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What it's like to own a Tesla Model S - A cartoonist's review of his magical space car

What it's like to own a Tesla Model S - A cartoonist's review of his magical space car
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The Tesla Model S P85D just broke Consumer Reports’ scoring system by earning more points than they give The Tesla Model S P85D hit the market last December and Consumer Reports did what they do best; they evaluated the heck out of it. The electric luxury car performed so well in nearly every test that is somehow managed to rack up 103 points in a system that doesn’t go past 100. Essentially, the P85D is the best performing and most energy efficient car Consumer Reports has ever tested – so much so that the test team had to overhaul the scoring system just to make sense of the car’s amazing rating. The P85D’s astounding 103-point rating is a calculation of “raw” points, which it earned by performing so much better than the standards by which cars are judged. The Model S variant scored so well, in fact, that Consumer Reports was forced to reconfigure its scoring methodology to account for the car being so awesome. It was the P85D’s insanely responsive acceleration and incredible energy efficiency that blew all expectations out of the water. + Consumer Reports Images via Tesla Motors

StickR TrackR GPS Smart Chip TrackR helps you find important items that go missing. The TrackR app monitors the location of your items and remembers where your belongings are located on a map. With TrackR's technology, you can find your Phone or TrackR with the simple press of a button. StickR TrackR is a tiny, coin-sized device that can attach to your keys, stick on a laptop, or remote control. The TrackR device wirelessly connects to the TrackR app on your iPhone or Android (*please see compatibility below). Please allow 2 weeks for delivery. 5 NFL Teams Already Out Of Contention For 2014 Season Every NFL team has a chance. That’s why they say, “any given Sunday, or Thursday, or Monday, or Saturday, if it’s late in the season.” (We really need a pithier cliché.) The thing is, every team really doesn’t have a chance. Some teams are obviously terrible. Here are five NFL teams that are basically already out of contention for the 2014 season. 1. Ah, Buffalo. DeAndre Hopkins (R) (Photo Credit: Wesley Hitt/Getty Images) 2. What better way to turn your team into a playoff contender than to bring in Ryan Fitzpatrick? Buy NFL tickets for your favorite team. Blake Bortles (R) (Photo Credit: Elsa/Getty Images) 3. They got their man. Darren McFadden (Photo Credit: Brian Bahr/Getty Images) 4. The Texans dumped Matt Schaub for Ryan Fitzpatrick. Buy NFL gear for your favorite team. Tony Romo (Photo Credit: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) 5. Check out even more Sports Lists. Norm Elrod likes sports and other sanctioned forms of craziness.

So Elon Musk's Hyperloop Is Actually Getting Kinda Serious The Hyperloop sounds like science fiction, Elon Musk’s pipe dream: leapfrog high speed rail and go right to packing us into capsules that fling us across the country in hours using what are, essentially, pneumatic tubes. It sounds crazy, when you think about it. It’s starting to look a little less crazy. Hyperloop Transportation Technologies announced today that it has signed agreements to work with Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum and global engineering design firm Aecom. “It’s a validation of the fact that our model works,” says Dirk Ahlborn, CEO of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies. Click to Open Overlay Gallery The Hyperloop, detailed by the SpaceX and Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk in a 57-page alpha white paper in August 2013, is a transportation network of above-ground tubes that could span hundreds of miles. The startup plans to start construction on a full-scale, passenger-ready Hyperloop in 2016. I thought, 'Traveling in a vacuum tube? Dirk has some very realistic plans. Go Back to Top.

Living Legos: Build Your Own Robot with TinkerBots Blocks Living Legos: Build Your Own Robot with TinkerBots Blocks Article by Steph, filed under Gadgets & Geekery in the Technology category. High-tech and low-tech come together with this set of not-so-basic building blocks connected to a central ‘Power Brain’ cube that turns your creation into a working robot. TinkerBots is a building kit that comes with all sorts of mobile and immobile components that snap together around the central cube so you can create an endless array of custom toys that walk, crawl, roll or or perform other movements. The red ‘Power Brain’ cube provides energy and contains an Arduino-compatible microcontroller, Bluetooth connectivity, a USB charger, an LED button interface, a speaker and more. Put them together any way you like – there’s no need to wire or program your creation, so even a five-year-old can get creative with it.

The Hour of Code is coming Tesla announces bigger battery pack (90kWh, 300-mile range), 'ludicrous' mode: 0-to-60 in 2.8 seconds Tesla has a very interesting product cycle. Unlike other automakers, they don't release new features every few years based on model years. Teslas get new features when they're ready - like the Autopilot sensors - and sometimes whole models are upgraded, like when they recently announced that the 60kWh model would go away and be replaced by a 70kWh all-wheel drive model. Today on a conference call, Elon Musk announced a few new options and features. Musk said that current 85kWh Tesla owners will be able to upgrade their battery pack if they want to, but he doesn't recommend it for now because new, even better battery packs will be coming in the future and it'll be better to upgrade at that point to an even better one (100kWh in a few years?). Spaceballs/Screen capture Ludicrous Mode. The less practical, but more impressive, announcement is for a new mode on the P90D model. The 70kWh model will now also be more affordable at $70k (well, relatively more affordable). Via Tesla

BoozeBots Robot Bartenders More compact, less daunting, and less expensive (though still not cheap) takes on the previously Kickstarted Bartendro, BoozeBots are drink-slinging robots. Machines that siphon connected ingredients and use a library of over 4,500 recipes to mix your cocktails for you Jetsons-style. BoozeBot models contain pumps for connecting between 2 and 16 different ingredients. Standard BoozeBots come with Raspberry Pi hardware and WiFi connectivity to give users free reign over all accompanying software, accessible via a tablet or smartphone and free BoozeBot app. Additional BoozeBot features include: SmartPour, integrated to identify and show only the drinks the machine can create with the alcohol and mixers currently connected.Upgradeable pumps for expanding BoozeBot size (e.g., from 2 to 6 pumps) without buying a whole new machine.Easy cleanup. BoozeBots run as a Kickstarter campaign through August 2, 2014.

What I Learned From Being a Broke, Unemployed Graduate Want your business to appear in Entrepreneur magazine? Tell us how you're empowering employees, and you could be selected for a full-page promotion provided by Colonial Life. I did what they told me to do. The summer of 2010 was supposed to be my summer. It was during this difficult stage of unemployment and underemployment that I developed the habits and skills that would help me land an opportunity that would turn into my dream job. I had wrongly assumed that having a four-year degree would get me through the door at any company. In a sense, I had to begin my education all over again. Related: Going From 'Least Likely to Succeed' and Charting a Path to Prosperity I began by reading everything I could on business, marketing and technology. During my last semester at San Diego State, my neighbor, Matt DeCelles had loaned me a copy of Tim Ferriss’ classic The 4-Hour Workweek. The other books I borrowed from Matt my last semester had showed me that there were many, many better alternatives.

Gigafactory to be biggest building on Earth? Tesla buys additional 1,200 acres, could make it twice as big as original plans More batteries needed for home and utility storage? Tesla's Gigafactory, which is currently under construction in Nevada, is truly deserving of its giga prefix. The goal is to make as much battery pack capacity in that single factory in 2020 (50 gigawatt-hour, enough for 500,000 EVs per year) as the whole world was making last year. The original plan called for a 10 million square-foot building, but made in a modular way so that once the first part is done, it can be operated as a pilot plant while the rest is finished and ramps up. Well, apparently 10 million sq-ft isn't giga enough for Elon Musk. You can see Haymore's presentation here: If the Gigafactory truly ends up being 24 million square-foot, that would make it the biggest building in the world (based on footprint) according to Wikipedia. © Tesla While this isn't official yet, it isn't that far fetched, since Musk mentioned the possibility of adding capacity during the company's last quarterly call. Tesla/Screen capture

The Pocket Drone - Your personal flying robot by AirDroids The Pocket Drone is the personal flying robot that enables anyone to capture amazing video and photos from the sky. The year 2014 is going to be the “Year of the Drone.” Personal and professional photography is literally beginning to take off. We aim to change the status quo through our little project with a BIG impact. Until now, most people could not participate in this awesome new technology revolution - the cost was too great, the drones too bulky, and the software too difficult to operate. 1. We are also proud that our project has been selected from numerous other hardware innovations as a finalist at the TechCrunch Hardware Battlefield 2014 at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas Our team founded and leads the Drone User Group Network ( the world’s largest community organization dedicated to teaching people to build and operate their own flying robots. That's how we came up with The Pocket Drone, the world's smallest heavy lift micro-copter. 1. 2. 3.

Make Your Own Lonely Electric Zoo Of One Using Wavepot Knob-twiddlers take note: Wavepot is a cool new way to program some hot EDM beats in the privacy of your bedroom/techno cave. Designed to be a live, programmable digital audio workstation (at this point it’s more of a digital signal processor), the website lets you program music and sound the way you’d program a web page or simple app. You set up the parameters, add various functions, and run the whole thing instantly. It uses JavaScript. While it can currently do little more than sequence sounds and waveforms, the goal is to build a fully featured multi-track recording system that fits in the browser. You can load programs from a menu on the side and tweak the programs in real time.

Tesla's gigantic factory in California shot in glorious 4K video by a drone The Tesla factory in Fremont, California, used to be called the NUMMI plant. It was a very innovative joint venture between GM and Toyota, where both companies learned from each other and worked on shared projects. It is actually the second largest building on Earth by footprint, and like the Tesla Gigafactory which is under construction, just seeing it from ground level really doesn't do it justice. I encourage you to check it out in full screen at high resolution: A bit eerie how there's nobody around, but that's because this was shot on July 3rd, which was a holiday. But you know what's missing from the Tesla factory? Here's a striking image showing a bunch of Model S (with paint protection on the hood) that appear ready to be shipped: Youtube/Screen capture

Equil Smartpen Want to digitally immortalize your Best Ever Iron Man sketch? (Or, in my case, boobie doodles?) The Equil Smartpen turns drawings done by hand into editable digital copies that can be stored and revisited ad infinitum with the press of a buttom. Whether you would like to edit your sketches and notes or just convert pen-and-ink content to enhance readability, Equil's range of colors and pen tips will assist by turning your actual designs into more easily manipulated virtual ones. Add text and photos to digitally enhance your notes.Save, organize, title, and tag your notes.Share your notes to the cloud, social media outlets, email, etc. Equil digitally sucks up strokes from its real ink barrel, which can applied to any type of paper. The Equil Smartpen is currently in its second iteration, and is available at a 23% discount from Dude Exclusives.