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Social Media Monitoring - Deep Social Media Analytics - Infegy

Social Media Monitoring - Deep Social Media Analytics - Infegy
How Lexus Leveraged Big Data Although the December to Remember sales event had been effective at driving sales for almost ten years, public response to the advertising campaigns had becoming increasingly negative. To turn things around, Lexus' agency utilized Social Radar to identify the root cause, make informed changes to messaging, and monitor the new ad campaigns. The results? Negative public perception regarding the campaign decreased 14% from the previous year.

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Social Media Monitoring and Analysis with Alterian SM2 (Formerly Techrigy) Do you know the process your customers take to buy and connect with you? Their journey is often filled with many steps, stops and starts. What you do to help them along the way makes all the difference in gaining a competitive foothold. Taking action to improve the experiences your customers have within that journey can convert them from shoppers to customers, and then to advocates. Too often customers don’t ask for what they want, and rarely do they behave in the way you expect them to; however, they are telling others directly in social media. Overtone - Beyond Social Media Monitoring Scalable to growth. Adaptable to change. Leveraging SOA and your existing technology 48 Free Social Media Monitoring Tools Go to the updated version of this post:54 Free Social Media Monitoring Tools [Update 2012] If you want to know what’s happening in the social web you need monitoring tools. Before you get out your credit card and start to spend money try out some of the free social media monitoring services. This way you get a taste of what is available and if you need paid services.

Overtone - Beyond Social Media Monitoring Scalable to growth. Adaptable to change. Leveraging SOA and your existing technology Social Media Monitoring Tools Media Monitoring, Online News Clipping, Media Intelligence, & Media Analysis - CustomScoop Competitive Research Welcome to the last session of SES NY. Congratulations on making it. I’m hoping I make it through the next hour. If for some reason I don’t, I just want you to know that I loved you all. No, really. I do. Six Social Media Trends for 2012 - David Armano by David Armano | 10:25 AM December 12, 2011 Each year at this time, I look forward and predict trends in social media for the coming year. But first, I look back at my predictions from last year. How’d I do?

9 crowdfunding websites to help you change the world. For many people, the thought of taking significant financial risk holds them back from jumping head-long into launching the idea that has been stuck in the recesses of their head. This collection of sites are designed to take the risk out of that creativity and innovation, allowing even the little guy to do something amazing. Who needs venture capital funding to get their idea off the ground? If you’ve been holding back because of it, you might just find there’s help out there, fueled by the community, and managed by some of these fantastic sites, which can help you fund your idea, business startup or music project.

Mass. governor, MIT announce big data initiative BOSTON—The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Gov. Deval Patrick and industry officials announced Wednesday that they will be tackling big data research in an effort to add jobs and increase innovation in the state. MIT President Susan Hockfield joined Patrick, chief technology officer and others to discuss three major big data initiatives. Chief among the initiatives is MIT's new big data research center, known as bigdata(at)CSAIL, which will be run out of the school's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. The center will focus on data collections that are too big for current information technology systems and will call on industry, government and academic leaders to develop techniques to process, share, store and manage the large amount of data.

Reasons why the social graph deserves to die If you’ve ever gotten a little creeped out by the way social networks have invaded our lives, then you aren’t alone. There are a lot of people who enjoy using the social web, but struggle with it too. Unfortunately, most of the rhetoric about this part of the web is still pretty uncomplicated, broadly split between those who gleefully champion the new openness and those who deride it as meaningless or destructive. The news we can afford I want to see news organizations grow again. But first, they must finish shrinking. They must decide what they can afford to be. That is what is happening with Advance reducing publication schedules and resources in New Orleans and other of its markets. That is what happening with Journal Register as it declares bankruptcy to restructure its liabilities given present reality. I recommend you read Josh Benton’s and Rick Edmonds’ analyses of this latest business move.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ Head Top 10 Social Networks - Cloud Computing By Clint Boulton | Posted 2011-11-07 Email Print The social-network market expansion continued at its breakneck pace in 2011, led by Facebook and its massive assemblage of more than 800 million users worldwide. But Facebook isn't for everyone, or at least, it's not for everyone all the time. There are plenty of other information-sharing Websites in the social sea.