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Polyface, Inc.

Polyface, Inc.
Polyface, Inc. is a family owned, multi-generational, pasture-based, beyond organic, local-market farm and informational outreach in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley. We produce: Salad Bar BeefPigaerator PorkPastured Poultry (Eggs, Broilers, Turkeys)Forage-Based RabbitsForestry Products We are in the redemption business: healing the land, healing the food, healing the economy, and healing the culture. Writing, speaking, and farm tours offer various message venues. Experience the satisfaction of knowing your food and your farmer, building community.

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When to Plant App When to Plant App The When to Plant app is available now for $1.99! Knowing the best times to start seeds, direct sow and transplant garden crops is key to growing a successful garden. Our When to Plant app — recommended in Wired magazine's App Guide as a Top Pick for gardening apps — gives you the best planting times for vegetables, herbs, fruit, cover crops and common companion planting flowers. How to Make Corned Beef Brisket, Nitrate-Free at Home I was going through the list of things I need for making corned beef brisket and was surprised to discover one odd ingredient: salt peter, the form of potassium nitrate, KNO3, that occurs naturally, used in the manufacture of fireworks, fluxes, and gunpowder. I checked the recipe twice and thought I read it right. Salt peter has been used for the longest time to cure meats. It gives the meat its distinct red color.

How We Designed Our Solar Greenhouse Permaculture Research Institute by Rob Avis We live and garden on an urban lot in Calgary, Canada, located on the 51st parallel north and approximately 80 km east of the front ranges of the Canadian Rockies. This northern climate presents many design challenges, including less than one hundred frost-free days, an annual mean temperature of 4.1 degrees Celsius and summer cyclonic weather patterns (i.e. high risk of hail).

Wilderness Courses at Alderleaf Wilderness College Alderleaf offers a variety of wilderness skills courses, presentations, and programs of varying lengths. Fields of study include wilderness survival, wild edible & medicinal plants, wildlife tracking, outdoor leadership, and sustainable living skills. Our wilderness courses provide people of all ages and skill levels with valuable nature skills. Classes are led by faculty with a wealth of experience and are held year-round in the Pacific Northwest. Welcome to Wheat: The Big Picture. Welcome to Wheat, the big picture PLEASE NOTE: to visit the former WheatBP site, which is now just a section of the new site, just click the "Wheat Development" link on the menu bar to the left. You will then be in the former site. On the WheatBP (Wheat, the big picture) site we provide background information on all aspects of wheat. We are sure that there is something here for everyone: farmers, millers, brewers, teachers, students, cereal biologists or, indeed, anyone who might be interested in getting to know a little more about one of the world's most important crops. There are links to our work in the Functional Genomics Group at the School of Biological Sciences, Bristol University, which is funded via various UK government and EU sponsored research programmes instigated under the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council's Investigating Genome Function initiative.

Solar Sunspaces and Greenhouses Dozens of free design guides and plans for dozens of sunspaces and greenhouses you can build. Attached sunspaces can be a good way to solar heat your house, provide some additional living space, plant growing space, a place to read the newspaper and look at the views, and a place to hang the laundry for solar drying. Very versatile and they look nice to boot. Sunspace designs vary widely depending on whether you want to 1) provide heat for the attached house, 2) provide more living space, or 3) grow plants, or some combination of the three. Be sure to review the guides below so that your design does what you want it to. One sunspace aspect that is not well covered in most of the sunspace guidelines is the desirability of a low thermal mass sunspace if your aim is to transfer a maximum amount of heat to the attached house -- see the low thermal mass sunspace entries below.

Shared Bounty CSA Hello! My name is Jim Prouhet. My wife Ramona, and I, are the owners of a 20 acre farm in Troy Mo. I have a background in farming and vegetable production, and Ramona has experience in greenhouse management and operation. We have been growing vegetables on this farm since 2000, and selling them at a farm stand here on our property. Grain Mills, Manual Stone Flour Mill The Samap Hand Grain Mill Is Durable: Only natural stone is used throughout, the Hand Grain Mill has grinding stones of Naxos/Basalt embedded in stabilized Magnesite. The grinding stones will not need any resharpening even after years of continuous use. The Samap Hand Grain Mill is Versatile: All kinds of dry and hard grain can be ground, only oily grains that would 'cake' the stones should be avoided. Grains that can be ground include rice, wheat, rye, oats, buckwheat and barley, even corn.

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