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The Science of Character (a new 8 min "Cloud Film")

The Science of Character (a new 8 min "Cloud Film")

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Multiplication Is for White People - Rethinking Schools Online Become a subscriber or online account holder to read this article and hundreds more. Learn more. Already a subscriber or account holder? Why Is It So Hard for Millennials to Become Content Strategists? People may throw eggs at me for this—or applaud me, depending on their age—but it’s hard out there for millennials. They were raised with all the can-do-it-iveness and ambition that their parents could pack in, but when they finally graduated and entered the job market, the financial crisis walloped them with high unemployment, low wages, and rising housing costs. The lesson that most millennials have learned is that in order to pay your absurdly high rent with gainful employment, you must:

The Misguided Desire of Wanting Our Kids to Be Happy It’s both human, and typical of how we parent today: At the first indication of unhappiness from our kids, we rush in to fix it, serving, as Dr. Robin Berman explains, like human pacifiers. And while the intention is valid—why let a child suffer, when it’s so easy to take the pain away—the ramifications of protecting our kids from dealing with the ups-and-downs of life have far-reaching consequences per Dr. Guess which country does the most good for the planet? The top ten countries in the Good Country Index. (Click to view at larger size.) Irish people, rejoice! It turns out, your green land is the “goodest” country in the world.

All Lesson Plans Exploring Our Cultural Customs Students will inform classmates about their cultural customs and family traditions through research and formal presentations. Grade Level: Grade 5 The Hundred Dresses Students will be able to analyze the words and actions of fictional characters in order to determine if the individual (s) showed good character.

5 Brilliant Talks on how Psychology Affects Design, UX, Branding, Marketing and Advertising These Freakonomics-style talks about human behaviour will help you become a better designer or creative director. These five talks aren't specifically about design or branding or advertising – but by watching them you'll learn something about human psychology that'll make you better at what you do. They're all taken from an event called Nudgestock, held a couple of weeks ago in Folkestone by OglivyChange – an offshoot of advertising giant Oglivy that specialises in behavioural economics – and now available online. Happiness is understandable, obtainable, and teachable Socrates on Happiness Subject: Philosophy, History, Western Civilization This lesson asks participants to approach the subject of happiness using the Socratic Method.

Meera Lee Patel on mindfulness, following your dreams and running a creative business Meera Lee Patel is an emerging artistic talent from Brooklyn who has built a loyal following selling her illustrations, paintings and textiles on sites such as Etsy and has rocketed her profile on social media by sharing her inspiration work. Inspired by nature, books and the colour and spirit of her native India, Meera's clients range from Urban Outfitters to NASA. Later this month, she is publishing her own book – a journal for self-exploration, entitled Start Where You Are. It's a mindfulness colouring book with a twist – it uses thoughtful prompts and hand-drawn illustrations to guide readers through lessons in introspection in order to gain inspiration, motivation, and a better understanding of themselves.

The Science of Character is an 8-minute short film by Tiffany Shlain of The letitripple team has recently been involved in something called “Cloud Filmmaking,” a project in which many people from all over the world make films collaboratively. The team then offers free customized versions of the films to schools and nonprofit organizations to help further their missions and research. More about the letitripple project can be found at by kandace_stephenson Nov 22