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List of languages that compile to JS · jashkenas/coffee-script Wiki

List of languages that compile to JS · jashkenas/coffee-script Wiki
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JavaScript Kit- Your comprehensive JavaScript, DHTML, CSS, and Ajax stop JavaScript vs Jquery+CoffeeScript A simple collections of examples for doing most common tasks in Raw JavaScript vs Jquery+CoffeeScript. This page is build by hand using CSS3 and HTML5 Use the navigation menu on the left to navigate to a particular sub topic, note this page does not make use of any JS ;) and is heavy inspired by Eric Bidelman's Jq vs JS Finally in case of any bugs, please feel free to contact me Document is ready? Tcl the misunderstood Salvatore antirez Sanfilippo, 6 March 2006Why Tcl is not a toy language, but a very powerful one In an article recently linked from reddit entitled Tour de Babel you can read (among lots of other nonsense): Heck, people still use Tcl as an embedded interpreter, even though Python is far superior to Tcl in every conceivable way -- except, that is, for the frost thing. Ok, the whole article is well.. not very valid, but unfortunately while many misconceptions are promptly recognized by the informed reader, this one against Tcl is generally believed at face value. I hope this article will convince people that Tcl is not that bad. Prologue In my programming life I have used a lot of languages to write different kind of applications: many free/paywork programs in C, a web CMS in Scheme, a number of networking/web applications in Tcl, a shop management system in Python, and so on. Before we begin, I'll spend some time explaining how Tcl works. Tcl in five minutes set a 5 puts $a puts [set a] to

Meze Audiophile wood Headphones & Earphones- perfect natural sound Dart Node.js, MongoDB, and you: an intro in parts A few years ago, two technologies were born. One was a platform for building network applications, the other a database. Both were slightly rebellious and shared a fascination with javascript. Their courtship was inevitable. In the years since, both technologies have grown up. While hype doesn’t make a language or a database, both technologies have their benefits. Getting Started Make sure you download and install Node.js and npm. Start by creating a directory for your work: mkdir node_playground && cd node_playground Next, use npm (the node package manager) to create a template ‘package.json‘ file. And last, we need a way to connect to our running mongo instance, for that, we will install the ‘mongodb‘ driver. npm install mongodb --save With that, its time to write some code. The Basics To get started, lets connect to the database, write a document, update it, and then read it back (if the wall of code is intimidating, start with the inline comments): To run it, we just do: node basic-mongo.js

About RocketDock - WYSIWYG GUI builder (IDE) for JQuery or other JavaScript framework? blog.adtile Viljami S. wrote this on While I’ve worked over a decade building various websites, it has only been the past 3 years that I’ve started learning more on how to work with plain JavaScript, instead of using jQuery always as the starting point. The fact that I’m learning a dozen new things every day now, has made working on Adtile’s JavaScript SDK feel more like building an open source project than “actual work,” and I have to say I like that a lot. Today, I’m going to share some of the basic things I’ve learned during the past years, which will hopefully also help you to dive into the world of plain JavaScript, making it easier to decide whether or not you will need jQuery in your next project. Progressive Enhancement While libraries like jQuery help to forget most of the browser inconsistencies, you really become familiar with them once you start using plain JavaScript for everything. Here’s How We’re Doing It if (feature.addEventListener && feature.querySelectorAll) { this.init();}