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Sick Beard - Internet PVR for your TV Shows

Sick Beard - Internet PVR for your TV Shows
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CouchPotato Evolution of movies We know that movies have changed over the decades. We've seen it in declining ratings and box office hits versus Oscar winners. However, these are changes that come along with movies rather than the movies themselves. Cornell University psychologist James Cutting looked closer at the construction of movies over the years, such as shot length, amount of motion, and use of light. The charts above show a decrease in shot length (smaller sample of movies on the left and larger sample in the top right). The average shot length of English language films has declined from about 12 seconds in 1930 to about 2.5 seconds today, Cutting said. The decrease isn't quite as linear as the smaller sample shows, as you can see in the larger one.

MovieBox Streams Video Torrents on iOS, No Jailbreak Required 17 Oddball Portraits Of Your Favorite Comedians This Website Lets You Stream Any Torrent With Just a Link Meet Mark Woollen, the Arthouse Trailer Editor -- Vulture “It’s weird talking with my back to you this whole time,” Mark Woollen says in a high, soft voice, chuckling nervously. Draped over an Aeron chair in an untucked plaid shirt and stylish two-tone sneakers, he’s attempting to edit, eat, and tell his life story all at once. It’s lunchtime, or what passes for it during a nine-to-seven summer Monday that finds him jumping from screen to screen to screen: a half-hour reprieve during which he can pick at his tricolore salad, sip his passion-fruit iced tea, and cull footage on his editing bay from a freshly cut sci-fi film set on mute. This is the first step in a months-long process of turning a two-hour movie into a two-­minute work of art. Over the past 30 years or so, movie trailers have evolved from dutiful clip jobs prepared by the monopolistic National Screen Service to the sophisticated products of an ecosystem of competing outfits—freestanding objects of gossip, reviews, even an awards show. Spielberg preferred the rougher take.

Il existe une formule mathématique pour trouver les meurtriers des romans d’Agatha Christie Le lieu du crime, les véhicules utilisés et le modus operandi sont des éléments-clefs. Alors que l’on s’apprête à célébrer les 125 ans de la naissance d’Agatha Christie, la reine des romans policiers, une équipe d’expert a essayé répondre à la question qui obsède des millions de lecteurs: qui est le meurtrier? Le Guardian explique que la chaîne de télévision Drama a lancé une étude sur vingt-sept des quatre-vingt-trois romans publiés par la prolifique écrivaine, avec notamment Le crime de l’Orient-Express ou Mort sur le Nil. «Nous avons rassemblé des données incluant le nombre de mentions de coupables par chapitre, une “analyse de sentiment” des mentions des coupables, les mentions des transports et plusieurs références croisées avec d’autres concepts-clefs du roman.» Et il semble qu’Agatha Christie suive un modèle bien défini, notamment sur le sexe de l’assassin, ses motivations et la cause de la mort de sa victime. Modélisation Partagez cet article

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