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Passion4plants — re-use of salad/lettuce hearts :) first cut it...

Passion4plants — re-use of salad/lettuce hearts :) first cut it...
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Personal Organizer|Recyclable Free 24/7 Bebenta Sa'yo, Life-Changing Clothing Organization Tips Recycled T-shirt - Dogs Tugga Toy This home made dog toy is perfect for tug of war games or fetch. It is so simple to make that even kids can put it together. It is a great project for fetes and fundraisers too. What you need 20 1 inch x 20 inch (2.5 cm x 50 cm) recycled stretch knit from pants or tops in assorted colors. Instructions You can use recycled stretch knit from old t-shirts or pants or if you like you can use new fabric. Cut the fabric into 20 pieces that measure approx 1 inch x 20 inch (2.5 cm x 50 cm) for a large dog. For smaller dogs reduce the length and quantity but not the 1 inch width. Lay your pieces together in 2 sections of 10. There is no need for gluing or sewing. Alternatively you can plat your strands together or add extra knots depending on your dogs desire.

DIY: shoe rack for a tight space Hi there, for this post I’m collaborating with 3M DIY. A few years back I made a shoe rack for the tiny corner by our back door which is the only place to put shoes when we enter the house. There isn’t enough room to fit a regular rack and the space is tight enough that I wanted to avoid having anything hard that I (because I am clumsy) could bang my shin on as I am reaching for my coat or hurrying to shut off the house alarm. Our original rack was installed using a series of L-brackets and when we were putting it up we realized that if we’d mounted the shelves on a backing instead of the wall itself we would have to drill a whole lot fewer holes into the wall. I realized that no matter what we’d still put shoes on the floor under the rack itself so I hung it high enough on the wall so that it short boots put underneath wouldn’t run into the soles of shoes on the lower part of the rack. I’m happy with the result but I’ll admit it was more complicated to build than my earlier version.

mail sorter: a tutorial | bright and blithe I always feel better greeting the new year with a clean house. At least, as clean as our house gets. It seems I’m in a losing battle with our mail. It ends up heaped in the office where things are buried, lost, and forgotten. I’ve tried different filing systems but they never last. I prefer a tidy workspace. Materials:unbleached cotton fabric coordinating thread 1/2″ wide elastic or ribbon (depending on where you’re hanging it) safety-pin off-white cardstock Steps:1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Whether you add elastic or ribbon at this point is entirely up to you. Like this: Like Loading...

Creative Recycling: Old Tin Cans into Functional Furnishings Tin cans are the subjects of many arts & crafts projects, frequently reused as the bodies of little tin robot soldiers or other kitschy knickknacks. This designer has taken the same classic object but added a useful and more minimalist twist – a set of simple plastic lids that make an old tin can able to serve a new function. From tea, coffee, sugar and other kitchen storage containers to soap dispensers and pen holders, these designs by Jack Bresnahan bring out the remarkable elegance of what one might previously consider a purely functional form. While there is certainly a green motivation behind these artistic additions there is also an elemental design commentary: everyday objects that are mass-produced on a wide scale can and should be the subject of more extensive design consideration as they are a ripe and ever-growing source of raw materials.

Recycled Paper|How to Make Your Own Recycled Paper Recycled paper can be made from old newspaper, following the instructions below. Recycling paper uses cellulose (plant fibers) over and over again, it uses less electricity, less water, a lot less pollution, and it saves trees from being cut down! You will need: a food processor or an old blender an electric iron an old wire hanger an old pair of panty hose newspaper or other paper, torn into 2-inch squares white glue water an insect screen or strainer (optional) food coloring (optional) a big sink or tub filled with 4 inches of water Make sure you have a place to work where you can make a big mess! Step One: Make a frame out of the coat hanger. Step Two: Put a handful of the torn up paper and some water into the food processor or blender. For some color, add a handful of brown or red onion skin (not the onion itself, just the papery outer skin). Step Three: Put 2 tablespoons of white glue in the sink water and add all of the paper pulp you just made.

T-Shirt Yarn Tutorial|recycle Make Another tutorial to help save our Mother Earth by turning unwanted items into something useful. This is the yarn ball I made out of an old T-shirt which I have been wearing for 10 years day-in day-out, wash-in wash-out. It finally broke down and tore at the collar and sleeves. I have finished making the drawstring bag as shown above. {CLICK HERE to get the Recycle Tutorial – Making Of T-Shirt Yarn.} Pages: 1 2 Print / Download PDF Turn A T-Shirt Into Pom Poms Learn how to turn old t-shirts into pom poms! T-shirt Pom Poms are so much more durable than tissue paper ones. And I think they look loads better! got an old tee or two {or 20!} Supplies t-shirts, 1 per pom pomscissorscardboard use round objects to trace circles onto cardboard to make 2 templates like those shown above. i used a roll of tape and my camera lens cap…. the diameter of the outer circle is 6.5″ and the diameter of the inner circle is 2.5″. you can play around with different template sizes to get different sized pom poms. cut your t-shirt into 1/2″ strips. i only used from the arm pits down on each shirt. . take one strip and one template and place strips as shown close to the inner circle. sandwich the strip by putting the other template on top. take a fabric strip and place on cardboard with the end even with the outer edge. wind around the template as shown. pull the strip tightly so that it stretches the material. when you get to the end of the strip….

Glass Ball Ornaments: Recycled Donnamarie Walker from week ending 12/6/98 Design and Instructions by Donnamarie Walker Supplies for Glitter Ornament: 1 Glass Ball Ornament 1/4 wide double stick tape or sheet of double stick tape Iridescent Glitter, color of your choosing Small bowl For Stained Glass Ornament: 1 Glass Ball Ornament Gallery Glass Leading-Black Gallery Glass Paints-Assorted Colors For Both Ornaments: Bleach Q-tips Laces Ribbons Silk Roses Directions 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Happy Crafting!!! back to home page How To Unravel A Sweater To Recycle Yarn This is the sweater we will be unraveling. Turn your sweater inside-out, grab a pair of sharp scissors and let's get started! There are good seams and bad seams. This is an example of a good seam. It looks like two tiny braids side-by-side. You can cut between those two braids of a good seam and unravel a super-long strand of yarn that you can wind into a huge skein. Newbie unravelers will want to cut the thread one bit at a time, which is fine. I've cut the seam from the bottom of the sweater to the end of the sleeve. At the top of the sleeve are little loops! FLASH FORWARD: See the pile of yarn ramen in this photo? When you unravel a sweater that is made of many colors, you will usually find a knot where the two colors meet. Here is the collar and shoulder seams of the sweater, still waiting to be unraveled. This is what a bad seam looks like. On a whim I pull the little thread. But what do we do about the bad seam on each shoulder? Tips for specific yarns

Recycled Water Bottle Flower A wonderful way to recycle, help Earth and make your yard look beautiful!