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15 Resources to Create Images for Social Media Social Media Examiner

15 Resources to Create Images for Social Media Social Media Examiner
Do you post images on social media? Would you like to create attractive images to share? When creating images for social media, quality makes a difference. In this article we’ll share tools and resources to create professional and engaging social media images that you can use on multiple platforms. Why Create Images for Social Media? In this visual-centric world, it’s more important than ever to create high-quality sharable images. Getting Visual With Your Content: 10 Effective Ways to Use Images: In this infographic from Fresh Take on Content, Lane Jones visually suggests different ways you can use images in your social media. Find ways to use graphics on Visual Impact: How Photos Ramp Up Your Social Media Strategy: Vanessa Doctor goes over the advantages of using visuals in social media marketing in this article. Find Photos Online There are many free and paid options to find images online to use with your social media posts. Take Better Pictures

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5 Fantastic, Fast, Formative Assessment Tools I thought I could read my students' body language. I was wrong. As an experiment, I used Socrative when I taught binary numbers. What I learned forever changed my views on being a better teacher. 10 Image Editing Tools To Make Photos Fit for Social Sharing Creating images for social sharing has come a long way from when Hipstamatic started filtering early iPhone photos. We rounded up 10 apps and tools to help you create, edit, manage and share engaging images. Each tool gets a rating from 0 to 5 on three factors: function, ease-of-use, and shareability. Shareability measures integration with other social networks. Yes, it’s possible to download or save photos from any app to then upload and share, but preference goes to tools that remove this legwork. 1.

The Best Times to Post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Other Social Media Sites Social media is one of the best ways to amplify the great content you’re creating. But it isn’t enough to just post content to social whenever you feel like it. Some times are better than others. So … When’s the best time to post content to social media? Unfortunately, there's no perfect answer.

10 Tips for Mastering Facebook Marketing Simply posting a ton of content from your Facebook page isn’t going to impress anyone. To get people paying attention to your brand, there are some essential rules you need to remember. 1. Post When Your Audience Is Active Here’s a little exercise: Walk into an empty room, and tell everyone there exactly why your business matters to them. How many people will respond?

14 Video Tools for Social Media Marketers Social Media Examiner Do you want to add video to your social media marketing? Are you looking for tools to simplify your video production? Today’s tools make it easy to record and edit videos for social media marketing and ad campaigns. 7 Secrets of Effective PPC: PPC Advertising Agency Secrets – Using Pay-Per-Click (and a PPC advertising agency) can be a smart Inbound Marketing Strategy…but only if you’re smart about how you proceed. We often see enthusiastic untrained internet marketers make serious mistakes that a good PPC Advertising Agency would never make. However, you don’t have to be an Inbound Marketing Expert to know how to put together a solid PPC strategy. The 7 Secrets of Effective PPC 1-Keywords are the Key

23 Tools and Resources to Create Images for Social Media Update – we launched Pablo a new tool to create beautiful images for your social media posts in under 30 seconds You can use Pablo right from the get-go, no need to login or create an account. Just quickly create amazing images super fast. You can try out the first version of Pablo right now – no login required. Online Photo Editing Tools For Small Business As much as copywriters would like to believe otherwise, images are the key to engaging browsers. Social posts are significantly more effective when a photo or video is included, and blogs, articles, and copy all rely heavily on images to capture attention in time – you typically have only a few seconds to grab it before they leave your page without reading anything more than the heading. But what if you have no digital photo editing skills!? Fortunately, there are helpful tools that can make photo editing easier.

Link Building 101: How to Conduct a Backlink Analysis Every day, individuals who are new to SEO need to learn the basics of link building and important concepts and strategies within a campaign. This link building 101 post will continue the education of new link builders, this time on the topic of how to perform a backlink analysis Being able to perform a thorough backlink analysis is a fundamental element to any link building campaign. What's more, running backlink analyses can help develop your fundamental knowledge of links, link building strategies, and link quality. What are the elements of a thorough backlinks analysis: Total number of linksNumber of unique domainsLinking domains vs total linksAnchor text usage and variance – branded, keyword rich, etc.Fresh/incoming linksPage performanceLink quality*