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Sick Beard - Internet PVR for your TV Shows

Sick Beard - Internet PVR for your TV Shows

rembo10/headphones - GitHub CouchPotato ipTime Setup | Korea Tech BLog ipTime WireLess NetWork Router Basic SetUp Guide & English Setting Manual Preface i. Automatic vs.Manual Preface ii.Protect Yourself we have many inquiries on English manuals and setup suggestions for ipTime and AnyGate wireless network routers, as well as portable WiBro-to-Wi-Fi Eggs . so-much-so that I have considered simply translating a universal ipTime manual but um, I never really read their manual (update : OK I have glanced through over Christmas 2012 : quite confusing -_-), and rarely others so.. [ iNDEX ] A. chart link of ALL ipTime router models, yes a wet dream for Mr.B : 13.5.3 How to set advanced ipTime Security measures ≫ LINK ≪ 13.7.31 How to set ipTime’s NAS (network-attached storage) ipDisk ≫ LINK ≪ 13.12.11 How to reset ipTime router back to default factory setting ≫ LINK ≪ 13.12.16 Visit to ipTime Support Center for Repair in BunDang ≫ LINK ≪ 14.1.1 How to upgrade ipTime FirmWare ≫ LINK ≪

sixones's nzbvr at master - GitHub ▶ How to pick the best PC power supply Power supplies are a frequently misunderstood—and overlooked—PC component. Many users choose a power supply based on total wattage alone, assuming that higher is always synonymous with better. Others pay no attention to their PSU selection at all, and settle for whatever abomination arrived with their machine. But considering how important a good power supply is to a system's stability and long-term reliability, it’s a shame that PSUs get so little attention in comparison to sexier components like graphics cards and SSDs. It doesn’t help that the power-supply market is awash with products from unscrupulous manufacturers that use substandard components and overstate the hardware’s capabilities. Indeed, the abundance of PSU-related misinformation and deception in the marketplace would be comical if it weren’t so harmful to consumers. Choosing a power supply There is no single, universal rule for selecting a high-quality power supply. Silverstone All about output The great rail debate Corsair

ipTime English firmware MENU | Korea Tech BLog as repeatedly told through-out the classic science fiction movie “2010 A Space Odyssey” that “something Wonderful is going to happen” .. it did, counting-down to Christmas 2013 and with news the latest iPad Air and Mini Retina will now be released onto South Korea the third Week of December the monopolizingly-dominating wireless router brand in South Korea : ipTime finally gets an English menu !!! however this is ONLY available in the form of the latest firmware v.8.86 available from December 3rd 2013, for their top-of-the-line A2004NS wireless router with NAS network-attached storage capability – *note this is the first and only model to get the latest v.8.86 firmware for now // ≫ download page link ≪ ofcourse you recognize miss-spelling from the start, as in “Conneted” dough quite common in even the largest makers from Korea, as well as neighboring China and even Japan . - Korea Tech BLog, TWO Weeks to Christmas 2013 - ( January 4th 2014 Update ) Happy New Oriental Year of the Horse !

Binsearch -- Usenet search engine How to stop TWC ISPs sucking at Youtube I’ve had TWC for over a year and have been frustrated at the shockingly crap Youtube performance. I never had issues with other web browsing, downloads, or Netflix, so I simply shrugged it off and continued with life. A few days ago I came across this video and some discussions on Reddit which prompted me to explore further. A few terminal commands later to reject certain IP addresses and I was back to blazingly fast Youtube streaming (and Open up your terminal and run these commands (you will be prompted for the admin password): sudo ipfw add reject src-ip insudo ipfw add reject src-ip in You can check the rules were added by using this command: sudo ipfw list Need to delete these rules? sudo ipfw delete X Why do these commands create a better streaming experience? If you’re not using a Mac, here’s some tips to make this work: Did this trick work for you?