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GEM_Global enterpreneurship monitor

GEM_Global enterpreneurship monitor
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The Ascent Of Early-Stage Venture Capital Editor’s note: David Blumberg is the Managing Partner of Blumberg Capital. David has been investing in early-stage technology companies for more than 24 years. His current investment focus includes Digital Media, Social Media, Mobility, SaaS/Technology Enabled Services and Internet. Early-stage funding by angels and venture capital firms is growing in size and impact on the technology industry. Last year, U.S. venture capital firms raised 10 percent less than in 2012, but VC funds focused on early-stage investing raised $9.37 billion, a jump of 51 percent, according to DJX LP Source. And at the angel (seed) stage, the number of investments announced globally tripled in 2012 and 2013 versus 2007-2011, according to the 2014 Preqin Private Equity Report. Why the Surge? There are a number of structural reasons for the surge in early-stage funding: In the first years of this new Millennium, the cost of early-stage entrepreneurship dropped significantly. Enriching Startups

Startup Genome - cracking the code of innovation BCG en España - BCG en España BCG comenzó a trabajar en España en 1979 pero fue en 1988 cuando inauguramos nuestra primera oficina. A lo largo de estos 20 años hemos logrado un crecimiento ininterrumpido que ha superado, de forma continua, al sector. Este crecimiento nos ha permitido desarrollar un entorno de trabajo dinámico, desafiante y lleno de oportunidades. En la actualidad contamos con una sólida base de clientes y más de 180 consultores repartidos entre nuestras oficinas de Madrid y Barcelona. Nuestra base de clientes, además de ser sólida, está ampliamente diversificada por sectores y tipos de proyecto. Nuestras oficinas de Madrid y Barcelona se distinguen por una cultura de trabajo estimulante, de colaboración y gran compañerismo; y el ambiente de trabajo es dinámico, familiar y todas las puertas siempre están abiertas. La responsabilidad social forma parte también de nuestra cultura. Únete a BCG en Madrid o Barcelona... Wavii strategy+business: international business strategy news articles and award-winning analysis GEDI Index | Global Entrepreneurship Development Institute The Global Entrepreneurship & Development Index was created to provide a more complete understanding of economic development by capturing the contextual nature of business formation, expansion, and growth. It is based on analysis of comprehensive data sets from more than 120 countries that marshal information about the “3A’s” of development: entrepreneurial attitudes, aspirations, and activity. 2014 GEDI Results 2013 GEDI full country rankings Country specific excerpts can be found at the GMU CEPP site. To purchase the 2013 GEDI book click here To view the 2012 GEDI book country rankings click here To purchase the 2012 GEDI book via click here To purchase an electronic version of the 2012 GEDI Index for only $31.20 from Google eBookstore click here Global Entrepreneurship & Development Index Zoltan J. Edward Elgar Publishing 2011 “Here is a volume packed with important information on entrepreneurship and management subjects critical for the growth of the world’s economies.

Positive Projections Website Remodeling, Web Design & Marketing The New Business of Innovation - MIT Sloan Management Review The Tragedy Of Calling Things Silicon Blah I was in LA for the past three days hanging out at Oblong, meeting with a bunch of entrepreneurs I know, then spending time at MuckerLabs, giving a talk at SCVStartup, and finishing up my trip with a half day at LaunchPad LA followed by a dinner that LaunchPad LA and Mark Suster put on. Even though I still felt fried from my 50 mile run, I had a great time and I’m sure I fed off of the energy of all the people I spent time with. At the dinner I gave a short talk on Startup Communities and then answered some questions. The first question was “what do I think of the phrase ‘Silicon Beach’ for the LA startup community.” I responded that I thought it was stupid. In the late 90′s a wave of “Silicon Blah” appeared. If you are going to create a startup community, build your own identity. Even within a city like LA there are startup neighborhoods. LA is huge.

LDRLB | Leadership, Innovation & Strategy How to Create an Entrepreneurial Economy - HBR IdeaCast Featured Guest: Daniel Isenberg, professor of management practice at Babson College and author of the HBR article The Big Idea: How to Start an Entrepreneurial Revolution. Download this podcast KARON DILLON: Welcome to the HBR IdeaCast. From Harvard Business Review. I’m Karen Dillon and I’m joined in the studio today by Daniel Isenberg, a Professor of Management Practice at Babson College, and author of a forthcoming article in Harvard Business Review called How To Start An Entrepreneurial Revolution. DANIEL ISENBERG: Thank you. KARON DILLON: Professor Isenberg, your article makes the case that governments around the world are recognizing that entrepreneurship can transform their economies. DANIEL ISENBERG: Well, I can give you just a few examples, Karen. KARON DILLON: Your article suggests that attempts to emulate Silicon Valley will fail. And one other point about Silicon Valley, we often think of the valley as a place that grows entrepreneurs. I’ll give you just a few examples.