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Info : Quayola

Info : Quayola

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Kinect - One Week Later [Processing, oF, Cinder, MaxMSP] - Now full speed ahead.. Last week we wrote about the wonderful work that happened over the weekend after the release of XBox Kinect opensource drivers. Today we look at what happened since then and how the Microsoft gadget is being utilised in the creative code community. In case you missed our post from last week, you can see it here: Kinect – OpenSource [News] Chris from got to play with the Kinect and one late night he made this little demo in Processing using the hacked Kinect drivers. The processing app is sending out OSC with depth information based on the level of detail and the defined plane. The Abyss by @andreasgysin [Tutorial] - Graphics, animation and interaction with #Processing The Abyss is a 3d space where custom programs (creatures) can be built and released. By creating one or more creatures, this tutorial aims to provide an introduction into graphics, animation, interaction with Processing and expand the boundaries and the variety of the Abyss. Basic creatures just floating their existence away can coexist with more sophisticated ones which may implement an aggregating or even a hunting behaviour. The Abyss was born as a workshop by Andreas Gysin for design students with different programming skills: beginners but also third graders with good programming knowledge. Andreas wanted a common result for the whole class but also a system where everbody could contribute with an indiviudal part. The first workshop took place in 2011 at supsi and most recent at Resonate during BELEF festival in Belgrade.

Hemesh and HemeshGui [Processing] - library by Frederik Vanhoutte (@wblut) /post by Amnon Owed Hemesh is an exciting Processing library by Frederik Vanhoutte (W:Blut) that can be used to create elaborate 3D shapes quickly. It is an implementation of the half-edge datastructure, hence the name Hemesh. What makes this datastructure interesting is it’s inherent ability to store connectivity information. So it’s much more than just a list of vertices and faces. Rather it’s about the efficient description of connections between them. Dunne & Raby One day, in the future, robots will do everything for us. It's a dream that refuses to go away. Over the coming years, robots are destined to play a significant part in our daily lives -- not as super smart, functional machines, nor as pseudo life forms, but as technological cohabitants. But how will we interact with them? What new interdependencies and relationships might emerge in relation to different levels of robot intelligence and capability?

Kinect - OpenSource [News] - amazing work created within a few days.. #of There have been a number of exciting developments in the last few days related to XBox Kinect. For those that may not be aware of what it is, it’s a brand new interface to their Microsoft XBox games console. Kinect brings games without using a controller. By using projected infra-red light, the device is able to map the environment and via xbox built in software recognise gestures of any kind (see video below).

Sense: Know More. Sleep Better. by Hello We created Sense to be simple, uncomplicated and useful. Sense is the first system that combines the insight of your sleep patterns with the data of the environment in your bedroom, including noise, light, temperature, humidity and particles in the air. With Sense's Smart Alarm, it can even wake you up in the morning at the right point in your sleep cycle, to avoid that groggy feeling we all hate so much. All easily available via our iPhone and Android applications. Body Story (iPhone app) Body Story is an iPhone app that allows users to track and understand recurring medical symptoms. In our world, the importance of monitoring personal health is oftentimes overshadowed by the complexity of resources and tools involved in healthcare. Body Story streamlines the process of health monitoring through an interface that enables users to keep a record of their symptoms with simple inputs.

Fragments of time and space recorded with Kinect+SLR on NYC Subway [openFrameworks, Kinect] by @obviousjim + @alexicon3000 Candid shots from Union Square NYC subway created using Kinect and SLR camera by James George in collaboration with Alexander Porter. Video is forthcoming but for now only images below. We couldn’t wait but post these 3D fragments of time and space recorded in public. So good! Created using openFrameworks. For full set of images, see James’ flickr. Skrekkøgle ∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆ Heeeellloo, we are Skrekkøgle. Scroll please. "Plugg" is a prototype DAB radio, investigating physical and metaphorical interaction with electronic devices. Audible Color Status: project for generative design project at CIID run by David Gauthier and Joshua NobleTeam: Hideaki Matsui, Momo MiyazakiRole: Concept development, codingAward: 2013 Interaction Awards, shortlist Audible color is an audio-visual instrument. Sound is generated based on color detected by a web cam connected to a computer. Red, green and blue correspond with certain music notes. When the colors are mixed, the resulting secondary colors produce different notes.

Moullinex - Catalina [Processing, Kinect] - Music video created using Kinect + Processing + Cinema 4D + After Effects Music video for Catalina, a track off the Chocolat EP by Moullinex, released in January on Gomma Records created using Kinect + Processing + Cinema 4D + After Effects. We started with the Kinect interface library developed for Processing and made available by Daniel Shiffman. Some modifications were introduced, to get our 3D data into Cinema 4D. Each file represents one frame with a coordinate map (point index, x, y, z lines) in plaintext. A threshold filter was added to enable us to filter out any points that were too far.