is what Pearltrees 1.0 looked like: And here is the new version: Pearltrees’ mission is still to allow you to organize everything you want on the service (in that respect, it almost competes with Evernote). 3. “We took what everybody liked about the old version and put it into a visualization that everybody could grasp right away,” Lamothe said.

Content Curation Tools For Web Surfers – Best Of Every day, you can find amazing content on the Web. Due to the multitudes of websites cropping up all over the online world, "information overload" is something we all seem to suffer from. It is easy to feel lost while searching for a particular piece of information you need, especially if you’re looking for a very specific subject. Hence, designers, web developers and the like are racing to come up with ways to present their bits of information so that users like you and me do not waste unnecessary time combing through irrelevant material. That’s where new curation tools come in. These tools help to filter out and compile online content in an easy-to-peruse way. What Does Content Curation Mean? Content curation compiles the cream of the crop of the information you are seeking, be it in the form of audio, video, articles or more. How Content Curation Tools Work Each tool below is unique in its own way. Themeefy Bundlr!! Storify Pearltrees Flipboard Qrait Delicious Stacks

"Un bon investisseur apporte conseil, confiance et valeur sans jamais devenir l’entrepreneur" La levée de fonds constitue une étape cruciale dans la vie d’une jeune entreprise et il est important d’en saisir les enjeux pour tirer parti au mieux de la relation entre entrepreneur et investisseur. Interview de Patrice Lamothe, PDG et co-fondateur du site de curation de pages web Pearltrees lors de la Startup Keynote, organisée par LearnAssembly et Maddyness et dont L'Atelier était partenaire, autour du sujet "Ce que les fonds d’investissement ne vous disent pas". Cette rencontre réunissait entrepreneurs et investisseurs qui ont partagé leur expérience et leurs conseils pour mieux comprendre le processus de la levée de fonds. L’Atelier : Pearltrees a levé au total 8,5 millions d’euros en plusieurs tours de table. Patrice Lamothe : Je dirai que c’est le premier tour qui est le plus difficile. Lors de la conférence, vous avez évoqué les différences entre les investisseurs américains et les investisseurs français. Comment définiriez-vous une bonne relation entrepreneur/investisseur ?

Com' pour Racine et Dossiers de prises Pearltrees : nouveau design et passage au HTML5 Utilisateur de Pearltrees ? Lancez votre application et connectez-vous. Vous devriez remarquer quelque-chose de nouveau. L’application (web, Android et iOS) a en effet connu un important redesign puisque Pearltrees est passé en mode 2.0. Mais outre cela, le Pearltrees est passé au HTML5, le nouveau standard pour les applications web. Dorénavant, il est également possible de faire des glisser/déposer depuis son PC pour copier du contenu sur Pearltrees. Pearltrees : ça sert à quoi au fait ? Vous faites peut-être partie de ces internautes qui ont déjà vu des « Pearltrees » mais qui n’ont pas vraiment compris l’utilité de l’application. Pour les étudiants, il s’agit d’un outil pertinent pour organiser et partager sa veille en toute facilité. Actuellement, Pealtrees compte 2 millions de contributeurs et 3 millions d’utilisateurs actifs mensuels.

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Pearltrees releases a new version, without any pearls nor trees The Paris-based startup founded in 2009 once declared: “We focus on the visual potential of Pearltrees to let people dive deeply into their interests and nearly feel them”. Their product, offering a digital curation tool, was unique because of the visual interface voluntareely original: links and folders symbolized by rounded pearls attached together like the branches of a tree. Today, pearls and trees have disappeared to make room for a brand new and larger organisation tool. Two years ago, everyone wanted to build products around “curation” and “interest graph”. Today the keywords have shifted to “collaborative SaaS tool” and “organizing data”. The other main improvement lies in the shift from Flash to HTML5 technology, which will make a huge difference for all those who never update their Flash player – and those who think Flash is “so 2011”. Why giving up the core of the product, after 4,5 years of existence and 1,7 million users?